Alexander & Sarah "Hicks" Kegley Family

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Here is a picture of My Great Great Grandfather Alexander Kegley and his 2nd wife, Sarah (Sallie) Hicks Kegley and their family.

Alexander Kegley was born May 11, 1846 and died June 21, 1933. He is buried in the cemetery at Church Hill United Methodist Church. Alexander's first wife, Sallie Kitchen was born March 19, 1843, and died April 8, 1895. Buried at the same cemetery.

Sallie Hicks Kegley was born January 1875 and died April 11, 1923.

Turner Kegley(1907-1960) sitting on Alexander' s lap
Maxie Kegley(1902-) behind Alexander
Artie Kegley(1905-1961) between Alexander and Sallie
Hattie Kegley on Sallie's lap
Garland Kegley(1899-1979) behind Sallie

Turner married Goldie Hughes
Garland married Hattie Cook
Maxie married Kemper McFadden
Artie married Dewey Weeks

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