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Ancestors of Early Burk(e) Families of Russell County, VA

By Rue Burke Stevenson, Gaithersburg, MD

Foreword: The research by Rue (Burke) and Alfred Boynton Stevenson (deceased Oct. 18, 1994) was undertaken in the 1975-85 period. Much more research is needed on the earliest Burks. Hopefully, the following information will provide a basis for additional research to further clarify and expand these findings, and to identify ancestors for generation A, B, and C. I am deeply indebted to Kathryn (Burke) Greever for initiating and completing this project; and to Kathryn Greever and Jack Hockett for their input and skill in manuscript preparation. (RBS)

D. John (?) Burk and Mary Tarrant (?). According to Tugwell/Tuggle family history, Mary Tarrant married Thomas Tuggle in Christ Church Parish, Lancaster Co., VA c1659. (Originally Tuggle was spelled Tugwell with the English pronunciation having a silent "w" resulting in the Tugel/Tuggle spelling.) Thomas Tuggle (born De. 4, 1629 in Bradford, England; died 1684) was imported by Obed. Williams on May 6, 1654 to York Co., VA (spelled Tuggell, "Cavaliers and Pioneers" Patent Book 3, p. 315 by Nugent, 1934). He and eight others gave up their headrights of 50 acres for transportation, and he was in Lancaster Co., VA by 1658 when he leased 100 acres there before moving to the south side of the Rappahannock River the following year--which was also in Lancaster Co. until 1669 when a portion of Lancaster was used to form Middlesex Co. On Oct. 30, 1669, Thomas patented 210 acres in Middlesex Co. which included 100 acres he had purchased in 1662 from Richard Lewis and 110 acres for transporting 3 persons from England ("Virginia Land Grants," p. 277). Thomas Tuggle and Mary's children were: Alice (died 1660); Mary (Oct. 31, 1661-Jan. 18, 1686?); Thomas, Jr., (June 16, 1664 - Mar. 15, 1687), Ann (born March 16, 1666) who married Nicholas Rice; and Henry (Oct. 7, 1670 - 1743) who married (1) Mary Baskett on Aug. 26, 1692, daughter of John and Elizabeth Baskett, and (2) Elizabeth (Baldwin) Browne on Oct. 31, 1710, daughter of William and Margaret (Cook) Baldwin ("The Tuggle Family of Virginia," by Vivian S. Tuggle, Gateway Press, Baltimore 1970).

A 15-year project by Drs. Darrett B. and Anita Rutmas, Dept. of History, University of New Hampshire, resulted in computerizing data from early Middlesex Co., VA. Their 1984 book, published by W.W. Norton, titled "A Place in Time: Middlesex Co. 1650-1750," provided insights into the early families of that county; and their original database, including over 12,000 data-oriented biographies, was given to the Virginia Historical Society. In 1668 there were 83 households in Middlesex Co., VA with a total population of 912 persons of which 334 were white servants and 65 were black. A 1668 Middlesex Co. tithable list shows a John Burk, age 11, a son by a previous marriage, and three Tuggle children living with Thomas and Mary Tuggle along with William Stewart, a newly arrived 14 year old--obliged to serve Tuggle for 10 years--who died shortly thereafter. Mary died between 1670 and the will date of Thomas Tuggle in 1681.

The father of the John Burk (born c1657, who lived in the Thomas and Mary Tuggle household) may have been the John Burk who owned land in Lancaster Co., by March 1653 and apparently died intestate by 1659. This is indirectly documented, in part, in N. W. Nugent's "Cavaliers & Pioneers." In Vol. I, p. 255, Patent Book 1, a William Johnson received 350 acres in Lancaster Co. the last of March 1653 (p. 80) upon the N.W.W. of Puscaticon (reported to be an early variation of Piscataway) Creek opposite the land of John Burk.

Research has not yielded how John Burk came to have this land or what happened to it; and, there is no record of Mary Burk having retained or relinquished any dower rights. A portion of Lancaster Co. was taken in 1656 to form Old Rappahannock Co. which was later divided into Essex and Richmond Counties in 1692, and the Essex Co. portion included Puscaticon?Piscataway Creek. Sparacio's "Deed Abstracts of Old Rappahannock Co., VA 1670-72" shows a Pricket Burke received a "graunt" of 408 acres and 8 primes in Aug. 1669 and he sold it in Feb. 1670 to Patrick Norton. the proximity of the land to John Burk's land suggests a possible family relationship and a similar situation exists with a David Burk (will 1686/87) and a Richard Burk in 1687--all being alive after Mary's marriage to Tuggle, but who may be brothers or sons of John Burk of Lancaster Co. in 1653. Other Burks, Thomas (1698) and John (1706) were in Richmond Co.

E. John Burk/Bourk was born c1657 and died by Feb. 5, 1699 intestate in Middlesex Co. Thomas Tuggle, in his will dated 1681 (Middlesex Co. Wills, 1695-1798, Pt. 1 pp. 27-28), left John Burk the right to use a tract of land for tobacco and to live on the Tuggle plantation until John's youngest half-brother, Henry Tuggle, came of age, and "no longer." He could live on the plantation in the Tuggle house "if they can live contentedly together." Otherwise, John was to build himself a 15 foot house on his tobacco land and live apart.

John Burk patented 191 acres of unclaimed land on the main swamp of Sunderland in Middlesex Co. in 1686, and on Aug. 2, 1686 he and his wife (unnamed) sold 50 acres of it to John Lewis of New Kent Co. for 1002 pounds of tobacco which, in turn, was used to pay for the survey of his remaining 140 acres (Middlesex Co. Deed Book 1679-1694, No. 2, pp. 229-230) to which he had a clear title. (The deed records shrink the 191 acre patent to 190 acres.) The land bordered the estate of Thomas Obrissell, and in January 1698 John and his half-brother, Henry Tuggle, were named administrators of Obrissell's estate when Obrissell died in December 1697 testate with John Burk being a witness of the will.

Prior to the publication of the book by the Rutmans, computerized analysis of early data from Middlesex Co. for individual families was made available by them. That analysis for this Burk family confirmed some previous information found by the author, added some new verifiable information, and posed new questions. For example, the analysis suggests that John had five wives; however, there is evidence of other John Burke's. Also, the original report differs from the book which says John had three wives. Dr. Anita Rutman attributed this variation to a typographical error and felt that the five wives was correct.

Another John Burk was a servant to Col. Cuthbert Potter and on July 6, 1674 (Order Book I 1673-1680, Sparacio, p. 11) John was allowed the liberty to prove himself a free man. In McIlwaine's 1979 end Ed. of "Minutes of the Council and General Court of Colonial VA," p. 385, the September 1774 court pronounced John a free man. He was awarded corn, clothes and costs. That this John Burk is not the John Burk of this line is supported by the John Burk of this line having been 17 years old at the time, thus was not of age. This freed John Burk may be the one who, on April 7, 1679, received a certificate on his oath for service as a soldier from Feb. 1676 until May 1677 (Sparacio, p. 58). This freed John Burk may also be the one who married Jane (maiden name unknown) and they had a son, John, born Aug. 16, 1678. John Sr. either died or departed because, on May 6, 1682, Jane Burk accused Thomas Thompson of being the father of her child. Jane may have been in poor circumstances because, on May 11, 1685, the Court recognized the indenture (dated April 6, 1684) of her son, John Burk, to Thomas Guy of Middlesex, a cooper, for 14 years, with John being seven years old at the time (Sparacio, p. 53). That this is a separate John Burk is supported by the John Burk of this line having a son named John born Feb. 28, 1683.

Still another John Burk who lived in Middlesex Co. died Oct. 5, 1715 with no known living family. He may have been the John Burk who was imported c1703-05, as well as a Thomas and a Katherine Burke, or the bound out son of Sarah Burk. The presence of these other John Burks makes any circumstantial evidence suspect.

According to the analysis by the Rutmans, John's wives and children were as follows, with added information and author-verified wives and children highlighted:

Wife 1. Unknown, and the marriage took place before about 1678, with her death occurring by around 1682.

F.1. Thomas Burk, born about 1678 and died later than the 1701 deed with his father's last wife Ann. His age is based on him having been of age when he inherited land when his father, John, died in 1699, and estimates John as being around 22 at the time of the birth of Thomas.

A Thomas Burk was an heir in the will of George Gest/Guest, Sr. dated May 12, 1708 and proved March 7, 1709 (Middlesex Will Book A, 1698-1713, p. 211 [in L. Hopkins' "Middlesex Co. VA Wills & Inventories 1673-1812 and Court Papers," 1989, p. 65]). Thomas Burk and his wife had "free privilege to live on my plantation for 7 years (not to be disturbed or molested) to look after my estate in behalf of my wife." The relationship of Thomas Burk to the Gest/Guest family was not stated but there are at least two possibilities; (1) a relationship by the marriage of Thomas; father to a relative of either George Gest or his wife Mary, or (2) Thomas married a relative of the Gest family. This relative may have been a Daniel(l), based on three witnesses of George's will being William (Sr.), Mary, and William Daniell, Jr. Also, some years later, a "friend" James Daniel was the executor of a George Gest/Guest will (believed to be George Gest, Jr.) dated April 15, 1749, proved Jan. 1, 1750. In his 1708 will, George Gest, Sr. names his son George and his daughter Elizabeth Trigg who would receive the land if brother George died without heirs, Thomas Burk (who could live on the property for seven years), and as another "item" Elizabeth Burk who was to receive a cow and half its issue; and allowed Abraham Trigg to obtain "sypress" as long as his wife Elizabeth Trigg lived. As a matter of interest, William Daniel, Sr. had imported and Elizabeth Guss in 1689 who might have been a Gest.

Another Thomas Burk died June 2, 1713 after three weeks of distemper at David Morgan's house in Middlesex Co., and Morgan claimed Thomas' estate of 15-20 pounds since neither wife nor child nor relative was known--which suggests he was not part of this line. This Thomas may be the one that was imported 1703-05.

Wife 2. Mary. John's marriage to a Mary occurred c1682, and her maiden name was not identified in the Rutmas book or report. A Mary Burk died and was buried Jan. 18, 1686 Old Style--1687 New Style. She has been identified as Mary Tuggle by Tuggle family researchers who say she married John Bourke. If this is the case, it suggests that he either married his half sister or Mary Tuggle married a different John Burk, or that the marriage was presumed based on Thomas Tuggle's will. Some Mayo researchers identify this wife of John Burk as Mary Tarrant. (In Essex Co., Leonard Tarrent's will was proved 1718.)

F. 2. John Burk, born Feb. 28, 1683 (Christ Church Records; parents John and Mary Burk). He appears to have been alive in Middlesex in 1734 when a John Burk served with Henry Tuggle and others as appraiser of the William Wood estate.

Wife 3. Sarah May, widow of Jonathan Brooks who died in 1686 (buried Christ Church Parish) and whose will was dated May 7, 1686 and witnessed by Valentine Mayo. there was a son of this marriage, Jonathan Brooks born Dec. 4, 1684. Sarah's marriage to john Burk would have been in 1686/89. She had twins:

F. 3. Mayo, born May 22, 1690, appears to have died early.
F. 4. Sarah, born May 22, 1690, baptized June 15, 1690.

On June 5, 1711, Valentine Mayo and his wife Ann (John's last wife) gave 39 acres of land to "our well beloved cuzon Jonathan Brooks," and the land joined that of Thomas Obrissell, deceased; Henry Tugwell; and John Bourk. Valentine had patented the land in 1702 (DB 3, p. 251). This Jonathan Brooks, son of Sarah Mayo and Jonathan Brooks, married Mary Tugwell, born Sept. 20, 1693, the daughter of Henry Tugwell (John's half brother) and Mary Basket. The will of a Henry Baskit, proved Jan. 3, 1720 was witnessed by John Allin (whose father appears to be Richard Allen) and Henry Tugel. Further, in 1686 Thomas Thompson (who knew Jane Burk) imported a John Baskettfield.

Wife 4. Mary, whom he married after 1690-92 and who died 1693-98.

F. 5. Lettice, born Sept. 4, 1693, married William Guttery on Jan. 24, 1716.

F. 6. ? Elizabeth, married (1) Thomas Baskett/Baskit and (2) George Guest. This Elizabeth may be the Elizabeth identified in the Gest will (see Thomas, above) and, if true, could have been the daughter of John's first wife and Thomas' sister.

This George Guest appears to be George Gest/Guest, Jr., son of George Gest/Guest mentioned under Thomas, above. A George Gest's will, written April 15, 1749 and proved Jan. 1, 1750 (mentioned under Thomas, above), names son William and other children: Jane Sanford, wife of William Sanford; Mary Gutthrey; Nellie Burton, wife of James Burton, Mekiel Gest, Frances Gest, and James Gest. The executor was a "friend" James Daniel.

Any relationship of Mary Gutthery's husband to the William Guttery who married Lettice Burk, above, has not been explored, but timing suggest Mary Gutthery's husband could have been the son of or related to William Guttery and Lettice Burk.

Wife 5. Ann who died in 1743 in Caroline County where son Henry lived. Ann Burk has been identified by some researchers as the daughter of John Burk (born c1657) rather than being his wife; however, the fact that Ann relinquished dower rights in a 1701 sale of John Burk's property by his eldest son Thomas is consistent with Ann's having been John's wife. May family history is consistent with Henry being a son of Ann and John Burk.

F. 7. Henry Burk, born c1696-98 and died 1777, married Judity (Clark) Trigg.

After John's death in 1699 John's 16 year old son, John Jr., was bound to Henry Tuggle (Middlesex Co. Order Book No. 3, 1694-1705, p. 317), presumably to learn a trade. Thomas, John's eldest son, inherited his father's remaining 140 acres and, on Jan 3, 1701, sold the land to Edwin Thacker and his stepmother, Ann, relinquished her dower rights. Edwin Thacker had been a witness to John Burk's sale of 50 acres in 1686; and Henry Thacker who witnessed Thomas' deed of sale also had been a witness to the 50 acre sale. (Middlesex Co. Deed Book 2, 1694-1703, pp. 445-447).

Nothing is known about Ann Burk's background. The possibility exists that she was the widow, and perhaps second wife, of Thomas Obrissell (O'Brissell) who died in Dec. 1697 (will date of Dec. 11, 1697, proved Jan. 1698). Obrissell's will left his widow, Ann, property (100 acres and half of livestock) for her lifetime, and left three grandchildren (Thomas and Eusebius Lewis, and John Stone) land property. The Lewis children received 100 acres with an additional 100 and Ann's household property to be given after Ann's death. These grandchildren were by his daughter Elizabeth O'Brissell and John Lewis of New Kent Co. (who purchased 50 acres of land from John Burk-with that land joining Obrissell's property) and they were married Oct. 24, 1681. A second daughter, Mary received a colt, and she is believed to have married John Stone and had the son, John, who received 100 acres. Certainly with John Burk being a neighbor, a will witness, and as a "friend" and co-executor, he had the opportunity to marry her. Further, Ann relinquished dower rights in John Burk's property when it was sold in early 1701, and did not marry for another two years--which suggests she had access to other living accommodations for herself, Henry, and any children by John Burk's two presumed previous wives. That Ann Obrissell married John Burk appears feasible only if Ann was Obrissell's second wife, based on Ann's having borne children until c1714, and having married Ann very soon after Obrissell's death.

Ann remarried on Feb. 23, 1703/04 to James Jordan who died early in 1710 and his estate was appraised in 1711. She had two children by this marriage: Ann born 1704 and John born 1709. In his will, James Jordan left his son-in-law (i.e., stepson), Henry Burk, a cow and a gun to be given to Henry when he came of age (Middlesex Co. Will Book B, 1713-1734, p. 42). After James Jordan's death, she again remarried on November 14, 1710 to Valentine Mayo who was the brother of John's presumed third wife, Sarah Mayo. She had at least two children by this marriage, James Mayo (born Dec. 11, 1711 and died in 1777 in Albemarle Co. with his will being written on Feb. 21, 1766 and recorded in March 1777) and Sarah. (Mayo family history also reports an Elizabeth [possibly Sarah Elizabeth?] and John Mayo, with John's will being dated Sept. 2, 1764, proved Mar. 1772 in Goochland Co., VA.) Valentine died intestate on Burk in Caroline Co. in 1777. Further, James Mayo was executor of his mother's will, with that will being brought to the July 1744 Court in Caroline Co. This James Mayo had 15 children and 95 identified grandchildren.

Although the number of wives and children may or may not be correct, this does not detract from: (1) As a child, John Burk lived in the Tuggle household; (2) John Burk's son, Thomas, by John's first wife (whatever her name) inherited John's property and is linked to Ann Burk (John's last wife) as demonstrated by the 1701 land sale in which Ann's dower rights were relinquished; (3) That Henry Burk was a son of Ann is demonstrated by Ann Burk's second husband's will reference to Henry; (4) John's son, John Jr., was bound out to Henry Tuggle (who was the senior John's half-brother) after John's death; and (5) John and half-brother Henry Tuggle were named as joint overseers of the estate of Thomas Obrissell in Jan. 1698, which was next to John's property, pointing to the ongoing Tuggle family relationship.

F. Henry Burk, born c1696-98 Middlesex Co., VA, died 1777 in Caroline Co., VA. He married Judith (Clark) Trigg on August 13, 1719 in Middlesex Co. Judith was baptized Mar. 1687/88, and was the widow of Abraham Trigg who she married in January 1710/11 as his second wife in Middlesex Co. Trigg's first wife was Elizabeth Guest/Gest who he married on Dec. 14, 1704, and who died between 1709 and 1710. Their known children were Mary, baptized May 9, 1706, and Elizabeth, baptized 1709. Judith's children by Abraham Trigg were Susannah, Daniel, William and Abraham--the last born in April 1719 some two months after Abraham (Sr.)'s death (on Feb. 25, 1718/19), and the same month is which she gave bond for the administration of Trigg's estate. Abraham Trigg (Sr.) was baptized May 4, 1684 and his father was Daniel Trigg.

When Henry married Judith, he came into control of 150 acres Trigg land along with four children by Judith and Abraham Trigg, and at least two by Abraham Trigg's first wife, Elizabeth Guest/Gest. (Henry Burk had two tithables added in 1720 and these do not appear to have been sons of Trigg and his first wife.) On November 1, 1737, Judith Burk relinquished her right of dower in land formerly owned by her first husband in a deed of Daniel Trigg to Thomas Berry (Order Book 1732-37, p. 89--in Hopkins, p. 270). A Daniel Trigg died in Spotsylvania Co. in 1769 and a William Trigg in Bedford Co., in 1773. That these were Judith's children by Abraham has not been verified. Judith's parents were Robert and Sara Clark.

"Her father, Robert Clark, may possibly be the same Robert Clark for whom a certificate of transportation was issued to Robert Beverley in July 1667 and who agreed, in September 1667 to serve Beverley a year more than he came in for provided he was kept at his trade and not at working in the ground. (Lancaster Co. Orders, No. 1, 1666-1680, pp. 43, 47). He was certainly the same Robert Clark who, in 1689, purchased 100 acres from John Furrell in the upper precincts, or north-western end, of the county and identified himself as a planter. He served as constable of the upper precinct in 1689, was literate at least to the extent of being able to sign his name, and in 1712 sold his land to John Mercy of Essex County. (Middlesex Co., VA, Deed Book 1679-1694, No. 2, pp. 350, 548-49; Middlesex Co. Deeds, 1703-1720, p. 294; Middlesex Co. Order Book No. 5, 1710-21, p. 71). Since Sarah Clark consented to the sale she, too, was alive at the time.

"Robert and Sarah Clark had at least one other child, Thomas, baptized in Middlesex [Co.] in July 1690. Thomas married three times, inherited land by virtue of his first marriage (ca 1708), had six children, and died in Middlesex in September 1746." (Ref.: Rutman report)

Henry Burk listed six of his seven children as living in his will. His wife, Judith, and son Henry (Jr.) were deceased and Henry's children were included in his father's will. This will was written on April 5, 1777 and proved on July 10, 1777 in Caroline Co., VA and suggests that Henry had acquired considerable holdings. Henry owned an ordinary (tavern), he served on the jury several times, supervised road building, won the right to build a mill dam, farmed, and set out a peach orchard. The ordinary was operated from 1734 on and was on one of the oldest roads from Annapolis to Williamsburg, about a mile below Burk's Ferry--later Burk's Bridge--over the Mattaponi River in the lower center of the county. The ordinary was established in the same place where one had been operated by Jno. Sutton. Giving bond with Henry was William Southworth (whose son married Jane Burk) and William Burdett. After his death, Henry's will was in dispute until around 1812, based on son Thomas giving power of attorney in Franklin Co., GA to Seth Strange to receive what might still be due him from the estate.

"Genealogies of Virginia Families," Vol. IV of Tyler's Quarterly, pp. 824-30 provides will copies and information Henry's children and some of their descendants. This and other family information on the children of Henry and Judith includes:

G. 1. John Burk, born Jan, 27, 1720/21 in Middlesex Co. VA, and died between his will date of Jan. 31, 1788 and its presentation to the Feb. 1790 Caroline Co. court. The name of his wife is not known, but one grandson carried the middle name of Muse. Other clues to her identity may be in his will witnesses: Elizabeth Button, Caty Faulkner, Rosanna Pentvin, James Suttin. John Burk had two sons and a daughter:

H. 1. Henry Burk, died in 1803 intestate, apparently without wife or children and his estate was administered by brother Thomas in Albermarle Co., VA.

H. 2. Thomas Burk, died intestate on Jan. 24, 1807. He married (1) Ann A. Gray, the daughter of Peggy and William Fauntleroy Gray (died 1792, Caroline Co.), oldest son of James Gray (died 1768) and Sary Fauntleroy (died 1775). Sarah was the daughter of Col. William and Apphia (Bushrod) Fauntleroy. Their children were:

I. 1. John Muse Burk who married Sophia Woolfolk on May 21, 1817 (and this line is linked to the Burkes of Burke and Herbert Bank, Alexandria, VA).

I. 2. William Fauntleroy Grey F. Burk, believed to have died early.

I. 3. Thomas Henry Burk, born Oct. 3, 1800, married Susan Elizabeth Knox Washington on Dec. 5, 1821 and she was the daughter of Maj. George Washington (1775-1815) and Elizabeth Courts. Thomas died Mar. 27, 1829 leaving a wife and four infant children. He and his wife had lived at "Palesline" and his death was recorded at "Pine Forest" which was the estate of Maj. Washington and which has been described as "an elegant 19th century mansion" in Caroline Co. that is now in ruins. Only one of Thomas Henry's children lived to maturity, George Washington Burke (1823-1896) of "Braynefield," Caroline Co., who had children by three wives--with two of the wives being first cousins: (1) on July 2, 1884 to Dorothea Brayne Hawes (1805-1863); (2) on Nov. 28, 1850 to Eliza F. Taliaferro (1833-1878) daughter of William and Eliza (Washington) Taliaferro; and (3) on Nov. 1, 1882 to Betty C. DeJarnette (1851-1930.

After Ann A. Gray's death, Thomas then married (2) Frances Holloday who was born March 1, 1773 and died in 1804, no children; and (3)Elizabeth "Betsy" Muse Pierce whom he married on May 5, 1805.

"Virginia Public Claims, Caroline Co.," (Ashercrombie and Slatten) lists a John and a Thomas Burk in the 1782 era. These appear to be John, son of Henry, and John's second son Thomas.

H. 3. Elizabeth Burk, married Reuben Gatewood, son of James Gatewood. An identified sister of Reuben is Ann (Gatewood) Burnett. (June Baldwin Bork has reportedly published her book on the Burnett families--we traded information in the 1984 period.)

G. 2. Judith Burk, born April 25, 1723 in Middlesex Co, died 1805 in Hanover Co., VA. She married (1) George Priddy, and (2) Zachariah (?) Hundley. George Priddy Lived in Hanover Co., VA and died c1771, and he and Judith had children. The Priddy's owned 783 acres in 1779.

G. 3. Ann Burk, born in Caroline Co., VA, probably around c1725-27 died after 1783. She married Thomas Burton who died c1783. (Any relationship to James Burton of Middlesex Co. and his wife Nellie Gest has not been explored.)

G. 4. Elizabeth Burk, born in Caroline Co., VA, probably around c1737-30, married Joseph Cross, Jr. Joseph was a co-executor of Henry's will, along with John, Henry's oldest son. Joseph died c1796-97 in Hanover Co. The Georgia Genealogical Magazine, 1983, p. 48, (as copied from Virginia Genealogist, John F. Dorman, Ed.) shows ad deed to Joseph Cross of Hanover Co., VA from Joel Ferrell and wife Lucy of Wilkes Co., GA, 400 acres on Broad River in Franklin Co., GA on Oct. 13, 1787, Book AA, p. 184, Wilkes Co., GA (witnessed by David Merriweather and John Crutchfield, JP.) This suggests that Elizabeth and Joseph--or their son--went to GA. Indexed as Cap. Cross in 1779, Joseph owned 1360 acres of land in Hanover Co., and he was active as a vestryman in St. Paul's Parish and was a church warden on Dec. 17, 1784.

H. Fleming B. Cross. This is one known child of Elizabeth and Joseph. There was a Col. Fleming in Hanover co., but no identified family connection.

H. ? Joseph Cross (III)

G. 5. Jane Burk, born in Caroline Co., VA, probably around c1729-32, died by 1808. She married William Southworth, Jr., a witness to Henry Burk's 1777 will. He was alive in 1809 and was the son of William Southworth, Sr. and Catherine Nash. William Southworth, Sr., father was John Southworth who married Ann Syms in 1721, which appears to be a second wife. Catherine Nash's parents were John Nash (1660-1716) and Mary (maiden name unknown). John Nash's father was Arthus Nash (died around 1664) who had immigrated, was an indentured servant, and who came to Middlesex Co. from York Co. with Richard Allen, Nash's servant, who had immigrated in the 1650's first in York Co. John Nash's will was dated Jan. 22, 1712 and proved Sept. 3, 1716/17 in Middlesex Co. His children were: Arthur (over 18), and John, Henry, Ann and Catherine. (Catherine was not in John's will but was added by the Rutmans in their book, however, his brother Arthur is known to have had an infant child, Catherine, at his death in 1718, based on court records).

G. 6. Thomas Burk, born probably c1732-1736 in Caroline Co., VA and believed to have died after 1812 in GA, married Ann George (and progenitor of the Russell Co. Burks).

Ann's parents were Robert George, Jr. (II) (died 1766) and Ann Allen, baptized Mar. 15, 1701/2, who was the widow of Arthur Nash (John Nash's brother). Robert George and Ann (Allen) Nash were married July 28, 1718, and they presented Arthur Nash's will in Middlesex Co. on Aug. 5, 1718. (Ann had a minor child, Catherine, by Arthur Nash). Robert George II's father was Robert George (I) of Middlesex Co., VA. Volume I, p. 89 of the Virginia Genealogist cites Bible records showing Robert George (I) was born in 1665 to Isaac George (born 1635 in Isle of Wight Co.) and his wife Hester. Ann Allen's father was Richard Allen who was a servant to Arthur Nash (the elder) for a time. Arthur Nash, too, had been an indentured servant. Richard Allen (will dated May 18, 1714, proved June 7, 1715 in Middlesex Co.) was married twice. His first wife's name was Ann (maiden name unknown by whom he had one child. His second wife was Elizabeth Osbondistall whom he married May 17, 168_, and who was the stepdaughter of John Skeere. (A John Skeeare received 153 acres on April 23, 1688 (joining John Burk's property) for the transport of 4 persons.) Richard Allen purchased land from the elder Arthur Nash's son, John Nash, in 1683 in Middlesex Co. after Richard had served the elder Arthur in the 1660's. Richard's children, based on his will, were John, Richard, Ann and Catherine.

G. 7. Henry Burk, born in Caroline Co., VA probably in the 1730's died by 1777, when his father's will was written. He had married Sarah George, the sister of Ann George who married Thomas, above. Henry's children were: John and Ann.

A Henry and a Thomas Burk were in Caroline Co. in 1740 ("Virginia in 1740: A Reconstructed Census," T.L.C. Genealogy, 1992). This is almost certainly Henry (F. &.), son of John and Ann. This Thomas is not one of Henry's sons, based on timing, and could possibly be Henry's oldest half-brother--based on proximity to their county of origin, Middlesex.

G. Thomas Burk, Sr. (G. 6. above) married Ann George, the daughter of Robert George, Jr. of Caroline Co., VA (discussed above). Robert appeared to have a brother, Richard, based on being a will witness in May 1745 for Mary Tunwell. (Richard George married Elizabeth Mayo on Apr. 20, 1734 in Middlesex, and Elizabeth is believed by Mayo historians to be a daughter of Ann Burk Jordan Mayo.) Robert George, Jr. died by June 12, 1766 when his will was presented by his son, Robert George (III), one of the executors.

Ann George Burk must not have been satisfied with the way her brother was handling the will because she filed a complaint against him on May 2, 1769, the year he died. In Spotsylvania Co., a Jane (Lewis ) George, widow of Robert George, deceased, of Caroline Co., died Sept. 27, 1774. Her will did not name any of Robert George's children who probably inherited most of his property after he died. Her heirs were: Mary Lewis, my brother Zachary Lewis' widow and Mary Littlepage, daughter of Betty Holloday; the children of my sister Elizabeth Shackleford viz: Lewis Shackleford, Mary Payton, John Shackleford and Zachary Shackleford. A Reuben Long of Caroline Co. was also mentioned. (Whether this family is connected with the Lewis grandchildren of Thomas Obrissell has not been explored, nor has the possible Betty Holloday connection to Frances Holloday mentioned under Henry's first child John and his son Thomas).

Thomas and his wife Ann sold land in Caroline Co. to his brother John (G. 1. above) according to a deed in the Nov. 14, 1771 court records. On that date, he also deeded land to Reuben Gatewood, husband of his niece, Elizabeth. This land is presumed to be the same land Thomas' father gave him on July 11, 1765 (Order Book, 1765-1767, p.107). Brother John had served as Thomas' representative in a suit during Thomas' absence (August 1778 Court). Just when Thomas left for Georgia is unknown but because of the Nov. 1771 notation on court records about selling his land to brother John and Reuben Gatewood, 1771-1772 is used as the estimate of when Thomas left VA. This is supported by Reuben Gatewood's replacing Thomas as road overseer on April 9, 1772. Thomas, like his father, had a license to keep an ordinary. The renewals of the licenses ran from March 10, 1763 until Sept. 14, 1769. The 1772 license is in brother John Burk's name.

Just why Thomas (Sr.) decided to leave Caroline Co. is not known. Court references suggest he had disagreements with several people. Order Book Abstracts of Caroline Co., VA 1765-67 and Order Book Abstracts 1767-68 by Sparaco (1989) show: June 13, 1766, John Major against Thomas Burk, assault and battery; same date, Thomas Burk vs. John Jones, assault and battery; Aug. 14, 1767, Thomas Burk vs. George Wiley, debt; March 10, 1768, Joseph Redd vs. Thomas Burk, debt; July 10, 1768, John Southworth against Thomas Burk, dismissed Sept. 10, 1778 which was a trespass and assault case against Thomas; July 14, 1768, Samuel Hargrove vs. Thomas Burk and William Hewlett, debt; Aug. 11, 1768, Archibald Govan vs. Thomas Burk, case; Sept. 8, 1768, Thomas Burk vs. James (blank), petition; May 12, 1769, Thomas Shipp against Thomas Burk, debt; July 13, 1769, Joseph Redd vs Thomas Burk, case. Thomas' last ordinary license appears to have been granted on Sept. 14, 1769.

The earliest identified reference in GA for Thomas (Sr.) is in an incomplete 1785 Wilkes Co., GA tax digest which shows one poll each for both Thomas Burk, Sr., and for Thomas Jr., with each having 200 acres of land (Grace Davidson's "Early Records of Georgia," Vol. 2, pp. 66, 67 as corrected in Georgia Genealogy Magazine 1972, Issue 43-46, p. 256). He was in Green Co., GA in 1786-87; in Elbert Co., GA in 1792-93; in Green Co., GA in 1796; in Jackson Co., GA in 1799; and in Franklin Co., GA in 1812.

The earliest reference so far for his son Fleming is June 2, 1784 with the entry showing self, and on May 9, 1894, the entry shows three in the family in Elbert Co. GA Land Warrants ("Historical Collections of Georgia Chapter DAR," Vol. III, p. 219). (Elbert was formed from Wilkes in 1790.) Fleming was a witness on a deed of sale on March 10, 1794 from Thomas Sr. and Rachel to John Staples in Elbert Co. Thomas Sr. and Thomas Jr. are also found on fragments of lists of Headright and Bounty Grants for 1790-95 in GA. The 1794 deed, above, suggests that Ann had died, and that Thomas Sr. remarried. Thomas Sr. then is found in Green Co. where he and James Tuttle witnessed a deed on Aug. 1, 1796, in Jackson Co. in 1799, and in Franklin Co. in 1812. (There was another Thomas Burk whose 1804 will was probated in Chatham Co., and who may be the Thomas Burk who received land in Burke Co., GA, but there is no apparent connection to this line).

The connection to Caroline Co., VA is demonstrated in Deed Book A, p. 101, dated Oct. 1, 1792 in Elbert Co., GA where Thomas (Sr.) gives power of attorney to "my good friend" John Staples to settle business in Caroline and Hanover Counties and to pay any debts and receive any property due him and he further allowed Staples to commence suits or arbitrate any matter in dispute. Staples was from VA and, at age 18, fought in the Revolutionary War with Washington at Yorktown, moved to GA and purchased land in Wilkes Co., GA in 1794--from Thomas Burk, Sr.__and died there Apr. 23, 1849 with his wife Mary (Stovall) being the legatee. At least one of Staple's descendants appears to have been involved n the Dahlonega, GA 1828 gold rush, lost a great deal of money, and ended up in TN.

Another similar power of attorney is dated March 12, 1812 in Franklin Co., GA which clearly shows the GA-Caroline Co. link in that it empowered Seth Strange (whose family was from Hanover Co., VA) to recover what belongs to said Thomas from the estate of His father, Henry Burk, late of Caroline Co., VA., deceased (Deed Book TT, pp. 70-71, in "Deeds of Franklin Co., GA 1784-1826," p. 290 abstracted and complied by Martha Walters Acker, 1976). This 1777 estate was still the subject of suits in Caroline Co. some 35 years later, principally due to one or more of the administrators dying. Thomas appears not to have been aggressive in obtaining his inheritance. This could be due to his already having received land from his father, and his inheritance consisted of two slaves. Thomas and Ann's children were:

H. 1. Henry Burk, born August 8, 1758 in Caroline Co., VA; died May 18, 1840 Decatur Co., IN. First wife ________ McCormack. Second wife Mary McKinney--married Jan. 1, 1788 in Washington Co., VA. Henry did not go to GA with his father and the rest of the family. He stayed in VA, had one known child by his first wife and 10 by his second wife.

H. 2. Thomas Burk, Jr., born in Caroline Co., VA c1760-65; died 1821, Wayne Co., KY. Married Rebecca Tuttle by 1785 in GA. They had 12 children.

H. 3. Fleming Burk, Sr., born Nov. 29, 1767 Caroline Co., VA; died Feb. 23, 1848 in Russell Co., VA, and may have been named after his cousin, Fleming B. Cross. He married Rebecca (Miller? Bush?) around 1791 in GA. She was born Dec. 20, 1776 and died July 14, 1840. They had 8 children.

H. 4. Mary (Polly) Burk, born June 1772 (in GA based on DAR reports), died before 1840. She married Mary McKinney's brother, William McKinney, who was born May 20, 1775 in VA and died in 1850. They had 6 known children.

H. 5. John Burk, born Aug. 21, 1779 (in GA based on 1850 census, in VA based on 1860 census), died Aug. 1, 1860 in Adams Co., IL, married Rebecca Vermillion c1807 in Russell Co., VA. She was bon Dec. 28, 1785 and died Jan. 16, 1852. John's second wife was Jennie Fleshner and they were married on July 13, 1853 in IL. He had 13 children by his first wife and 5 by his second wife.

H. 6.? Robert Burk, born Feb. 17, 1764 (87 on Monroe Co. GA 1850 census), was probably Thomas' son. (The birth date is from a Bloomer W. Reeves family Bible.) Robert Burk is on one list in the Dove Creek area of Elbert Co., GA next to Thomas Burk, Sr., and Thomas Burk, Jr. He married (1) Sarah Thornton (born Sept. 2, 1768 in NC) and (2) Mary _____ (born c1767).

This Robert Burk had thirteen children with the last three being: (1) Nancy, born Nov. 25/27, 1790, died Aug. 7, 1850 in GA, married Jeremiah Mann who died Oct. 7, 1845 in Upson Co., GA. Her will was dated Apr. 8, 1850 and proved Nov. 4, 1850 in Upson Co.__ with another source saying Monroe Co., GA. (2) Robert Burk, Jr., born c1794, died after 1850. (3) ORev.) Thornton Burk, a Baptist minister, born Dec. 1, 1794 in Elbert Co., GA and died June 5, 1887 in Cobb Co., GA, buried at Powder Springs Baptist Cemetery. Rev. Burk moved to Monroe Co. at age 29 in 1823/24 and was affiliated with Rocky Creek Baptist Church in 1828 and ordained in 1833 at Shoal Creek Church in Pike Co., where he served churches in Pike, Fayette, Henry and Monroe Counties until 1838. In 1838 he moved to Cobb Co., and served churches in Cobb, Campbell and Paulding Counties. In 1848 he moved to Wert/Polk Co.

There are no known records or family stories to directly link Robert. However, in Green Co., GA on Aug. 1, 1786 (from Georgia County Records, Vol. 2 by Lucas) Thomas Burk and James Tuttle (father of Rebecca Tuttle, the wife of Thomas Jr.) witnessed a deed from John and Judith Slayden of Fayette Co., KY to Dozer Thornton of Madison Co. which was for 300 acres of land in Green Co. The deed was proved by Thomas Burk on March 9, 1787 in Green Co. Further, Robert was the name of both a grandfather (Robert George) and a great grandfather (Robert Clark) in this line. Also, one son of Fleming Burk, Sr. was name Robert. A descendant of Robert Gurk, above, had not identified Robert's parents in 1984. The spacing of Thomas Sr.'s children suggests the possibility of other children. (There was a Charles Burk in Green Co. in 1790, and in Wilkes in 1790-95 along with Robert, Thomas and Thomas Jr. but no connection has been made to this Burk line.)

The five identified children of Thomas (Sr.) came to Russell Co., VA. Henry, who did not go to GA, was first in Washington Co., BA on a 1782 tax list at the age of 23, then in Russell co. by 1789 (land purchase by Henry Burk of Washington Co.). Fleming was in Russell Co., VA by 1797 (tax list, with one daughter born in GA in c1792 and another in VA in c1795) with a 1794 reference in GA. John was on the 1797 tax list with Fleming, and then on the 1799 tax list--when he would have been age 20; Mary (Polly) who had children in the County by 1800; and Thomas Jr. by 1802 (land purchase). The names of Thomas Sr. and his children were known to the author through family history and have been named by other Burk family members, with the earliest being in 1895.

The birth dates of the children of Fleming Sr. and Thomas Jr. suggest that Fleming Sr., his younger brother John, and Mary Polly came from GA first--around 1795--with Thomas Jr. coming a few years later, around 1799.

Some Burkes feel that Thomas Sr. spent time in Russell Co., VA. The above findings do not preclude that possibility. He could have left Thomas Jr. in charge in GA, accompanied Fleming, John and Mary Polly, and returned to GA prior to Thomas Jr.'s coming to Russell Co., VA. This scenario is supported by the birth states of children of Fleming Sr. and Thomas Jr.

Also, if one questions (1) DAR information on Mary Polly's place of birth as GA, and (2) the census discrepancy (GA and VA) on the birth state of John, then the possibility of Thomas Sr. being in what was to become Russell Co. during the 1772 to 1779-1783 time period becomes feasible. No records have been found to support this contention but the exact location of Thomas Sr. is unknown for a period of over ten years. Such a finding would clarify the migration pattern of this family during that time. Being on bounty grant lists suggests revolutionary war service for Thomas Sr. also, no evidence was found of another family with Thomas Sr.'s second wife, Rachel, but this is a possibility, as well as Thomas Sr. having other children by his first wife who have not been identified. The identified children of Thomas are those that are known to have lived in Russell Co., and were by his first wife, and the list may not be complete.

No connection of this line to James Burk and the "Burke's Garden" Burkes has been established although family stories in this Burke line suggest that possibility. Those stories may have originated, in part, from two Tazewell Co. land purchases in 1814 and 1816 by John Burk, son of Thomas Sr. The second land deed, between John Burk and wife Rebecca of Russell Co. and Richard Steel of Tazewell Co., involved land Steel had obtained from an earlier John Burk who obtained the land by patent, June 26, 1786, and who has not been connected to this Burk line. This land would first have been in Washington Co., VA, then in Russell Co., VA in 1787, and in Tazewell Co., VA in 1800; and may be associated with the John and Charles Burk who were in Russell Co. on April 18, 1787 when they were assigned to appraise the estate of Samuel Bickley. Also, Isaiah J. Burk, grandson of Fleming Burk, Sr. lived in Tazewell Co. and was buried in Burke's Garden in 1877. The Russell Co. Burkes have a connection to Tazewell Co. and Burke's Garden, but no verified connection to James Burke who discovered Burke's Garden. James has been reported to have been an Irish immigrant who came to America c1720 which is over 60 years later than the early Burks in this line. However, two sons of the Middlesex Co., VA John Burk (c1657-1699)--John Burk, Jr., born in 1683 and his brother Thomas, born c1678--have not been traced. Some Burks who have not been linked to the Russell Co. Burk line include:

A James Burk (1774-1856) who married Anna Robinson, was in Russell Co. from around 1804 until the 1830's and appears to be the James Burk who was in the Rye Grass Mountain area. A descendant (David McGuire Burk, Aiken, SC) reports that James Jr. went to Missouri around the 1840's. This James Jr. returned to Tazewell Co., where he purchased land in 1847 from Elijah and Catherine McGuire, and is where James Sr. died. James Sr.'s parents are not known, but he could be related to the James Burk who died in 1799 in Russell Co., leaving a minor child named Luke, and/or he may be related to the John and Charles mentioned above. (Charles is the name of and Orange/Augusta County Burk with the last reference in that county being Mar. 22, 1851.)

David McGuire Burk also reports that, according to Judge Chalkey, on De. 17, 1788, a John Burke was to have his seven children bound out: James, Andrew, Polly, Nancy, John, Samuel, and William, suggesting that this John Burk was born by around 1754 or earlier. His son, James Burk, would appear to be either the James Burk who died in 1799 or the James Burk who married Anna Robinson.

In Russell Co. a James Burke paid one poll tax in 1798, and he may either be the James Burk who died in 1799 or the James Burk who married Anna Robinson. A James Burk purchased land on Copper Creek on April 5, 1774. In 1801 a William Burk paid one poll tax and may have been a son of the John Burk who bound out seven children. In 1814, John Burk, of Ky., paid on 250 acres of land in Russell Co. on the north side of Copper Creek, 5 miles SW of the Court House. The two John Burks of this line (son Thomas, and son of Fleming) are not known to have been in KY in this time period.

Washington Co. (formed 1777 from Fincastle Co.) was home to a number of Burks who appear unrelated to this line, and who were in the old Fincastle/Washington Co. area as early as 1772, On Oct. 8, 1796, Michael Burk married Nancy Bunn; and on June 21, 1797 a Thomas Burk married Ruthy Simpson (possible bound out son of John). James D. Burk married Tempy McCormack on Jan. 28, 1819 (possible bound out son of John); and Andrew S. Burke married Elmira Nun on Oct. 21, 1841 (possible bound out son of John). Some land transfers in Washington Co., VA include (1) James Stevens Burk to Thomas and Lucy Burke, 66 acres on Jun 26, 1820--James got the land from James Sproules in Dec. 1808; (2) Thomas and Clary Burkes sold 60 acres to Eli Fleenor on Jan. 10, 1832; and Thomas and Clary, David Burk and wife Margaret, James Rollins Christenah, William Fleenor and Eli, and Martha Fleenor, 57 acres to Peter Fleenor on Nov 1, 1831. (Thomas and David appear to be sons of the John Burk who moved from Bedford Co. to Washington Co., VA in the 1780's and then moved to Lee Co. after 1818 where he died, with John's son David appearing in nearby Claiborne Co., TN in the 1880 census. This John Burk is believed to have been from MD, based on Revolutionary War service from that state.)

Other Burks in Washington Co. and old Fincastle Co. who were in those areas earlier than the 1790's appear directly unrelated to the Russell Co. Burk line. However, there are no known records about cousin John Burk who was probably born around the 1760 period and was the son of Henry Burk, Jr. and grandson of Henry, Sr. who died in 1777 in Caroline Co., VA.

Richmond, VA land records show that a Thomas Burk received warrant No. 1727 for 100 acres of land, issued Sept. 4, 1783, for service in the Revolutionary War, and one such warrant is generally attributed to an Augusta Co., VA Thomas Burk.

Interested Burk(e) researchers may wish to review the Rutmans biographies of Middlesex Co. (housed with the Virginia Historical Society in Richmond) to determine the extent to which the two sons of John Burk (c1657-1699), John Jr. and Thomas, can be traced to the 1750 time period. A further examination of Caroline Co., VA records might also reveal more information on John Burk, son of Henry Jr. and grandson of Henry Sr. who died in 1777 in Caroline Co This could shed light on any relationship between the "Russell Co. Burks" and the "Augusta Co. Burks."

Two Generations of Thomas Burk(e), Sr.'s Russell County, VA Descendants

H.1. Henry Burk

H. 1. Henry Burk, born Aug. 8, 1758, in Caroline co., Va, died may 18, 1840, Decatur Co., In. Married (1) ____ McCormack c1782/83, daughter of Joshua and Martha McCormack of Washington Co., VA who were in Botetourt Co., Va in the 1770's; (2) Mary McKinney Jan. 1, 1788 in Washington Co., VA, daughter of Collin McKinney who was bron c1735 in Somerset, NJ, and died before May 27, 1811 in Pulaski Co., KY. Collin McKinney married three times: (1) Sarah Boone, (2) Margaret Finley, and (3) Rebecca Love on April 10, 1806 in Washington Co. Thus, Mary McKinney's mother was either Sarah or Rebecca.

Colin McKinney's father was Daniel McKinney who was baptized April 3, 1717 and who died in 1808 in Somerset Co., NJ. Daniel McKinney's wife was Margaret Coffey. Daniel's parents were Mordecai McKinney's wife was Margaret Coffey. Daniel's parents were Mordecai McKinney (c1690 - 1759/60, Hunterdon Co., NJ) and Mary "Marietje" Sebering bron c1685. Mordecai and Mary were married in 1713 in Bergen, NJ.

Henry remained in VA rather than go to GA. He fought in the Rovolutionary War. Because of the practice of short-term and frequent enlistments, the exact amount of time he spent in service is difficult to determine--particularly when several Henry Burk's were serving. As an established veteran he was entitledd to receive land for his service. He was in Washington Co., VA in 1782 based on a tax list. (Russell Co. was for from Washington Co., in 1787.) He secured land in Russsell Co., VA in 1789 which was 190 acres in the Cedar Creek area in Upper District, and received a land patent of 243 acres on Dec. 3, 1792, of which he sold 50 acres to Abraham Fuller on Feb. 13, 1791; and he sold 140 acres to his brother, John, in 1802, and made other land purchases that year and in 1805. When, at age around 50, in 1809 and 1810--185 acres each year, suggesting he held some land back in case he didn't like Kentucky. Henry appears to be the first brother to come to Russell Co., VA where, over a period of about 20 years, he had bought and sold over 700 acres of land.

Henry's children--born in Russel Co. unless other wise noted, with Joshua being the child of his first marriage and the remaining being children by Mary McKinney:

I.1. Joshua Burk, born Feb. 26, 1784 in Washington Co., VA and was alive at age 68 on the 1850 census in Indiana. His mother was Henry's first wife; Joshua married Catherine _____, almost certainly in VA, in either Russell or Washington County, His grandfather, Joshua McCormack (whose will was dated Mary 14, 1804 and proved on Sept. 18, 1804 in Washington Co., VA), willed his grandson his estate after his wife Martha (Joshua Burk's grandmother) died. Two days after Joshua McCormack's will was proved, his wife Martha deeded Joshua the plantation in return for goods to take care of her for her lifetime. Whatever was left was covered in her will produced Oct. 13, 1805 in which the remainder of her estate was left to her daughter, Martha Graham. On Oct. 15, 1811, Joshua and his wife, Catherine, sold 203 acres to Robert Snodgrass which was land deeded to him by his grandmother. Joshua went to KY by 1817 when he first appears on Pulaski Co. tax records with the last record in 1827, and he later appears in IN.

I.2. Thomas Burk, born Sept. 8, 1789, died after 1860 in Pulaski Co., KY. He married Sally Hopper in Pulaski Co., Ky. She was the daughter of John and Sarah Hopper.

I.3. John Burk, born April 8, 1791, died Dec. 29, 1857 in Decatur Co., IN. He married Susan English Smith on Oct. 3, 1815, and she was the daughter of John Smith (who came to KY with Daniel Boone) and Mary English (born Oct. 1764 in VA), who were married May 9, 1785 in Lincoln Co., KY. John Burk fought in the war of 1812. (This John Burk is the direct ancestor of Rue Burke Stevenson, Burk(e) family researcher.)

I.4. Henry Burk, born Jan. 6, 1793, died 1837-40 in Decatur Co., IN. He married Elizabeth "Betsy" Randolph on Oct. 3, 1818, and she was born c1794 in NC, the daughter of James Randolph. Betsy died Feb. 26, 1865 in Decatur, Co., IN.

I.5. McKinney Burk, born Jan. 16, 1795, died June 7, 1829. Married Polly Moderell Oct. 7, 1818 in Pulaski Co., KY.

I.6. Anna Burk, born Sept. 28, 1796, died _____. Married David Hubble in Pulaski Co., on June 24, 1816.

I.7. Patience Burk, born Oct. 7, 1798, died May 23, 1853 in Johnson Co., IN. She married Presby/Presley Morris on Aug. 5, 1828 in Pulaski Co., KY.

I.8. Jane Burk, born July 17, 1800, died August 21, 1847, Washington Co., IN. Married Benjamin Beard (born 1797 in TN) in 1820.

I.9. Elizabeth "Betsy" Burk, born October 19, 1803, died prior to 1880.

I.10. Archibald "Archa" Burk, born June 26, 1806, died after 1850 Census, Owen Co., IN. Married (1) Jane Steele, daughter of James A. and Anna Steele, and (2) Sarah Eliza Baker who was born 1815 in TN and died after the 1850 census.

I.11. George Burk, born July 8, 18__ probably Russell Co., died ____. Married Elizabeth "Ellender" Moderell on Sept. 23, 1828 in Pulaski Co., KY.

The children of Henry Burk and Mary McKinney can be found in Vol. II, "Roster of Soldiers and Patriots of the American Revolution Buried in Indiana," published by the Indiana DAR in 1966. That record suggexts they had two additional children who apparently died in infancy.

H.2. Thomas Burk, Jr.

Note: Margaret Hawk, 3129 Ellenwood Dr., Fairfax, VA 22031 is a Tuttle researcher who has been working on the children of Thomas Burk and Rebecca Tuttle, and contributed greatly to information on Thomas, Jr., below. The Tuttles had gone to GA via the Shenandoah Valley and had lived for a time in Montgomery Co., VA before going on to GA.

H.2. Thomas Burk, Jr., born in Caroling Co., Va c1760-1765, died 1821 in Wayne Co., KY. Married Rebecca Tuttle in GA by 1785. She was born in c1765 in Ulster Co., NY, daughter of James Tuttle (born c1738, NY) and Rebecca Washburn. Rebecca Tuttle died either in Boone Co., MO or in Randolph Co., MO at the home of her son. Thomas Jr. lived in GA until around 1795-1799 when he came to Russell Co., VA. In 1802 he purchased 100 acres on Cedar Creek. He moved to Wayne Co., Ky around 1803 (based on marriage date of his oldest daughter) where he died. After his death in 1821, his wife, Rebecca, went to Randolph Co., MO by around 1823. Two of Rebecca Tuttle Burk's brothers left GA c1805 to go to Wayne Co., KY which appears to have been a family plan not a coincidence. Thomas and Rebecca's children were:

I.1. Patience Burk, born August 13, 1786 in GA, died June 4, 1857 in MO. Married Joh Martin Gibson on March 27, 1804 in Pulaski Co., KY. He died in 1856 in Boone Co., MO, and was the son of John Gibson and Phoibe Hendricks. She is listed in 1850 Boone census, and is buried on David Shock farm near Columbus, MO.

I.2. Elizabeth (Betsy), born around 1788 in GA, died 1872 in Wayne Co., KY. Married Bradford Lair on dec. 24, 1807 in Pulaski Co., KY. They are listed in the 1860 census in Wayne Co., KY ages 73 and 83.

I.3. Mary (Polly) Burk, born about 1790 in GA, and married James Howell on Aug. 24, 1809 in Pulaski Co., KY, son of Isbell Worson. No further trace.

I.4. Thankful Burk, born 1790's in GA, died between 1840 and 1845 in Wayne Co., KY. Married (1) James Haden on Mar. 27, 1814 in Wayne Co., who presumable died, married (2) Thomas Morrow on Nov. 2, 1820 in Wayne Co.

I.5. Rebecca Burk, born Sept. 12, 1793 in GA, died early 1880 in Wayne Co., Ky, buried in the J.R. Dodson Cemeter. Married James Randall Dodson, son of Thomas and Jemima (Randall) Dodson on Nov. 19, 1818 in Wayne Co.

I.6. Anna (Ann) Bur, born 1796 in GA, died Nov. 1879, probably in Adair Co., MO. Married Josiah Rogers on Jan. 9, 1817 in Wayne Co.

I.7. William H. Burk, born 1799, VA or GA, said to have died in 1849 in MO. Married Mildred Shock March 22, 1823 in Boone Co., MO. (in marriage record he was shown as of Chariton Co.) Mildred is reported to have died in Boone Co. by 1855.

I.8. Jane Burk, born 1800, Russell Co., VA, died between 1870 and 1880, said to be buried in the Barnhart Cemetry north of Huntsville, MO. Married Silas Phipps (born 1794 in VA) on Feb. 7, 1821 in Wayne Co., KY. They were alive in Randolph Co., MO in 1870.

I.9. Susannah Burk, born c1800-1806, married Holbert/Tolbert Brown on Dec. 5, 1822 in Wayne Co., KY. No further information.

I.10. Phebe Burk, born c1800-1806, married William Brown on Dec. 5, 1820 in Wayne Co., KY. Perhaps went to MO, but no otherwise identified. Some researchers say she may have married (2) Evan Roberts on Sept. 6, 1836.

I.11. Clara Burk, born c1800-1806, no further information.

I.12. Thomas Tuttle Burk, born 1808 in Wayne Co., KY, died after 1870 in Linn Co., MO. Married Barsheba Summers Feb. 11, 1830 or Nov. 5, 1829 in Randolph Co., MO. Lived in Macon Co., MO in 1850's and 1860's after being shown in Randolph Co., MO in 1830 and 1840 census; in Linn Co., MO, 1863-1870. Rebecca Tuttle, his mother, is said to have died at his home in Randolph Co.

H.3. Fleming Burk, Sr.

Note: Jack Hockett, 270 Iven Av., 2-C, St. Davids, PA, 19087 has contributed considerably to information on Fleming Burk, Sr., below, as has Imogene Burke Verbal, PO Bos 754, St. Paul, VA, 24283 who has been researching Fleming, Sr.'s children for many years.

H.3. Fleming Burk, Sr., born Nov. 29, 1767 Caroline Co., VA; died Feb. 23, 1848; buried in Burk Cemetery, Elk Garden, Russell Co., VA; married Rebecca (Bush? Miller?) c1791 in GA; she was born Dec. 20, 1776; died July 14, 1840; buried in Burk Cemetery, Elk Garden. Fleming came to Russell Co., VA around 1794-95, based on the birth of his second child in c1794-95 in Russell Co. and a 1794 deed in GA. Fleming appears on a 1797 Personal Property List for Upper District in Russell Co. but the first documented land purchase id July 22, 1800 when he received 50 acres of land on Cedar Creek from Charles and Mary Cromwell. In May 1804 he purchased 148 acres from Samuel Ewing and an additional 80 acres from Ewing in Nov. 1812. On Sept. 6, 1809 he bought 185 adjoining acres more on Cedar Creek from Henry Burk, His brother who moved to Kentucky in 1808-1809, and on July 3, 1810, a deed of acknowledgement for an additional 185 acres from Henry was recorded. On March 11, 1811, he purchased 300 acres, also in Cedar Creek, from Robert McReynolds and his wife Nancy Vermillion who was the widow of Jessee Browning. Fleming Sr.' will, dated March 1846, is used to confirm names of his children, and confirm that Mary (Polly) and Sarah were deceased by then. Fleming and Rebecca's children were:

I.1. Nancy Burk, born c1792 in GA; died May 5, 1862 in Russell Co., VA. She married Jessee Vermillion born Nov. 29, 1787 in Caswell Co., NC. He died of dropsy on Feb. 9, 1862. Jessee was the son of William Wilson Vermillion (born c1750) and Nancy McNeil--daughter of Thomas McNeil (born 1724) from Londonerry, Ulster, Ireland and Ann Talbert (Talbot, Tolbert, etc.) Thomas' parents were Robert MacNeil and Katherine MacKennon. Wilson Vermillion and Nancy McNeil were married in Caswell Co., NC on July 18, 1778.

I.2. Jane Burk, born c1794-1795 in Reeds Valley, Russell Co., VA; died after he father's will date of March 1846 and before 1850 in Russell Co. She married James Jessee c1812. He was born in 1794 and died after 1850. James was the son and tenth child of John Jessee, Sr. and Frances "Franky" Lea, and brother of Rebecca Jessee who married William Burk, below.

I.3. William Burk, born Nov. 18, 1797 in Russell Co., VA; William died July 1849. He married Rebecca Jessee who was born c1796 and died 1860. She was a sister James Jessee above and daughter of John Jessee, Sr. and Frances Lea, and was their eleventh child.

I.4. Mary (Polly) Burk, born c1799 in Russell Co., VA, died by 1846 (deceased by date of Fleming Sr.'s will). She married William Isaiah Fuller around 1817, based on the birth of a child c1818. He was born c1796, and he died after 1860 Scott Co. census. His father is believed to be Abraham Fuller, born Dec. 27, 1763 and died Nov. 15, 1836 (from grave marker).

I.5. Sarah (Sally) Burk, born around 1800-1801 (with other estimates quoting 1793-1799) in Russell Co., VA, died in Russell Co. after 1842 but by 1846 (deceased by date of Fleming Sr.'s will). She married John Browning in Russell Co. in c1816-1818. John was born Aug. 2, 1793 and died in Russell Co., on Sept. 5, 1878. He was the son of Francis Browning and Elizabeth Vermillion and they came to Russell Co., VA by 1784 from Caswell Co., NC.

I.6. Fleming Burk, Jr., born c1802 in Russell Co., VA, died after 1870-71. He married Nancy Jessee c1824. She was born in 1808 and died after 1880; and was the daughter of Elder (preacher) David Jessee (born 1783 in NC) and Catherine Banner (born 1788 in Grayson Co., VA). Fleming owned land in Cedar Creek, Reeds Valley, Copper Creek and Grassy Creek sections of Russell Co.--some of it from his wife's side of the family.

I.7. Robert Burk, born Oct. 21, 1805 in Russell Co., VA, was murdered on Jun 18, 1865 on a visit to Russell Co. from Knox Co., KY. He married Anna Gose, born c1808 and died after 1850. She was the daughter of George Gose and Elizabeth Jessee, and granddaughter of John Jessee, Sr. They moved to Knox Co., KY by 1855. George Gose's parents were Steven Gose, Sr. and his wife Barbara Ketron/Catron whose ancestors are believed to be from Holland, based on a descendant report in "Pioneer Recollections"--a collection of interviews.

I.8. John Burk, born Jan. 6, 1808 in Russell County, VA; and died March 9, 1848, less than a month after his father's death. Buried in Burk's Cemetery. He married Margaret "Peggy" Dyer who was born around 1814. Margaret Peggy's mother was Hanna Ramsey who married James (John) Dyer. James Dyer came to Russell Co. by 1789 from Rockingham Co., NC.

Note 1. John Jessee, Sr. (1742/50-Nov. 17, 1815) and his wife, Frances "Franky" Lea (born 1752 in NC and died in 1836 in Russell Co., VA) were the parents of James Jessee-their tenth child--(see I.2) and Rebecca Jessee-- their twelfth child--(see I.3), and grandparents of Nancy Jessee (see I.6) and Anna Gose (see I.7). John, Sr. is listed as a Revolutionary soldier and is in the DAR Patriot Index. He came to Russell Co., VA by March 1791 from Caswell Co., NC, based on a deed date. The Jessee's are of Welsh extraction, originally from Northern Wales at Denbigh in Denbigshire, Wales, This is based on the coat of arms description of the early Jessee families.

The parents of John Jessee, Sr. and his wife, Frances Lea, have not been established. However, Thomas McNeil's will in Caswell Co., NC was dated Apr. 20, 1781, proved Dec. 1782, and names Nancy McNeil (I.1. above) and William (Wilson) Vermillion as heirs. The will also names a George Lea, son of William Lea, as an executor. William Lea could be the father of Frances Lea and George could be her brother, or these Lea's could be relatives of Frances.

John Jessee, Sr.'s son, David--the fifth child--born 1783 in NC, married Catherine (Katie) Banner, born 1788 in Grayson Co., VA, and their daughter, Nancy, married Fleming Burk, Jr. Catherine's parents are John Banner (Sr.) and Elizabeth Rachenpaugh who appear to have been born in the 1760's John Banner, Sr.'s parents were Henry Banner and Elizabeth Martin who would appear to have been born around the 1730's.

Note 2. (1.5. above) (Browning information contributed by James W. Browning, 7753 Via Sorrento, Burbank, CA 91504.) Francis Browning and his wife Elizabeth Vermillion married in 1775 in Caswell Co., NC, and came to that part of Washington Co., VA which became Russell Co. (1787) in 1782. Francis Browning was born in Culpeper Co., VA on Nov. 24, 1753 and went to Caswell Co., (then Orange) NC, with his father when fifteen years of age. On Mar. 9, 1778, shortly after Caswell was erected from Orange, Francis entered 150 acres of land on Storeys Creek between land claimed by his brother Jonathan and their father. The grant for this parcel was recorded on Mar. 3, 1779. Francis served six months with a NC militia unit during the Revolutionary War and, on Dec. 20, 1779, sold his 150 acres before moving his family to the area near present day Jonesboro, TN. As stated above, Francis moved his family a final time and settled on 180 acres which he patented in Washington Co., VA in November 1782. Francis Browning died in Russell Co. on July 18, 1855.

John Browning, the father of Francis Browning, was born c1728 or earlier in Culpeper Co., VA, a son of Francis Browning, Sr. Although no records have been found to verify this relationship, a preponderance of evidence exists to support it. Materials published during the mid-nineteenth century states that John served in both the French and Indian War and the Revolution and that he married Elizabeth Demarest c1744 or later. Elizabeth was a daughter of Jan Huguenot family whose lineage has been traced though England, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. The Demarest line includes participants in the Crusades and the Emperor Charlemagne. as with his relationship to his father, the marriage of John Browning to Elizabeth Demarest has not been verified by records. That he did marry is evidenced, nevertheless, by his having had nine children, name;y: Francis, John, William, Joshua, Anna, Phebe, Siney, Clara and Milicent, who were living at the time of his death. John Browning's first wife died before or shortly after he moved his family to NC in 1768. He married second Susannah, the widow of Joseh Boren. John moved again c1785 to Greene Co., GA where he acquired a considerable amount of land before his death in October or November 1803.

The early life and ancestry of Francis Browning, Sr., the father of John Browning, Sr., the father of John Browning, has not been definitely determined. Some writers in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries stated that Francis descended from a William Browning who came to the Virginia Colony in 1622 with his father John. Although records of the Virginia Colony contain a number of references to this John Browning and his son, no mention is made of possible members of generations between William and Francis is extant records of Virginia counties. In fact, the quit rent rolls of Virginia taken in 1704, do not include any Brownings. Researchers during the past fifteen years or so have found records, evidently unknown to earlier writers, which show that Francis Browning probably descended from a Thomas Browning who brought his family from England to Virginia c1657 and moved a few years later to Maryland. Although Francis Browning, Sr.'s connection to this Maryland family has not been proven by any specific records, a sound preponderance of evidence points to the relationship. Published materials also state that Francis was born c1700 and married a Miss Lloyd c1720, one writer even stated that his wife's name was Elizabeth Lloyd. Evidence indicates that Francis was bon much earlier than 1700 but extant records do not mention his marrying a Lloyd nor that his wife was named Elizabeth. In a record of a sale of land in Spotsylvania County by Francis to Edward Rowzee, Mary, the wife of Francis Browning, acknowledged the sale. Francis Browning, Sr. died in Culpeper County in April or May 1768.

Elizabeth Vermillion, who married Francis Browning, was born in 1758--one of six children (two females four males)--in Prince George Co. MD and died in Russell Co., VA on Aug. 27, 1838; and was the daughter of William Vermillion (born July 27, 1723) and Ann Wilson. The Vermillions are reported to be of Scotch extraction. William Vermillion was the son and eight child of Giles Vermill(ion) born c1686, a wervant to James Green at age 13 in Prince George Co., MD. He married Jane _____ and was the father of nine children (five sons four daughters) including William Vermillion--Elizabeth Vermillion's father.

Elizabeth Vermillion's brother, William Wilson (born c1750), was the father of Jessee Vermillion who married Nancy Burk, (I.1. above). William Wilson Vermillion died March 5, 1824 in Lee County and Nancy McNeil died in 1825, also in Lee County. They had married in Caswell Co. NC July 18, 1778, and lived in Russell Co., VA and possibly TN.

Another brother, Jessee Vermillion, (Sr.) also came to Russell Co., VA. He was born Oct. 25, 1752 in Prince George Co., MD and died Nov. 2, 1840 in Russell Co. Jessee married Mary Scott in Washington Co., VA (now Russell Co.) on Oct. 23, 1783. Mary was born March 30, 1766 and died Feb. 20, 1850. (Their daughter, Rebecca, married John Burk, one of the original Russell Co. Burk brothers who came from GA.) More background informatipn in "Southwest Virginia Ancestors," Vol. 9, Spring 1995 No. 1, Route 2, Box 307, Clintwood, VA, 24228, Ph. 703/926-6837, article by Jack Hockett.

H.4. Mary (Polly) Burk

H.4. Mary (Polly) Burk, born June 1772 in GA, died before 1840. She married William McKinney who was born May 20, 1775 and died in 1850. He was the brother of Henry's wife, Mary McKinney, and they may have gone to Pulaski Co., KY with Mary Polly's brother, Henry. After Mary Polly died, he married a Taletha. William McKiney may have had a brother James McKinney who, in 1789, paid for William Cowan on 235 acres in Russell Co. In 1820, a Daniel and William McKinney had land in Cassells Woods and on Copper Creek, Russell Co. Their known children:

I.1. Jane/Eliza McKinney, born 1794-1800, died _____. Married Charles Lowrey Richardson on Feb. 6, 1822 in Pulaski Co., KY.

I.2. Patience McKinney, born c. 1800, died _____. Married Jonathan Debord on Jan. 22, 1820, Pulaski Co., KY.

I.3. Fleming McKinney, born C. 1804 in VA, died _____. Married (1) Delilah Gragg, and (2) Dorcas _____.

I.4. William D. McKinney, born 1805-1806, died _____. Married Cyennia or Cyreria _____ Pulaski Co., KY.

I.5. Bales/Baylis?Baylus W. McKinney, born 1810-1815, Pulaski Co., KY, died before 1870 Census. Married Jane Kelley on Mar. 29, 1839 in Wayne Co., KY.

I.6. John Watson McKinney, born Nov. 11, 1810-1811 in Pulaski Co., KY, died around 1901 in Pike Co., IN. Married Rebecca Pitman 1833 or 1835 in Pulaski Co, KY.

H.5. John Burk

Note: Additional information on John Burk, below, was provided by Mary Skelton, deceased, of Marietta, GA and Iris Lambert Hall, 2819 5th Av., Puebelo, CO 81003.

H.5. John Burk, born August 21, 1779, died August 1, 1860, buried in family plot on farm. Many years later a grandson of John and Rebecca Burke--Robert F. Burke--had their remains moved to MT. Horeb Cemetery. He also had a tombstone erected. Marriage 1. Rebecca Vermillion born Russell Co., VA Dec 28, 1785, died Jan. 16, 1852, in Adams Co. IL. She was the daughter of Jessee Vermillion, (born Oct. 25, 1752 Prince George Co., MD and died Nov. 2, 1840, Russell Co., VA, Revolutionary War Soldier, W6362, and brother of Elizabeth Vermillion) and Mary Scott (born in Washington Co, VA, now Russell Co., on March 30, 1766 and died in Russell Co. on Feb 20, 1850.) Mary and Jessee were married Oct. 23, 1783 in Russell Co., and their other children were: (1) Nancy, born July 28, 1784; (2) James, born Sept. 13, 1787; (3) Wilson, born Nov. 5, 1789; (4) William, born Apr. 30, 1792; (5) Jessee, born May 2, 1795; and (6) Mary Polly, born Dec. 25, 1801 and may have married a Litton. Marriage 2. Jennie Fleshner, on July 13, 1853, a German immigrant girl of 17 and he was 74 and they had 5 children. His widow remarried soon after his death.

John and Rebecca emigrated to IL about 1830, settling in Schuyler Co., verified by census records for that year. The family story is that the family retured to VA almost immediately, but returned to IL a second time soon after. There is also rumored a possible third round trip. By 1840 they were settled in Adams Co., IL, adjoining Schuyler Co., where they remained until death. Children: The first 12 children were born in Russell Co. VA, the 13th child was born in IL--all to John and Rebecca. John's second marriage resulted in five more children, born in IL.

I.1. Nancy Burk, born April 4, 1808, died Dec. 25, 1839. Married Mitchell Alexander, Russell Co., VA, and they went to IL.

I.2. Fleming Burk, born Nov. 20, 1809, VA, died (will) Jan. 28, or Feb. 2, 1875 in Adams Co., IL. Married Sarah Horney Dec. 27, 1832--she was born Feb. 1, 1812 in NC, and died c1880-82. Her father was Samuel Horney of NC who came to Schuyler., IL in 1825.

I.3. Jessee Vermillion Burk, born Oct. 8, 1811, VA, died May 23, 1884 in Lebanon, VA, while on a visit but was living in Schuyler Co., IL. Married Martha J. Shoemaker (Shumaker), born c1816 in Russell Co., VA, and died in 1877.

I.4. Elizabeth Burk, born c1812, VA, died Sept. 4, 1867. Married William L. Manlove March 23, 1831 in Schuyler Co., IL; later lived in Adams Co., IL. Manlove was born c1805 in NC.

I.5. William H. Burk, born Oct. 18, 1813, died Mar. 11, 1889. Married Margaret Balfour who was born 1821 in KY, lived in Adams Co., IL.

I.6. Martha Burk born 1817, died _____, married Charles Ward.

I.7. James Burk, born Dec. 29, 1817, VA, died Oct. 21, 1853. Married Mary Ann Pyle on March 8, 1840, then married Nancy K. Simms.

I.8. Rachel Burk, born Sept. 23, 1818, died May 31, 1898. Married James J. Smart.

I.9. Eliza Burk, born c1821 in VA., died _____. Married William Cain, born 1815 in Ohio, and lived in Adasm Co., IL.

I.10. Leah Burk, born April 27, 1823 and died Dec. 26, 1870. Married Clemons Robbins, then married Robert L. Thompson.

I.11. Peter Harvey Burk, born March 10, 1828, died April 25, 1859. Married Sarah C. Marshall in IL.

I.12. John A. Burk, Jr., born c1829, died _____. Married Rachel _____ in 1850.

I.13. David Burk, born c1831 in IL, died _____. Married Eliza Jane Marshall on Oct. 28, 1854 in Adams Co., IL.

By wife No. 2

I.14. Sarah Burk, born c1854 and died Dec. 1, 1914, married Rolf Wurts Buss on Feb. 8, 1783. Reported to have changed her given name to Janna to reflect her German heritage.

I.15. Henry Burk, born c1857, married Lena Ellermeyer on Feb. 13, 1883. Reported to have changed his given name to Heinrich. He died in 1943 and is buried at Trinity Lutheran Church, Golden, Adams Co., IL.

I.16. Anne Burk, born c1859, married Ed Harms Goudschaal on Feb. 18, 1877 and changed her given name to Antje George after her grandmother. She died July 6, 1953 and is buried at Trinity Lutheran Church.

I.17. Unknown Burk.
I.18. Unknown Burk.


These articles appeared in Volume 10 Issues 1 & 2 Spring & Summer 1996 of Southwest Virginia Ancestors

Corrections/Additions: Researchers and readers have pointed out typographical errors found in the Spring issue's Burk(e) ancestor article and have provided much welcomed additional information. These are:

1. Page 18, 5th line from bottom: Jane Burk, not Sarah Burk.

2. Page 20, 5th wife of John was Ann Hutchins, daughter of Richd. Hutchins, Essex Co. Married by 1698 based on Ann having received an animal from her father. (Rutman boigraphies, Va, Historical Soc., Richmond).

3. Page 21, under F. Henry Burk. ....Elizabeth Guest/Gest whom he married on Dec. 14, 1705, not 1704. Add that Elizabeth was baptized March 27, 1709 in Christ Church Parish, and ...Abraham--the last born on Apr. 14, 1719.

4. Page 22 under G.1. John Burk, born Feb. 27, 1720/21, not Jan. (Parish Reg. of Christ Church Parish, p. 107).

5. Page 22 under I.3. George Washington Burke's marriage to Dorothea Brayne Washington was on July 2, 1844, not 1884. (An LDS record says July 2, 1838.)

6. Page 23 under G.5. Mary, wife of John Nash, was Mary Jenkinson not "maiden name unknown." Additional information on John Nash included his death on Oct. 10, 1716, and burial on Oct. 12, 1716 (Christ Church Parish Reg., p. 172). Also, Arthur Nash was born Nov. 16, 1696 and died May 16, 1718 (Christ Church Parish Reg.).

7. Page 23 under G.6. Add that Robert George and Ann (Allen) Nash were married Christ Church Parish July 28, 1718....

8. Page 25, line 16. May 9, 1794, not 1894.

9. Page 27, 3rd full paragraph, line 6. ...where James Jr. died; line 10, March 22, 1751.

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