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A Fragmentary Genealogy of The Fraley Family 1772 - 1964

By E. S. Fraley

Earliest records indicate that sometime in the remote past the Fraleys (originally spelled Froelich) made some tracks in Prussia, Hamburg and Suetz Germany; Zurich, Switzerland; and Holland. They came to New York, thence to Pennsylvania, down the Shenandoah Valley through Virginia, to Rowan County, North Carolina, and back to Washington County, Virginia by 1772. However, the name of William Fraley was found in St. Paul’s church in Edenton, North Carolina in 1702. Was he the father of Frederick I?

Children of Frederick Fraley, b. 1702?, d. 1792 and Chloe _____:

James Fraley, b. 1759 m. Elizabeth; Jesse Fraley, b. 1776, d. 1801, m. Polly English; Frederick Fraley, m. Mary; Caleb Fraley, m. Elizabeth Puckett; Daniel Fraley m. Mary; William Fraley, b. 1773, d. 1847, m. Nancy Smith; Isaac Fraley, b. 1778, m. Catherine Shoemaker; Henry Fraley, m. Mary Turner; Sarah Fraley m. Henry Donahoe; Nancy Fraley m. William Tabor; Reuben Fraley, b. 1793; Benjamin Fraley; Thomas Fraley

Children of William Fraley, b. 1773, d. 1847, m. Nancy Smith:

Reuben Fraley, b. 1796; Andrew Fraley, b. 1798, m. Barbara White; Celia Fraley, b. 1799; Nelson Fraley, b.1801; Judith Fraley, b. 1803 m. Oliver Powers; William Fraley, b. 1803, m. Caroline Clay; Boone Fraley, b. 1808; Cloey Fraley, b. 1819, m. J. Lee & S. Osborne; Nancy Fraley, b. 1811, m. James Renfro; Elizabeth Fraley, b. 1813, m. John Murphy; Ibba Fraley, b. 1815, m. William Jackson; Martin Fraley, b. 1817, m. Polly Horne

Children of Isaac Fraley, b. 1778, m. Catherine Shoemaker:

James Fraley, b. 1813 m. Jemimah Waggoner; Isaac S. Fraley, b. 1815; Brittain Fraley, m . Abigail Barker; Elizabeth Fraley, b. 1820, d. 1932, m. Dr. Ison; Nancy Jane Fraley, b. 1824, d. 1904, m. Alvin Sturgill; Diannah Fraley, b. 1822, m. Charley Gilliam; Farlena Fraley, b. 1829, m. Lafayette Phillips & James Hayes; Alexander Fraley, b. 1830 m. Suzannah; Catherine Fraley, b. 1832, m. Rufus Humphries; Pattie Fraley, m. John Day

Children of Andrew Fraley, b. 1798, m. Barbara White:

William Fraley, m. _____ Clay; Ephraim Fraley, b. 1837, d. 1917, m. Hulder Plott; Martin Fraley, b. 1827, d. 1863, m. Polly Horne; Nelson Fraley, m. Elizabeth Osborne; Harvey Fraley m. Nicey Osborne; Elizabeth Fraley m. Henry Wilson & Albert Jessee; Ellen Fraley m. Mack Jessee; Eliza Fraley m. Thomas Riley; Mattie Fraley m. Samuel Jessee

Children of Ephraim Fraley, b. 1837, d. 1917 and Hulder Plott & Jane Ramsey:

George W. Fraley, b. 1857, d. 1941, m. Mary Ann McNeil; William Jackson Fraley, b. 1859, d. 1938, m. Martha B. Holmes; Jeff Davis Fraley, b. 1863, d. 1929, m. M. J. Dickenson & Susan Duncan; Andrew Fraley, b. 1866, d. 1937, m. Mollie Anderson; Harvey Fraley; Henry Fraley, b. 1873, d. 1960, m. Susan Shepard; David C. Fraley, m. Malissie Redwine; Emmitt Lee Fraley, b. 1894, d. 1962, m. Ida F. Vance; Eliza Fraley, m. Harmon lewis; Elizabeth Fraley, b. 1873, m. Frank Dean & Joe Bord

Children of Martin Fraley, b. 1827, d. 1863, m. Polly Horne:

James Buck Fraley, b. 1861, d. 1940, m. Jane Pendleton; Thomas Fraley, m. Margaret Sluss; John Fraley m. Rachel Sargent; George Fraley m. Margaret Sluss; Mary Fraley; Ellen Fraley m. Will Fraley

Children of Nelson Fraley and Elizabeth Osborne:

Jennie Fraley m. _____ Ratliffe; William H. Fraley m. Nora Long; Una Fraley m. Benjamin Hawkins; Joseph Fraley m. Scotty Cunningham; Nannie Fraley m. Albert Ratliffe; Bessie Fraley m. William Campbell; Samuel Fraley; Charles Fraley m. _____ Cumbow

Children of Harvey Fraley and Nicey Osborne:

Artha Fraley m. Bill Davis; Adophus Fraley m. Abbie May Cummins & Blanche Osborne; Charles Edward Fraley m. Nannie Self; Missouri Fraley; Dove Fraley m. Grover Gray

Children of George W. Fraley, b. 1857, d. 1941 and Mary Ann McNeil:

William Elbert Fraley, b. 1883, d. 1947, m. Genevra McComas; Fred Jerome Fraley, b. 1885, d. 1962; Viola Lelia Fraley, b. 1887, m. James D. Carter; Edgar Sevier Fraley, b. 1889 m. Sallie K. Gilliam; Nora Etta Fraley, b. 1892, d. 1910

Children of James Buck Fraley, b. 1861, d. 1940, m. Jane Pendleton:

Ethel Fraley m. Will Craig; Delle Fraley; Lillian Fraley m. James Gose; Ella Fraley; Edgar Fraley

Children of John Fraley and Rachel Sergent:

Charles Fraley; Ida Fraley; Garnet Fraley; Janey Fraley, m. _____ Peters

Children of Thomas Fraley and Margaret Sluss:

Bob Fraley; Clint Fraley; Grover Fraley; Sonna Fraley m. _____ Shiles; Lizzie Fraley, m. _____ Blevins; Nannie Fraley, m. _____ Taylor

Children of George Fraley and Margaret Horne:

Arthur Fraley; Ed Fraley; E. G. Fraley; Arthur Fraley;

Children of William Jackson Fraley, b. 1859, d. 1938 and Martha B. Holmes:

Ara C. Fraley, b. 1881, m. William Charles Fannon; W. Frank Fraley, b. 1883, m. Alice Carter; Pearl G. Fraley, b. 1884, m. J. B. Giles; Lelah Fraley, b. 1886, m. Oscar C. Burchette; Lakey Fraley, b. 1888, m. Reece Bowen; Clara E. Fraley, b. 1890, m. Harvey T. Bowen; Ruby A. Fraley, b. 1892, m. Elmer P. Bell & Holt Bledsoe; L. Hop Fraley, b. 1892, m. Oma Giles; Octavia Fraley, b. 1894; Harmon L. Fraley, b. 1896, m. Marie Tomlinson; Ballard Fraley, b. 1899; Charles E. Fraley, b. 1901, m. Nan Dishner; Ella Fraley, b. 1904; Margaret Fraley, m. Everette Livingston

Children of Jeff Davis Fraley, b. 1863, d. 1929, m. M. J. Dickenson & Susan Duncan:

Julia Fraley, b. 1886, m. Sam Sproles; Etta Fraley, b. 1888, m. Sam Neeley; Dora Fraley, b. 1902, m. William Davis; Charmia Fraley, b. 1904 m. Clarence Snapp; Leonard Fraley, b. 1906, m. Zella Morton; Blanche Fraley, b. 1908, m. Carl Epperson; Nannie Fraley, b. 1910, m. Burton Boyer; Bascomb Fraley, b. 1912, m. Maude Dishner

Children of Henry Fraley, b. 1873, d. 1960, m. Susan Shepard:

Birdy Jane Fraley, b. 1896, m. Andy Estep; Andrew Vincent Fraley, b. 1898, m. Nannie Bowen; Rosa Lee Fraley, b. 1899, m. Ernest Collins; Emmit Guy Fraley, b. 902, m. Bernice Spear

Children of David Comann Fraley m. Malissie Redwine:

Mabel Fraley, m. W. W. Rose; Nan Fraley, b. 1905, m. Clifford Hagy; LaRetta Fraley, b. 1907, m. E. E. Glass; P. E. Fraley, b. 1909, m. Bess E. Neeley; Gladys Fraley, b. 1911 m. U. S. Clarkson; Gertrude Fraley, b. 1913, m. W. R. Roberts; Margaret Fraley, b. 1915, m. John C. McKensie; David C. Fraley, b. 1919, m. Louise D. Fuller

Children of Emmitt Lee Fraley, b. 1894, d. 1962, m. Ida F. Vance:

Eleanor K. Fraley, b. 1915, m. Marvin N. Johnson

Children of Eliza Fraley and Harmon Lewis:

Maude Lewis; Madge Lewis; Ed Lewis

Children of Andrew Fraley, b. 1866, d. 1937, m. Mollie Anderson:

Maude Fraley; Anna Fraley; John Fraley; Trula Fraley

Children of William Elbert Fraley, b. 1883, d. 1947, m. Genevra McComas:

W. Elbert Fraley, Jr., b. 1920, m. Barbara Sutton; Roger Dana Fraley, b. 1923, m. Irene Foust; John McComas Fraley, b. 1925, m. Truth Smith; Bruce Fraley, b. 1927, m. Mary E. Hargis; Mary Ann Fraley, b. 1932, m. William A. Robinson; Betty Jean Fraley, b. 1934, m. Thomas Clark Broyles; Frances McNiel Fraley, b. 1938, m. Joe Tom Howard

Children of Etta Fraley and Sam Neely:

Maude Neely m. V. R. Cornette; Frank Neely; Georgia Neely; Maxie Neely m. Elmo Steppe; Sam Neely, Jr.; Geraldine Neely m. Tom Sullivan; Lois Neely m. Harry Fry

Children of Dora Fraley and W. M. Davis:

Ruth Davis m. C. L. Evans; Margarette Davis m. Robert Fleenor; Cecil Davis; Curtis Davis

Children of Charmia Fraley, b. 1904 and Clarence Snapp:

James H. Snapp

Children of Leonard Fraley, b. 1906, m. Zella Morton:

Robert Fraley; Ralph Fraley; Norma Fraley; Patricia Fraley m. Darwin Christian; Roy Fraley

Children of Blanche Fraley, b. 1908, m. C. P. Epperson:

Marie Epperson m. Charles A. Brooks

Children of Bascomb Fraley, b. 1912 and Maude Dishner:

Foy Fraley; Joyce Fraley; Carolyn Fraley

Children of Nannie Fraley, b. 1910, m. Burton Boyer:

Linda Boyer; Gena Sue Boyer; Dallas Boyer

Children of Julia Fraley, b. 1886, and Sam Sproles:

Easter Sproles, b 1904, m. Edgar Arwood; Edith Sproles, b. 1905, m. Everette Muncey; Charles Sproles, b. 1907, m. Pearl Latshaw; Fred Sproles, b. 1909, m. Shelia van Etten; Ollie Sproles, b. 1912, m. Edmond Bowen; Ada Sproles, b. 1913, m. Ray Bowen; Kate Sproles, b. 1916, m. John L. Roberts

Children of Harmon Lee Fraley, b. 1896, m. 1st Marie Tomlinson, 2nd Vetta L. Muncey and 3rd Emma Brandenburg:

Harold Eugene Fraley, b. 1916, m. Goldie Bangs

Children of Luther H. Fraley, b. 1892, m. Naomi F. Giles:

James M. Fraley, b. 1918 m. Virginia Wilson; Arnold K. Fraley, b. 1920, m. Ida Tate; Nadine Fraley, b. 1922 m. Carlos Wheatley; Bernice Fraley, b. 1926, m. Kelly Bunch; Agnes Fraley, b. 1928, m. Damon C. Harlin

Children of Margaret Fraley, b. 1904, m. Everett Livingston:

Lois Livingston m. Dr. Robert M. James; Wilma Jean Livingston m. Roger Brown; Billy Joe Livingston m. Patricia Herbert; Betty Ann Livingston m. William E. Bargo

Children of Viola L. Fraley, b. 1887, m. James D. Carter:

Floyd Ellis Carter, b. 1906; Boyd George Carter, b. 1908, m. Maude Pugh & Joan Locatell; Shirley R. Carter, b. 1909; Fred Jerome Carter, b. 1911, m. Eloise Davis; Mary Virginia Carter, b. 1913 m. Weymouth Palmer; Wright S. Carter, b. 1917, m. Pearl Roberts; Ross Samuel Carter, b. 1919, d. 1947; Edward Jackson Carter, b. 1915, m. May Arnett and Vivian Pope

Children of Ethel Fraley and Will Craig:

Frances Craig m. _____ Ball; Janet Craig; Virginia Craig; Chesney Craig; Gordon Craig

Children of Ella Fraley and Walter Ernest:

James Ernest; Guy Ernest; Frank Ernest; Nell Ernest

Children of Lillian Fraley and James Gose:

Jeane Gose m. _____ Draughn; Ellen Gose m. _____ Miller; Peggy Gose m. _____ Coveney

Children of Edgar S. Fraley, b. 1889, m. Sallie K. Gilliam:

Philip Sevier Fraley, b. 1939, m. Betty Cole

Children of Ara. C. Fraley, b. 1881 m. William Charles Fannon:

L. Clyde Fannon, b. 1896, d. 1918; Dewey F. Fannon, b. 1898, d. 1959; Emmet D. Fannon, b. 1900; Laura M. Fannon, b. 1902, m. _____ Coomer; James E. Fannon, b. 1905; Dettie M. Fannon, b. 1907, m. _____ Hall; Flora M. Fannon, b. 1909, m. _____ Robinette; Mary Catherin Fannon, b. 1911, m. _____ Billings; Jackson Fannon, b. 1913; William Fred Fannon, b. 1916; Emily P. Fannon, b. 1917, m. _____ Ely; Millard F. Fannon, b. 1919; Morris F. Fannon, b. 1923

Children of W. Frank Fraley, b. 1883, and Alice Carter:

Audley U. Fraley, b. 1910, m. Wave Franklin

Children of Pearl G. Fraley, b. 1884, m. John B. Giles:

Everette Giles, b. 1906, m. Hassie Jennings; Mattie Giles, b. 1908, m. Hud Davis; Maynard Giles, b. 1910, m. Dona Reynolds; Nannie E. Giles, b. 1914, m. Roy Bowen; Coy Warieta Giles, b. 1914, m. Fred Roberts; Macy L. Giles, b. 1918, m. S. Osborne; Edgar M. Giles, b. 1920, m. V. Quillen; John B. Giles, Jr., b. 1922; Otto Giles, b. 1924, m. Florence Byrd; Edna Joe Giles, b. 1926; Vebia Ruth Giles, b. 1928

Children of Lelia Fraley, b. 1888 and Oscar C. Burchette:

Bulah W. Burchette, b. 1905, m. Ewing G. Roller; Lizzie B. Burchette m. Clarence R. Bledsoe; Kathleen W. Burchette m. Sherman N. Wade; Oscar C. Burchette, Jr., m. Grace Payne

Children of Charles E. Fraley, b. 1901, m. Nannie Dishner:

Kenneth J. Fraley, b. 1922, m. Vest Nablitt; Mildred J. Fraley, b. 1925, m. Ralph Burrell; Mary Alice Fraley, b. 1932, m. Vincent C. Bovenzi; Charles E. Fraley, b. 1936 m. Janice Snapp

Children of Lakie M. Fraley, b. 1888, m. Reece H. Bowen:

Clarence Bowen, b. 1906, m. Dora Roller; Edmond Bowen, b. 1908, m. Ollie Sproles; Emmer Bowen, b. 1909 m. Emmitt Rhoten; Claudie Bowen, b. 1911, d. 1911; Ulyss Bowen, b. 1912 m. Helen Quillen; Porter Bowen, b. 1913, m. Beuna Roller; Omer Bowen, b. 1914, d. 1914; Emmitte Bowen, b. 1915, m. Beulah K. Bowling; Slemp Bowen, b. 1916, m. Emma V. Wells; Fred Bowen, b. 1918, m. Della Barker; Coy Bowen, b. 1919, m. Helen Brandenburg; Harman Bowen, b. 1921 m. Pauline Minor; Jake Bowen, b. 1923 m. Irene Cox; Susie Bowen, b. 1924; William Bowen, b. 1926, m. Wilma Arwood; Carl Bowen, b. 1928, m. Judy Barnes; Reece Bowen, Jr., b. 1929 m. Alice Bainbridge; Jack Bowen, b. 1934 m. Jeann Kaylor

Children of Clara E. Fraley, b. 1890, and Harvey T. Bowen:

Trig T. Bowen, b. 1908, m. Dora Brewer; Holly C. Bowen, b. 1911 m. Kathleen Horton & Dorothy Swindall; Kelly S. Bowen, b. 1916, m. Helin Hardin; Lula Bowen, b. 1922; Harvey T. Bowen, Jr., b. 1926, m. Wanda June Frost; Clara B. Bowen, b. 1929, m. Robert S. Scheer

Children of Ruby A. Fraley and Elmer P. Bell:

Nelson E. Bell, b. 1911, m. Elva M. Livesay; Hoplins C. Bell, b. 1913, m. Rose Bloomer; Margie E. Bell, b. 1914, m. Elmer van Fosson; Woodrow W. Bell, b. 1917, m. Maggie Carter; Albert P. Bell, b. 1919, m. Cleo Corbett; Olin Bledsoe, b. 1924; June Bledsoe, b. 1931, m. Clifford Green

Children of William Fraley, Jr., b. 1920, m. Barbara Sutton:

Roger Sutton Fraley, b. 1946; William Elbert Fraley, Jr., b. 1948; Catherine Fraley, b. 1954, m. _____ Page

Children of John McComas Fraley, b. 1925, and Truth Smith:

David Ross Fraley, b. 1949; Stephen Fraley, b. 1953

Children of Mary Ann Farley, b. 1932, and William A. Robinson:

William Theodore Robinson, b. 1957; John Robinson, b. 1961; Thomas F. Robinson, b. 1963

Children of Frances M. Fraley, b. 1938, m. Joe Tom Howard:

Rebecca Allyn Howard, b. 1960

Children of Roger Dana Fraley, b. 1923, m. Irene Foust:

Irene Walker Fraley, b. 1951; Roger Dana Fraley, Jr., b. 1953

Children of Bruce Fraley, b. 1927, and Mary E. Hargis:

Bruce Fielden Fraley, b.1951; Jane Meredith Fraley, b. 1954

Children of Betty Jean Fraley, b. 1934 and Thomas C. Broyles:

Elizabeth Betty Page Broyles, b. 1956; Ann Walker Broyles, b. 1961

Children of Fred J. Carter, b. 1911 and Eloise Davis:

Ross Carter, b. 1934

Children of Wright S. Carter, Jr., b. 1917, and Pearl Roberts:

Wright S. Carter, Jr., b. 1938, m. Leona Middendorf; Janice Rae Carter, b. 1939

Children of Mary Virginia Carter, b. 1913 m. Weymouth Palmer:

Weymouth Palmer, Jr., b. 1938; William Palmer, b. 1945

Children of Wright S. Carter, Jr., b. 1938, m. Leona Middendorf:
Wright S. Carter, III, b. 1959; Camille Elizabeth Carter, b. 1961

Children of Audley U. Fraley, b. 1910, m. Wave Franklin:
Jane Alyce Fraley, b. 1949


James Fraley was the son of Frederick and Chloe Fraley, b. 1759 in Rowan Co., NC, married to Elizabeth (maiden name unknown) and lived in Russell Co., VA; Floyd Co., KY and Cabell Co., VA (WV).

State of Kentucky
County of Floyd
On this ___ day of June, 1834, personally appeared before the undersigned, one of the Commonwealth’s Justice of the Peace for said county, James Fraley, resident of Lawrence Co., KY, aged seventy-five years, who being first sworn according to law, doth on his oath, make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefits of the Act of Congress passed June 1832.

That he entered the service of the United States and served under the following named officers, as herein stated - Col. William Campbell, Capt. Snoddy - for nine months, as an Indian Spy in the county of Washington and state of Virginia; this was the 3rd of March, as he now recollects, 1779. His employment was to scout and spy. He served with no Continental Officers, or Militia Regiments during this period of his tour - and traversed and spied during that year on the frontiers bordering on the Clinch River settlements in the county aforesaid. The spies did not go all together, but by twos and by fours, chiefly in twos. He marched and spied during the months of April, May, June, not far from (the) fort on the Clinch, now known by Moore’s Fort, situated about a mile from Clinch River. In this fort there was constantly about 20 families and 20 or 25 men, besides the Spys out. The Indians were not so troublesome in this immediate vicinity of Moore’s Fort, but they were more troublesome lower down on Clinch, and Powells Valley.

In August the Wyandotte from the north appeared in our vicinity. When out he saw Indian Sign. Three persons only were killed in his neighborhood, to-wit: John English’s wife, Molly, and two of his little boys. The Indians retreated down the Sandy and they were pursued by the Spys, as well as the others, who remained in the fort to guard it. We were unable to overtake the Indians. They had stole some horses. These are the particular circumstances that I now recollect of.

The Spys had particular sections allotted to them, where the war-paths of the Indians passed, and sometimes we would not return, unless Indian sign was seen for a month, but in August and September the Indians were always the most troublesome in stealing, murdering and burning. The spys below had a running fight with the Indians and they retreated. This was with the lower squads. He received his discharge sometime about the 10th December, 1779, for nine months service. He thinks it was a kind of recommendation and stating his service to get his pay - he has never seen it since. The man who spied with him this year as his companion was Lazarous Damron.

2nd. In April, the date has escaped him, 1780, he enlisted for one year, in the county of Washington and state of Virginia, as an Indian spy, under Col. Campbell, Capt. Snoddy again, Lt. Cowan, to spy in the same section. The Spys, be it recollected, were to fund themselves. They lived on venison and bear meat. Early in June the Indians made their appearance in his quarter of Washington Co. They first stole many horses. In July they killed one Dorton, and stole two girls, to-wit: Ann, and Mary Bush, and made off for Canada. They succeeded in getting down on the waters of Sandy with them as far as Jenny’s Creek in Floyd Co., about twelve miles from the courthouse. At that time there was not a single white person living in Floyd Co. It was certainly an Indian country then. Our company came up to the Indians when they were in the act of skinning a buffalo they had just killed. Our men fired on the Indians and they retreated to the camp about 200 yards distant, and as they ran by they tomahawked Ann Bush. Mary jumped down the bank an escaped any violence. Ann Bush got over it, and afterwards married and was again tomahawked by the Indians after this, and still survived. Our company lost in the running fight only one man, James Coyle. When the Indians retreated from the camp he followed, and as he now recollects, one Indian stopped behind a tree top, fired, and mortally wounded him. He was carried back to Clinch and died in Moore’s Fort. The father of this applicant was the surgeon that extracted the bullet.

He served with no Continental officers, or militia companies. He marched, or rather spied in the same section of country that he did the year previous. When the spys enlisted, they enlisted under the kind of organization that they could be retained for one year, or discharged as nine months in January. At the end of nine months we were all discharged.

The Shawnee Indians had killed several persons down the river. The lower settlements were in a bad situation in that fall, as Col. Campbell had taken many of the frontier men with their rifles to King’s Mountain, some of which had to break up their forts and come further up, and some to the North Fork of Holston. This he believes are chiefly the circumstances during the year 1780. Col. Campbell was the Colonel of Washington Co., but he was never under his orders, his captains acted. Campbell was killed and Col. Henry Smith succeeded him as he now remembers. During this service Lazarus Damron spied as his comrade. The spys were divided out in twos.

3rd. The first day of March 1781, he again enlisted for nine months in Washington Co., VA, to spy that season under Col. Smith, Capt. Cowan. His range was changed. He and Samuel Auxier (Oxer) spied together that nine months on the headwaters of Cumberland and Kentucky Rivers. The Shawnees came up there most frequent. A portion of the country he spied in is now Peery Co., KY and Harlan, KY. It was all Virginia then. This year the Shawnees done more injury than any year since 1775, or 1776. When the Cherokees attacked the Clinch Forts in his neighborhood they killed Sol Kendrick. They run him out in Clinch River and shot and killed him in the River. The men from the fort sallied out. We got Kendrick’s body in the river, and took him and buried him in Bickley’s Fort. They also killed the wife of John Carter and four of his children, and set the house on fire and burned them up in it. From August all the leaves were pretty near all fallen down. Indian sign was fresh and they killed, burnt, and scalped a great many persons that fall down Clinch and on Powells River and Valley. He thinks that there was another murder committed that year by the Indians. One Alley’s daughter, but it might have been the year after. He had his discharge for the nine months service.

4th. He then, in the month of May, 1782, was again engaged for a Spy for nine months in the same county and state aforesaid. He was to get 5 shillings per day and spying was good business as the State paid her spys in good money. Col. Smith was still the Colonel and Capt. Charles Bickley was the Captain of the spies. Cowan was made Major. He was transferred from Moore’s Fort to Bickley’s Fort, but he served a portion of his time at Blackmore’s Fort. His range this year was Elk Garden down as far as Cove Creek. His comrade was Austin Bush. He spied as usual in that section of the country. The winter came more than usually early and the circumstances of his service and the events that transpired during 1782 are about these: He spied altogether on Clinch waters and consequently altogether in Virginia. Our settlements were attacked and the Indians killed Thomas Osburn, and Minny, his wife, which he states he helped bury them in the same coffin, and in the course they took two girls prisoners, to-wit; Lucretia Osburn, the niece of Thomas Osburn, and Betsey Wall. In spite of all that could be done they took off the girls to Canada, and kept Lucretia Osburn four years. Betsey Wall the Indians killed by beating her on the head, as he learnt. Lucretia Osburn was exchanged and brought to Detroit. She there married one Armstrong, who brought her back to Virginia, and from whom he learned the fate of Betsey Wall. About the same time or a few weeks after, they killed Mary Hamlin, wife of Henry Hamlin, and one Isaac Newland. These are not half the murders, only those in his range during the Revolution.

He states he is the identical man that killed the celebrated plunderer and Indian Chief, Bench, not Benj. He states that he fought the Indians in 1777 or 1778, but he is informed as it was under no organized corps that the same need not be set forth. He is now very infirm in body and unable to attend on court. He never took any care of his papers and therefore his discharges have been lost for a great while. He assigns as a reason for submitting his declaration in Floyd Co. is that he could not get any person there (Lawrence Co.) to do his business that knew how. That last fall was a year ago he employed a man to do it for me, but the said man never got any forms. 2nd it is more convenient to attend at the Justice in Floyd Co., than one in Lawrence. He can establish his three tours by many living witnesses. He has no documentary evidence in his favor. He has always lived in the backwoods and a hunter. He never served with any Continental officers, nor did he ever see one, to his recollection. He moved to this county many years since he was born in Rowan Co. He hereby relinquishes ever pension or annuity, except the present and declares his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any state.

Sworn to and subscribed this 23rd day of June 1834.
James Fraley (signed by mark)

And the said court do hereby declare my opinion that the above named applicant was a Revolutionary soldier, and served as he states, and I further certify that I believe he is the age he states and that from body infirmity he cannot attend court. Given under my hands as one of the Commonwealth’s Justices of the Peace for said county this 23rd day of June, 1834.
Daniel Hager, Justice Peace, Floyd County.

State of Kentucky
Floyd County
John Marshall, an aged man being called on to state what he knows of the services of James Fraley, who is an applicant for a pension, states that he resided in the western part of Virginia during the Revolution, and that he was well acquainted with Fraley during that period, and that said Fraley served as an Indian Spy during the year 1780, and that he, said Fraley, had served the year before 1779, both nine month tours. That he also served the following year 1780/1, for nine months, and also nine months in 1782. The three last years service he knows of from the fact of seeing the services, or most of them, performed by the said Fraley. The other service was rendered before he came from old Virginia. He states that Fraley was selected as an Indian spy in consequence of his skill as a hunter, and a dexterous use of the rifle. He states that for a great many years, they both, Fraley and him, lived in the county and on the same water course. He has been acquainted with him ever since. He states that said Fraley did kill an Indian, as he was informed, and he says the place as stated by him in his declaration. There is no doubt but said Fraley served, the whole time as stated by him, and much longer, and further this deponent sayeth not.
/s/ John Marshall

Floyd County:
I certify that John Marshall made oath to the above statement, and I Certify that said Marshall is a credible witness.
Given under my hand and seal this 25th day of June, 1834.
Joseph Edward, Justice of Peace, Floyd County.

Letter from Daniel Boone:
Tuscaloosa County Alabama

Dear Brother and Sister I onc mor right you a few lines to inform you that wee ar all will at this time only myself I have been down a bout tow months and am very sike at this time we have received a letter from our Daughter and Brother James they are all well at that time you have rot to me concerning my part of that land I don’t know hardly what to right I am willing to take Sixty Dollars for my part but I don’t know how I am to get it for to go from here there after it I am in great need of it but propety wont sute me if yo have a mine to give me that and can send it to me by mail it will oblige me very much So nothing more

I only remain your friend Daniel Boone

Ephraim Fraley purchased 500 acres of the above 1900 from R. R. Kane on February 2, 1899 for $6000.00. Part of a tract formerly owned by Daniel Boone and John McKinney

The Fraleys living in Kentucky are probably the descendants of James, Boone, Isaac and his children.

On June 29, 1875 Andrew Fraley purchased from George W. Kilgore, Commissioner for the estate of Francis Peirrie De Tubeuf, 399 acres on Bear Creek in Wise co., for the sum of $50.00 represented by three notes of $16.66-2/3 each. Owned later by Ephraim Fraley.

On February 18, 1887, George W. Farley purchased 65 acres on Guest Mountain which was also a part of the Tubeuf 55,000 acre estate, DB 10, page 190, 191, 192.

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