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Fleming County, Kentucky
Executed 23 May 1922

David Skeens

Know all men by these presents that, I, David Skeens, of Fleming County Kentucky, being advanced in years (born in 1824) but sound of body , mind and memory, do make, publish and declare this writing to be my last and only will and testament as follows:-

FIRST: I am not indebt to any one by note, promise or otherwise, I hope to leave enough personal property to pay the expense of a decent burial at my death but should my just debts be more than my personal estate will pay, in that event, I will and direct the remainder of my just debts and burial expense be paid out of a small tract of land bought of James W. Campbell here in directed to be sold,.

Second: I will and give to my youngest son, Charles C. Skeens the home place whereon I now and have for twenty odd years resided containing about sixty acres, being the same land I bought of Morris C. Lyons and Solomon Browning with a small strip off of tract of land I bought of James W. Campbell adjoining the home place, this tract of land I give to my said son Charles C. Skeens in fee simple.

THIRD: I will and direct that the small tract of land I bought of said J.W. Campbell be sold at my death (if not sold in my lifetime by me) and the proceeds after all expenses is paid together with my just debts I may leave unpaid be equally divided between my 8 children here named as follows:

1 Zila wife of Solomon Browning, 2 Thomas Skeens; 3 Newton Skeens; 4 The heirs of John Skeens,decd; 5 Elijah Skeens; 6 Sarah wife of Jeff Gregory; 7 Judaling wife of John Feders; 8 The heirs of my daughter Mary Cotts, decd., The tract of land the proceeds of which goes to the 8 heirs above named equally contains about 20 or 21 acres, my son Charles C. Skeens will have no interest in this distribution as he is provided for in the second section of this writing.

Fourth: I have reconsidered that part of section third and now will and direct in consideration of what I have willed to my son Charles C. Skeens in section two that he pay my burial expense and my just debt I may leave unpaid at my death.

FIFTH: I request the county Judge of Fleming County where this will is probated to appoint the Sheriff of the County or some judicious citizen as Administrator with this will annexed said Administrator is authorized to sell and convey the 20 or 21 acres of land herein directed to be sold and after the expense is deducted to divide the remainder equally between my eight children or their children before named.

Witnesses my signature in the presence of the following subscribing witnesses Fleming county June 1,1901.

David A X Skeens

C.G Lytle.

I, O.B.Denton, being first duly sworn by A.P. Plummer, Clerk of Fleming County Court do make the following affidavit as witness to the will of David Skeens.

In the presence of David A. Skeens and at his request I signed the will of David Skeens on June 1st,1901 and that said David Skeens was in his right mind that he knew his relatives and was caple of disposing of his property according to a fixed purpose of his own.

And that he made his mark in my presence and in the presence of C.G. Lytle & that C.G. Lytle signed in my presence and in the presence of David A. Skeens.

Witness my hand this 23rd day of May.1922
O.B. Denton

Subsribed and sworn to before me by O.B. Denton, this the 23rd day of May.1922
A.P. Plummer, County Clerk.

At a continued session of the Fleming County Court held on the 23rd day of May,1922.

An instrument of writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Davis A. Skeens, deceased, late of this county was produced in Court and proven by the testimony of C.G. Lytle, one of the subscribing witness thereto, whereupon the same was established by the Court to be the last will and testament of said testator, and ordered to be recorded and upon motion the Court commissioned A.P. Plummer, Clerk of Fleming County Court to go to the home of said O.B. Denton and take his deposition or affidativ as the attesting witness, O.B. Denton, being old and infirm from age and cannot well attend court and that the affidavit be recorded with this order.

A.P. Plummer, Clerk.
by G. Adams, Jr., D.C.

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