Migrations from Russell County Virginia

State     County         Migration Date         Name                       

IN        Madison            1836           Jessee & Catherine "Justice" Vermillion
IL        Champaign        aft. 1865        John Tivis & America "Bickley" Jessee
KS        Crawford           1865           John C. Lintecum
KY        Bourbon/Nicholas abt. 1800        Jonathan & (H)ellen "Colley" Musick
KY        Allen              1810           Christopher Haines
KY        Allen              1810           Joseph Pippin
KY        Barren             1810           Augustine Berry
KY        Barren           abt. 1810        Alexander Ritchey
KY        Clay               1805           Daniel Davison
KY        Clay               1806           Peter Stacy
KY        Clay               1806           Simon Stacy
KY        Estill           1863-1866        Benjamin Babb
KY        Floyd              1837           Simon Stacy
KY        Floyd              1838           Reuben & Christina "Powers" Hicks
KY        Floyd            1866-1870        David Alexander & Nancy "Rasnake" Skeen
KY        Jackson          1863-1866        Stephen & Lucinda Holt
KY        Lawrence         1852-1853        Warrington Bowen Evans
KY        Letcher          abt. 1845        Martha Kiser
KY        Letcher          abt. 1845        Mary "Polly" Breeding Kiser
KY        Letcher          abt. 1845        Namon, Sr. & Thursa "Sykes" Kiser
KY        Letcher          abt. 1845        Nimrod Kiser, Jr.
KY        Madison          abt. 1803        John Davison
KY        Montgomery       abt. 1803        Peter & Mary "Musick" Honaker
KY        Montgomery       abt. 1803        Patrick Riley
KY        Morgan           abt. 1853        William & Margaret Byrd
KY        Morgan           abt. 1855        Zachariah & Sarah "Frazier" Fugate
KY        Perry              1822           Joel Wright
KY        Perry              1828           Thomas Francis
KY        Perry              1849           Ira Cody
KY        Perry              1849           Jehu Cody
KY        Perry              1849           Thomas Cody, Sr.
KY        Perry              1849           Thomas Cody, Jr.
KY        Perry            1856-1859        William Powell & Malinda "Logan" Logan
KY        Pike             bef. 1847        Absalom & Catharine "Samples" Hurt
KY        Pike               1858           William & Francis "Compton" Blair
KY        Pike             abt. 1866        Jonathan Skeen & Mary "Polly" Ashby Hackney
          (Note: Jonathan Skeen was married to Jane Chafin & Mary Ashby was married 
                 to Richard T. Hackney & they ran off together to Pike Co. abt. 1866)
KY        Pulaski          abt. 1803        William Deweese
KY        Pulaski          abt. 1918        Haskew Hurt
MO        Grundy           abt. 1839        John & Mary Gibson
MO        Grundy           abt. 1839        Matthew & Susannah "Hobbs" Gibson
MO        Grundy           abt. 1839        William Gibson
MO        Ray              Mar. 1839        Samuel Colley
MO        Ray              Mar. 1839        Richard & Mildrich "Colley" Thompson
NC        Yancey           abt. 1859        William Hill
TN        Grainger         1804-1810        Philip & Elizabeth "Kelley" Sword
TN        Hancock            1851           William Stacy
TN        Smith, Later Warren by 1806       Champion Faris
TN        Smith, Later Warren by 1806       James Tate
TN        Smith, Later Warren by 1806       Robert Tate
TN        Smith, Later Warren by 1806       David Thompson
VA        Buchanan         1855-1860        Jacob III & Jane "McClanahan" Blair
VA        Buchanan         1855-1860        Jacob IV & Sarah "Johnson" Blair
VA        Buchanan         abt. 1859        Elizabeth Smith Jackson
VA        Lee                1825           William Booth
VA        Lee              bef. 1840        James & Margaret "Bays?" Little
   (Note: Then on to Harlan Co. Ky. 1845-1850.)
VA        Scott              1814           Robert McNutt
VA        Scott            abt. 1820        Squire Fields
VA        Scott            abt. 1822        John Phillip Dingus
VA        Wise             1855-1860        David & Mary Anne "Phillips" Blair
VA        Wise             1855-1860        Jacob F. & Louisa "Hutchins" Blair
WV        Cabell             1812           Thomas Short
WV        Greenbrier       abt. 1895        Rachel Evaline "McFarlane" Jackson
WV        Jackson            1835           George & Nancy Ann "Boothe" Bishop
WV        Jackson            1835           John & Elizabeth "Mutter" Bishop
WV        Jackson            1835           Armstead & Rachel "Bishop" Harper
WV        Jackson           1840's          John L. & Sarah "Allison" Ferrell
WV        Jackson            1847           Valentine & Virginia Jane "Ferrell" Kinser
WV        Kanawha            1836           James & Elizabeth "Taylor" Boothe
WV        Kanawha/Roane      1850           Moses Whited
WV        Kanawha/Roane      1852           Stephen & Mildred "Patrick" Taylor
WV        Kanawha/Roane      1852           William & Mahala "Cromwell" Taylor
WV        Kanawha/Roane      1854           Thomas J. & Margaret "Vincell" Cromwell
WV        Kanawha            1872           James & Sarah "Monk" Fields
WV        Kanawha            1872           Mitchell & Martha "Redwine" Fields
WV        Kanawha            1872           Ranson & Sarah "Monk" Redwine
WV        Kanawha            1872           William H. & Frances C. "Redwine" Price
WV        Roane            abt. 1856        Robert & Mary "Elkins" Dye
WV        Preston          abt. 1863        Solomon Fraley
WV        Wayne            1840-1850        Solomon & Susannah "Thompson" Crabtree
WV        Wayne            abt. 1863        William A. & Nancy D. "McCloud" Thompson
WV        Wayne              1873           Isaac Boys
WV        Wayne              1878           Zadock N. Thompson
WV        Wayne              1880           Daniel McCloud