Harvey Lee & Mary Elizabeth "Ray" Plaster Family

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Harvey Lee Plaster was born 20 Sep 1854 and died 10 Mar 1939. He was the son of Mark Howell and Levina "Sharpe" PLASTER. On 24 Dec 1874 he married Mary Elizabeth Ray, the daughter of Lucy Ray. Mary was born 20 Sep 1854 and died 10 Mar 1939. Harvey Lee Plaster was a farmer. He and Mary had sixteen children.

The above photo was taken about 1903. the children identified in photo are:

Robert Alexander b. 1888 (far left)
Flora Edna b. 1884 (far right)
Ida (to the left of Flora)

Remainder of Children:
King b.1879
Samuel b. 1891
Clarence D.
John Mark b. 7/26/1886
(One son listed above not pictured)

Willard (died at age six - prior to picture)
Lucy (twin of Clarence D., died at 18 months - prior to picture)

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