Funeral 1925 - 1930

This file submitted by Carolyn Hayes

The above Funeral picture was probably taken between 1925 & 1930. The only identified persons are Cecil Ralph Cole, Sr. who is the 2nd person on the right in the photo in the white shirt with glasses and a bow tie, his sister Bessie, who is standing to his right with the dark hat and brother Wiley Bascom Cole who is the gentleman at the left rear corner of the coffin. If anyone has any idea who any of the other people in this photo are please contact Carolyn Hayes and Michael Dye so the information about this photo can be updated.

Additional information received from Harold M. Whited

This maybe some info on the funeral, I hope. Charles Franklin Whited was born, Nov. 11, 1877. Chloe Naomi Cole, was born , Aug. 15 1880. Charles and Chloe Naomi were Married, Dec.14, 1899. Chloe, had brothers, Jeff Cole And Bascom Cole. Cecil and Bascom Cole have been identified in the photo already, also their sister. On the left side, I have not seen a lot of pictures of my Father, Virgil Bailey Whited, in his younger days. The first man on the left sure looks like him. The second man is, Charles Franklin Whited. The two boys standing next to Charles could be his youngest sons. The youngest would be, Clyde Raymond Whited, born April 23, 1923. The other one could be Kenneth Cedric Whited, born March, 7 1922. Virgil B. Whited was born May 29 1911.

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