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Daniel Harman Killed

By Emory L. Hamilton

From the unpublished manuscript, Indian Atrocities Along the Clinch, Powell and Holston Rivers, page 210.

Daniel Conrad Harman as a son of Henry Harman, Sr., (the same who with his sons, George and Matthias had the fight with the Indians in 1789) and his wife Anna Wilborn. Daniel was born on Abbott's Creek, in Rowan Co., NC, on June or January 26th, 1760.

In a land lawsuit in the High Court of Chancery, Augusta Co., VA, Wynn vs Inglish heirs, (1) Henry Harman, Sr., makes a statement in his deposition, "that one of his sons, Daniel, was killed by the Indians." In the same lawsuit Christopher Marrs, says: "Henry Harman, Sr., had one of his sons killed, scalped and massacreed by the Indians in the attempt of settling the land now in dispute, who left a wife and 4 young children."

Pendleton in his History of Tazewell County, page 465, states:

Daniel Harman left his house, on the head of Clinch, on a fine morning in the fall of 1791, for the purpose of killing a deer. Where he went for that purpose is not known, but having done so, he started for home with the deer fastened to the cantle of his saddle. Harman was a great hunter, and owned a choice rifle, and the superior structure of its triggers which were, as usual, of the double kind. So strong was the spring of these that when sprung, the noise might be heard for a considerable distance.

He was riding a large horse, fleet, and spirited, and had gotten within a mile of home, and was passing through a bottom, near the present residence, and on the lands of Mr. William O. George, when suddenly a party of Indians sprang from behind a log, and fired on him. He was unhurt and putting spurs to his horse away he went through the heavy timber, forgetting all other danger, in his precarious situation. On he went, but his horse, too near a tree, struck the rider's knee, breaking his leg, and

(1) Augusta Court Causes Ended, Wynn vs Inglish heirs.

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