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Submitted by Coral Babb

Benjamin Babb was born 1810 Russell County, Va. His parents were Benjamin Babb and 
Mary Babb. His grandparents were Peter Babb and Mary Beeson who went to the Jefferson 
Co, Ohio area in the late 1790's. Benjamin Babb married Marinda Gilbert about 1838. They 
appear in the 1850 Russell County Virginia census. With them they listed two children 
Napoleon Bonapart 10 and William 1. Napoleon Bonapart married Louisa Shoemaker 30 Nov 1859 
in Russell Co, Va and divorced her May 1867. They had three sons Samuel born 1866, Robert 
born 1868 and Charles born 1870. The appear in the Russell Co, VA census with the last name 
Gilbert. Napoleon Bonapart Gilbert served in the 22 Virginia Calvary and also served as 
Napoleon Bonapart Babb in the 72nd Virginia Militia. Both were of a short duration. Nothing 
is known about William Babb born 1849. Other children were: 

 1.Delilah Babb born 20 June 1850 Russell Co, Va. married Elias Bishop born 1842-1846.  
Place and date unknown. Delilah died 2 July 1914 and Elias died 26 14 May 1925 Powell Co, 
Ky. They are buried in the Wireman Cemetery. 
     A. Benjamin Bishop was born Feb 1875 Ky. He married Flora Bell Booth 8 Mar 1916 Powell 
        Co, Ky. They were divorced. 
          (1) Flora Bishop was born 1917 Powell Co, Ky. 
          (2) Leroy Bishop was born 11 Jan 1922 
     B. John Bishop was born Oct 1879 Ky. He married Ella Conway 11 Nov 1903 Powell Co, Ky 
        #2 Lillie Tipton 8 April 1913 Powell Co, Ky. 
          (1) Bethel Bishop born 27 Aug 1906 and died 8 July 1934 Powell Co, Ky. Bethel 
              married Lewis T Crabtree. 
               a. Bertha Crabtree. 
               b. Talmadge Crabtree. 
                    (1.1) James Lewis Crabtree married Alicia Crow. 
                             (a) Lucus Crowe Crabtree. 
     C. Rosa Bishop born 1874 Ky. 
     D. Creed Bishop born 2 May 1881 Estill Co Ky married 24 April 1901 Abigail Rogers born 
        2 May 1881 #2 Berniece Hall 24 July 1918. Creed died 18 Aug 1958 Powell Co, Ky. 
          (1)  Lillie Bishop born 1903-8 Nov 1972 married 18 Aug 1920 Richard Cox born 15 
               Nov 1888-29 Dec 1958. 
          (2)  William Marcus Bishop born 1906 married 11 April 1929 Bessie Hall. 
                 a.Ralph Eugene Bishop born 1933 married 27 Feb 1954 Suda Katheryn Tipton. 
                 b.Casius Thomas Bishop born 10 April 1934 married 5 Jan 1959 Thelma McKinney. 
                 d.Ruth Bishop born1945 married 5 Feb 1963 William L Watson. 
                 e. Catherine Bishop born 6 Aug 1948 married 8 Aug 1964 Lloyd B Watson. 
                 f.  Nannie Bishop. 
                 g.  Bernice Bishop. 
                 h.  Hezzie Bishop. 
          (3)  Rosa Bishop born 1909 married 16 June 1928 Charles Scott. 
          (4)  Nannie Bishop born 1912 married 16 June 1928 Leonard St.Clair. 
          (5)  Minnie Bishop. 
          (6)  Lila Bishop born 22 March 1921-1 May 1980 married 14 Dec 1935 Otha Hall. 
                a.Delitha Hall was born 1937 married 16 Nov 1953 Earl Willoughby. 
                b.Leonard Earl Hall married 1967 Lou Edna King. 
                c.Delmus Hall. 
                d.Faye Hall. 
          (7)  Geneva Bishop born 14 May 1922 married Burl Watkins. 
                a.Sue Watkins. 
                b. Joice Watkins. 
                c. John Watkins. 
                d. Arthur Watkins. 
                e. Beatrice Watkins. 
                f.  Imogene Watkins. 
        (6)  Creed Bishop Jr born 27 Feb 1925 married Dorothy Smith. 
               a. Buela Jane Bishop. 
               b .Sharan Bishop. 
               c. Butch Bishop. 
               d .Lizzie Bishop. 
               e. Bernice Bishop. 
               f. Robert Bishop. 
         (7)  Cleta Ann Bishop born 26 April 1927 married Rin Adams. 
         (8)  Arthur Bishop born 6 May 1931 married 18 Nov 1861 Virgie McCoy. 
               a. Bennie Bishop. 
     E. Rhoda Bishop born 1874 Estill Co, Ky -died 15 May 1952 Powell Co, Ky married William 
        Barnett 18 July 1892 in Powel County, Ky. 

2. John Babb born 5 Nov 1852 married #1 Caroline Bishop 3 Dec 1874 Estill Co, Ky. Caroline 
   was born 1851-1894.  John Babb married #2 Mrs Lavada Ray McKinney born 11 May 1871-27 
   March 1946. 
       A. George Babb was born 17 Oct 1877-1918  Estill Co, Ky. He married 2 March 1898 
          Amanda Taylor Nov 1877 . 
          1. Price Babb was born  1 Feb 1899. 
          2. Virgil Babb was  born 1901. 
          3. Fannie Babb was born 1904. 
          4. Bessie Babb was born  1907. 
          5. Ora Babb was born 1910. 
          6. Owen Babb was born 1914. 
          7. William Babb was born 1916. 
       B. John Henry Babb was born 9 Sept 1979-died 16 Dec 1923 and is buried in the 
          Alexander Cemetery on Doe Creek Road. He married  29 Jan 1903. Emma Bell Dixon 
          1.  Lillie Mae Babb was born 1904 and married Dillard Williams. 
               a. Unknown 
               b.  Roberta Williams married  Roark. 
               c.  Ester Williams married Robert Walton. 
               d.  Patricia Williams married  Bobby Fowler. 
               e.  Aleen Williams Reynolds married. 
         2.  Matilda Babb  was born 1905 married Dan Blevins. 
              a. Tracy Blevins. 
              b. Albert Blevins. 
              c. Elmer Blevins. 
                   (1.1) Sue Blevins married Townsend. 
                   (2.2) Deborah Blevins married Witt. 
                   (3.3) Gary Blevins married Tommy. 
                   (4.4) Brenda Blevins. 
                   (5.5) Geneva Blevins married Donahue. 
              d. Edna Blevins married Snowden Cain. 
        3.  Catherine "Kate"  Babb was born 1908 married Plowman. 
        4.  Hazel Babb was born 1909 married Hugh Embry. 
             a. Louise Embry married Charles Arvin. 
                  (1.1) Mattie Arvin married Veech. 
                  (2.2) Adam Arvin. 
                  (3.3) Charles Arvin, Jr. 
                  (4.4) Larry Arvin. 
                  (5.5) Wayne Arvin. 
                  (6.6) Wanda Arvin. 
             b. Eugene Embry married Margaret. 
             c. Arthur Embry married Thelma. 
             d. Robert Embry married Ann. 
       5.  Grace Babb married Samuel Miller. 
             a. Myrtle Miller married Willis. 
             b. Joe Miller Betty Logsdon. 
                   (1.1) Joe Miller, Jr. 
         6.   Deamie Babb was born 30 Mar 1916 and died 1923. She is buried in the 
              Alexander Cemetery, Doe Creek Rd. 
         7.  John Babb was born 1 Jan 1918-22 April 1953 married Lainnie Dozier.They are 
             buried in the West Irvine Cemetery. 
              a. Henry Babb married Lura. 
              b. Roberta Babb married Alex Sims. 
              c. Shirley Babb. 
              d. Carolyn Babb married Larry Smith. 
              e. John Babb, Jr married Eidth. 
              f.  Roger Babb. 
              g. Wanda Babb. 
        8.  Elmer Dee Babb born c1920. #1 Parsons  #2 

    C.  Clara Bell Babb born 22 Mar 1880-1933 married 21 Nov 1895 Samuel Smith. 
          1.  Etta Smith was born 1897 and married Estill Co c1918 John Lovin b1880 Tn. 
               a. Hazel Lovin was born 1919 married #1 McWhorter #2,  #3 Odel Watson. 
               b. Clara Lovin married Eugene "Shine"  Samples. 
               c. Troy Lovin. 
               d. Arthur Lovin. 
          2.  Laura Smith was born 1899 and married Hezikiah Estes before 1920 census. They 
              had no children. He was brother to Obed Estes. 
          3.  Della Smith was born 1905 an married Obed Estes. 
               a. Dola Estes married Deward Dozier. Dola died Sept 1997and Deward died 
                  12 Feb 1999. 
               b. Helen Estes married Fred Lewis. Helen died Sept 1999. 
               c. Raymond Estes married Viola Robinson. 
               d. Margaret Irene Estes married Richard Barnes. 
          4.  Charles Smith was born 1907. 
               a.  Lorene Smith married Warren G Smith. 
               b.  Lonzo Smith married Betty. 
               c.  Charlie Smith Jr. 
               d. Pearl Smith married Tracy Brandenburg. 
               e. Wilma Smith married Garrett Fike. 
               f.  Alfred Smith was born 1908 and married Pearl Jenkins.  #2 
          5.  Virgil Smith was born 1915  and married 
              Sequence of birth dates are unknow to writer. 
                a. Raymond Smith. 
                b. Samuel D (P)  Smith married Alice L. 
                c. Beulah Smith married Raymond Marcum. 
                d. Christine Smith married a Dills. 
                e. Loretta A Smith married a Price. 
                f. Otis Smith married Pauline G. 
          6.  Bessie Smith was born 1919 and married Ingram. 
               a. Kye Donald Ingram. 
               b. Billy Ray Ingram. 
          7.  Daisy Smith marries Akers. Bessie died 1998. 

       D.   Laura Babb was born 16 Nov 1881-28 Feb1918. She married 5 May 1898 George Dixon. 
            Laura is buried in the Babb Cemetery. 

       E. William John Babb was born 25 Nov 1884-20 Feb 1963. He died and buried in 
          Hamilton, Ohio. 

       F. Thomas Babb was born 13 Sept 1886. He had no children. 

       G. Mary Babb was born 6 Nov 1889-25 July 1944.  She married Hollie Gordon. She had 
          no children. 

       H. James Wesley (Esley) Babb was born 12 Sept 1892-26 May 1926. 
              (1)  Ina   Babb was born 1 Dec 1920-2 June 1957 married William Pucket. 
                     a.a William Puckett, Jr. 
             (2)  Bonnie Babb was born 1922 died 11 July 1944. 
        I.  Ruth Ann Babb was born 7 Sept 1891 and died 1 Oct 1892. 
John Babb married 28 Oct 1895 Lavada Ray McKinney born 11 May 1870-27 March 1946. Lavada is 
buried in the Joe Miller Cemetery. Lavada was daughter of Albert Ray and Emillia Land Ray. 
       J.  Sherman Babb was born 26 Oct 1896.  He is buried in Babb Cemetery. 
       K. Benjamin Babb was born 22 Nov 1898 -22 June 1967 and married 31 Aug 1917 Bertha Lovin. 
               (1) Susie May Babb was born 19 Aug 1918 and married Hubert Dozier. 
               (2) Leo Babb was born 5 Dec 1920-died 21 April 2000 married Mollie Sue Cox. 
               (3) Delmar Babb was born 1 July 1922-died 21 Feb 2000 married 2 Feb 1946 Laura 
                   Josephine McGimpsey. 
               (4) Imogene Babb was born 22 Nov 1927-23 June 1942. 
               (5) Charles Babb was born 22 Nov 1930 and married Viola Jenkins. 
               (6) Arnold Babb was born 9 May 1933. 
               (7) Beverley Babb was born 8 Sept 1936. 
               (8) Viola Babb was born 13 Feb 1938-9 Jan 1977 Memorial Gardens Cem. 
         L.  Lewis Babb was born 22 Feb 1900-21 Mar 1984 married Minnie Pearl Jenkins 
             10 Dec 1919. Buried Memorial Gardens, West Irvine, Ky. 
               (1) Eva Babb was born 18 Sept 1920 Lee Co, Ky married Earl Barker. 
                     a. Kenneth Dale Barker was born 31 Aug 1946. 
                     b. Marilyn Barker was born 20 Aug 1955. 
               (2) Albert Babb was born 13 April 1923 in Lee Co Ky, and married Crecie Wiseman. 
                     a. Danny Ray Babb was born 2 July 1953. 
                     b. Douglas Edward Babb was born 28 Sept 1954. 
               (3) Lewis Babb, Jr  was born 24 Oct 1931 and married Coral Keller 19 May 1951. 
                     a. Lewis Alan Babb was born 22 Nov 1953 Harlan Co, Ky. 
                     b. Tony Glen Babb was born 19 Oct 1954 Harlan Co, Ky. 
                     c. John Kevin Babb was born 31 Aug 1964 Berea, Ky. 
               (4) Fred Babb was born 20 May 1934 and married Shirley Neal and #2 Elaine 
                     a. Fred Babb, Jr was born 27 Sept 1953. 
                     b. Larry David Babb was born 27 Oct 1959 and married 20 April 1997 
                        Patricia Marie Dunn  in Austin, Texas. 
                     c. Gary Wayne Babb was born 27 Oct 1959 and died 16 June 1994 and is 
                        buried in the Sunset Memorial Gardens Cemetery at West Irvine, Ky. 
         M. Archie Babb was born 25 July 1901-4 May 1931 married Effie Woolery. 
                (1) Berlon Babb was born Aprip 1923 and married Louise Riddle. 
                      a. Archie Babb. 
                      b. Harold Babb. 
                (2) Bert Babb was born 26 Sept 1925 married #3 Mary Ruth Robinson. 
                      a. Ann Babb. 
                      b. Bert Babb, Jr. 
                      c. Daughter 
                      d. Judy Babb. 
                      e. Anna Babb. 
                 (3) Wesley B Babb was born 22 Dec 1928-9 Mar 1997 married  3 Nov 1951 
                     Marlene Litterall died May 1993 Winchester, Ky. 
                       a. David Babb was born 22 Dec 1953. 
                       b. Susan Babb was born 15 Nov 1955. 
                 (4)  Lena Reva Babb was born 11 May 1930 and married LaVone Moore. 
           N. Bertha Mae Babb was born 31 May 1903-9 June 1944 married 15 Oct 1919 John Crowe. 
                 (1) Eugene Crowe. 
                 (2) Elsie Crowe married Garnet Edwards. 
                 (3) Phoebe Crowe married Edward Noland. 
                 (4) Earnest Crowe married Carol Crouch. 
                 (5) Harry Crowe. 
                 (6) Wilber Crowe. 
                 (7) Marilyn Crowe married Brady Miracle. 
           O. Robert Albert Babb was born 21 July 1908-1912 . He fell from barn loft and 
              died with Tetanus. 
           P. Harry Park Babb was born 10 Dec 1911-13 November 1998 married Violet Marie 
                 (1) Ralph Babb. 
                 (2) Ronald Babb. 
                 (3) Harry Park, Jr. 
                 (4) Karen Babb married McPhearson. 
                 (5) Gary Babb. 
3. Mary  Babb was born  in Russell Co, Va 5 Nov 1852-8 Dec 1920 Estill Co, Ky.  Mary married  
   2 Jan 1873   Cashus Farthing  Oct 1852-2 Jan 1933. 
         A. Mary Elizabeth Farthing  was born Nov 1873-1904 married 22 Dec1892 John Wesley 
            Land borm Aug 1870 -2 Aug 1933. 
                 (1)  Taulby Land was born Oct 1893. 
                 (2 )Alfred Land was born Feb 1895. 
                 (3) Garrett H Land was born Feb 1897. 
                 (4) Nonie F Land was born Nov 1899. 
                 (5) Nora Lee was born 1901. 
                 (6) Arthur Land was born 1912. 
          B. Ambrose Farthing was born Dec 1880-16 Oct 1918 and  married 28 Dec 1907 Eva 
             Miller born 13 Oct 1890. 
          C. Lucy  A Farthing was born Sept 1882 married Campbell? 
                 (1) Maude Campbell was born 1906. 
          D. Nannie Farthing was born Sept 1885-26 Dec 1955  married Alexander Cole 1904. 
                 (1) Virgil Cole was born 1904-31 July 1985 Powell Co, Ky.Married Bessie Powell 
                       a. Herman Cole. 
                       b. Clemon Cole. 
                       c. Alex Cole. 
                       d. Harvey Cole. 
                       e. Estill Cole. 
                       f. Nancy Cole. 
                       g. Violet Cole. 
                       h.Betty Cole. 
                 (2) Estill Burton Cole was born 1906-died 12 January 1996 in Madison Co, Ky. 
                     Married Alice B Rader born 25 Aug 1914-died 5 Sept 1979. Burried in Oak 
                     Dale Cemetery, High St, Irvine, Ky. 
                       a.Ruby Mae Cole married #1 Bert Babb. #2 Davidson #3 William Clint Ragen. 
                             1-1 Ann Babb. 
                       b.Wanda Lee Cole married #1 Isaac Cornet, Jr.#2 Deward Ingram. 
                       c. Thelma Sue Cole married #1,Otha Marcum #2 Mart V Manious. 
                       d. Jimmy Wayne Cole married Betty Scenters #2 Janice Sue Fox 
                          #3 Ernestine Rogers #4 Glynna McDonald. 
                 (3) Omer L Cole was born1908-died 26 July 1970 Fayette,Co, Ky.Married Edna. 
                        a.Mary Ruth Cole. 
                        b. Fahey Cole. 
                        c. Arlene Cole. 
                        d.Frances Cole. 
                        e. Walter Lee Cole "Buddy". 
                        f. Brenda Cole. 
                        g. Ralph Junie Cole. 
                   (4) Sanford Cole born 20 Aug 1910-died 19 Feb 1974 Estill Co, Ky. He 
                       married Lucy Henry. 
                        a. James Edward Cole. 
                        b.Bobby Gene Cole. 
                        c. Irene Cole. 
                        d. Yarber? Cole. 
                        e. Billy Ray Cole. 
                        f. Gilbert Cole. 
                        g. Josephine Cole. 
                   (5) Mary N Cole born 29 March 1913 Estill Co, Ky. She married Virgil Riddle. 
                        a. Donald Riddle. 
                        b. Christine Riddle. 
                        c. Evelyn Cole. 
                        d. Gladys Cole. 
                    (6) Dewey Cole born 24 Aug 1915-died 15 Jan 1975 Estill Co, Ky. He 
                        married Lillian Rader 25 Jan 1940 Ravenna, Ky. 
                        a. Dewey Elden Cole married Geraldine Crowe. 
                        b. Patricia Cole married Preston Clyde Barnes. 
                        c. Linda Faye Cole married Ronald Bryn Welch. 
                        d. Janice Cole married  #1William Ray Rawlins #2 Lawerance Haden 
                        e. Sheila Cole married Henry Dwight Scrivner. 
                        f. Movetta Cole married Roger Dale Hall. 
                        g. Eshia Dean Cole married James Douglas Johnson. 
                        h. Sandra Cole married Ricky Voils. 
                        i.  Michael Dennis Cole married married Debra Ann White. 
                     (7) Chester Cole born 23 Oct 1917-died 23 Dec 1997 Estill Co, Ky. He 
                         married Mary Ethel Withers. 
                        a. Doris Cole. 
                        b. Lyda Cole married Dallas Harrison. 
                        c. Carolyn Cole married Baber. 
                        d. Lester Cole married Barbara Rose. 
                            1-1 Sonya Cole married Tim Hardy. 
                                 a.a Timberly Hardy. 
                            2.2 Lester Cole, Jr married Tammy. 
                                 a.a Twins Edy and 
                                 b.b son 
                        e. Chester Cole. Twin to Lester. 
                        f. Norman Cole. 
                        g. Kenny Wayne Cole. 
                        h. Norman Cole. 
                        i. Kenny Wayne Cole. 
                        j. Shirley Ann Cole married Epperson. 
                        k. Sally Faye Cole. 
                        l. Carl Edward Cole married Pamela Walling. 
                  (8) Roy L Cole born 18 April1921 married Vivian Thomas. 
                        a. Ricky Cole. 
                        b. Lois Cole. 
                   (9) Bonnie Cole born 25 July 1924 married Beulah Johnson.. 
                        a. Norlan Cole. 
                        b. Deloris Cole. 
                   (10) Edwin Cole born 23 Nov 1926. 
          E. Matty Farthing was born Sept 1887 married John Wesley Land 1 July 1906 widower 
             of her sister Mary  Elizabeth Farthing. 
          F. Flona Farthing was born Nov 1890 married 29 Dec 1908 Mack Dixon . 
                (1) Ivan Dixon was born 1909. 

4.  Robert Babb was born 1 April 1855 Russell Co, Va. The record is for twins born to 
Benjamin and Marinda Babb. No other record is found for Robert except the 1870 Estill Co, 
Ky census. 

5. William Babb was b in Russell Co, Va 1 April 1855 -d 1930 Greenwood Co, Ks. He married  
13 Dec 1877  Louisa Jenkins 1830-1930 to 1940.  Louisa  was the daughter  of  Henry  and 
Arabella Frances Jenkins. Russell Co, Va records show William born a twin to Robert 1 April 
1855 to Benjamin and Marinda Babb. William and Louisa are buried in the Piedmont Cemetery, 
Peidmont, Greenwood Co, Kansas. William's death certificate states his father was Benjamin 
b  Scott Co  Va and his mother was Mary Gilbert . 
        A.  James Babb was born 1879 Estill Co, Ky. No more is known. He is not recorded 
            with the family in the Greenwood Co, Ks 1905 census. 
        B.  Mary Bell Babb was born 12 Mar 1883 Estill Co, Ky. She married 21 Nov 1905 
            August Boehme 1885-1966 in Eurika, Greenwood Co, Kansas. Mary died 13 Mar 
            1967 Howard, Elk Co, Kansas. August Boehme died 27 Oct 1966 in Fair Grove, 
            Missouri. Mary had only one child.  Mary belonged to  Methodist Church. 
            (1)  William Ernest Boehme was born 1906 in Piedmont, Kansas. He died in OK. 
        C.  John William Babb was born Oct 1985. He was in the 1905 Greenwood Co, Kansas 
            census  but no more has been found. 
        D. Thomas Burlin Babb was born 3 Mar 1888 Estill Co, Ky. He died 25 Aug 1958 in 
           Eskridge, Kansas. Burlin had gone through a head on collision with no apparent 
           injuries. Another car came over the hill and thought he could pass Burlin's car 
           and not seeing Burlin hit and killed him. Burlin was dead when he reached a 
           hospital in Topeka, Ka. Burlin married Ida Richardson 12 June 1907 in Greenwood, 
           Kansas. He later divorced Ida and married her sister Gertie Richardson . He and 
           Gertie visited Estill Co in 1946. Burlin and Ida had five children. Burlin was 
           buried in Eskridge Cemetery, Eskridge, Ka. 
          (1)  William Henry Babb was born 20 Oct 1908  and died 1 April 1975. He married 
               16 Dec 1928 Nellie Grace NanBuskirk  born 17 July 1910-24 Oct 1935. Willie 
               married #2 Lucreta Oliver 
                  a. William "Billy "Babb, Jr  was born 16 Sept 1929-died 20 May 1998 in 
                     Belle Plain , Sumner Co, Ka. 
                  b. Robert "Bobby"Babb, was born 16 Sept 1929. 
                  c. Beverley Joan Babb born 1935. 
                  d. Josephine Babb. 
          (2)  Lucille Leona Babb was born 19 April 1910 and married O.L. Larcom 23 Feb 1929.
               O.L. "Tob" Larcom died June 1975 in Aurora, Nebraska. 
                  a. Dale Larcom. 
          (3)  Stella B Babb was born 27 June 1912-1980 and married Samuel Cross O'Brian. 
          (4)  Lester Carl Babb was born 6 June 1918 in Piedmont, Kansas and died 27 June 
               1996 in Chicago, Ill. He married Maxine Evelyn Hoffman 6 Oct 1940 in 
               Hutchinson, Kansas. 
                  a. Norma Jean Babb was born 9 May 1942 in Hutchinson, Kansas and married 
                     Steven Brent Watcher 19 Oct 1963. 
                      (1.1) Andrea Christine Watcher was born 11 Dec 1967 in Newport Beach, 
                            California. Andrea married Glenn P Bippus 23 Feb 1987 in Santa 
                            Anae, Ca. 
                              a.a Alexandra Elizabeth Bippus was born 27 Sept 1987 in Orange 
                                  Co, Ca. 
                              b.b Andrew Stephen Bippus was born 17 May 1989 in Newport 
                                  Beach, Ca. 
                              c.c Jasmine Ilona Bippus was born 12 Jan 1994 in Jacksonville, Fl. 
          (5) Marvin Burlin Babb was born  9 Sept 1923. 
          (6) Merle Richardson, stepson. 
      E.  Frances Amanda Babb was born 12 Feb 1890 in Estill Co, Ky and died 27 June 1970 
          in Hutchinson, Kansas. Amanda married a Mr Simpson in Colunbus, Kansas. She 
          married Samuel Huff in 1939 Columbus, Ka. She and Samuel Huff lived in Hutchinson, 
          Ks after 1957. Mr Huff died 16 Oct 1964.  Both are buried in the Memorial Park 
          Cemetery, Hutchinson, Ks. She belonged to the Church of Christ. Amanda was a 
          student at the School # 92 14 Nov 1901 in Eskridge, Greenwood Co, Ks. 
         (1)  Margaret Simpson Wood. 
         (2)  Chalmers Simpson. 
      F.  Rea Minnie B Babb was born Aug 1897 in Estill Co, Ky. She is found in the 1905 
          Greenwood, Kansas census with her parents. There is record of her being a student 
          in 1910-1911 at the Piedmont Severy School in Eskridge, Greenwood Co, Ka. No other 
          record has been found. 
         (1) Henry Babb born 1919-died Sept 1999 is buried in the Piedmont Cemetery in 
             Greenwood County, Ks. 
6. Eliza (Elizabeth) Babb was born 1 April 1857 Russell Co and died in 12 April 1922 in 
   Frankton, Indiana and is buried in the Knights of Phythus Cemetery. Elizabeth married 
   in Estill Co Ky 4 Jan 1882 Thomas Morgan Richardson 29 Sept 1852-8 June 1901 in 
   Frankton, In. 
    A. Urias Richardson was born 22 Mar 1883-6 Dec 1884  Station Camp, Ky. 
    B.  Emily Jane Richardson was born 29 July 1884 -1927 Estill Co, Ky.  Emily married 
        in Estill Co, Ky 22 Feb 1861 Jesse Tuggle. Emily had no children. 
    C.  Wade Gordon Richardson was born 10 Aug 1886 Centerville, Wayne Co, In and died 
        7 Sept 1948 in Richmond, In. Wade married 29 Aug 1907, Centerville Indiana Dora 
        Mae Endsley 1887-13 March 1917. She is buried in the Crownhill Cemetery. Wade 
        married  #2 Bertha Hogan . 
          (1) Opal Irene Richardson was born 26 Dec 1908 and married Henry Martin. 
          (2) Deloris Richardson was born 1912 and married Vince Jureling. 
          (3) Charles Richardson was born 2 Feb 1915 Madison Co, In and died 4 Oct 1974. 
              He married 17 Feb 1934 Katherine Isabelle Monger born 10 July 1917 and died 
              3 March 1991. Charles married #2 Martha E Habing  born 1906 and  died 31 Oct 
              1992 Richmond, In. Charles was vise president of the Jurling Beverage Co. 
                 a. Deloris Richardson Usher. 
                 b. Marilyn Richardson Gray. 
                 c. Janett Richardson Jack. 
                 d. Patricia Richardson  was not listed as survivor in Charles Richardson's 
           (4) John R Richardson was born 27 July 1916 and died 1948. He married Martha Hagin. 
   D. Ida Mae Richardson was born 1 June 1888 in Centerville, Indiana and died 19 Sept 1916. 
      She married Phillip Bauser. 
           (1) Aretia B Balser. 
   E. Leroy Richardson was born 3 Feb 1889, Centerville, In. Leroy died as a result of a 
      fire at his home 12 June 1941 Richmond, In. Leroy "Lee" married Roxie Sturart in 1902. 
           (1) Robert Richardson was born 1930. 
           (2) Thomas George Richardson was born 1932. 
           (3) Mary K Richardson. 

Benjamin Babb 48, widowed, born Scott Co Va, son of Benjamin and Mary Babb, married the 
second time 8 Feb 1858, Lebanon, Russell Co, Va to Martha Holt, age 22, divorced, born 
Tennessee, daughter of Stephen and Lucy Holt. The minister was William Gilmer. The Holts 
came to Jackson Co, Ky.
   7. Benjamin "Buck" Babb Jr was born 1859 in Russell Co, Va and died before 1900 in 
      Estill Co, Ky. He married Elizabeth Carroll "Argraves"   20 Mar  1875 Estill Co, Ky. 
         (2) Mary Elizabeth T Babb was born Feb 1884 Estill Co, Ky and married Elisha Buford 
                 a.William S Webb was born 1905. 
                 b. Lonnie Webb was born 1910. 
                 c. Ambrose Webb was born 1912. 
                 d.  Monie D. was born 1917. 
         (3) Lucinda Babb was born April 1887 Estill Co, Ky married 1 Jan 1907 George 
             Lainhart in Jackson Co, Ky. 
         (3) Stella B Babb was born June 1890 Estill Co, Ky married 10 Mar 1904 Clarence 
             Willis . The marriage was in Jackson Co, Ky. 
                a. Albert Willis. 
    8. Lucinda Babb born 1861 married 24 Dec 1877 Thomas J Coyle born 1842 Va in Jackson Co, Ky. 
    9. Susanna Babb  born 1863 Russell Co, Va  died Jan 1870 Estill Co, Ky with whooping cough. 

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