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Henry Daniel & Sarah "Mash" Addison Family
Nancy "Campbell" Alexander & daughters
Jasper E. & Harriet "Dotson" Artrip
Fleming Austin
Haskew Ball
John Tunnell & Margaret "Honaker" Ball
John & Martha "Stallard" Barnhart Family
James H. Barrett
John Chrisman & Nancy "Taylor" Barrett
Margaret "Honaker" Barrett
Hezekiah Webb Bays Family
James Jasper & Mary "Webb" Bays
Lorenzo Lafayette & Josephine "Bays" Bays Family
Charles Wesley Belcher
John D. & Sophia "Yates" Bostic
Jonathan & Mary "Burnett" Boyd
Robert Aaron & Polly Angeline "Ball" Boyd Family
Elijah Breeding
John A. & Elizabeth Jane "Browning" Browning
Charles H. & Nannie "Isaacs" Bush
Cynthia Catherine Call
Sons of Cullen Combs & Sally Sargent
Frederick & Lovisa "Christian" Combs
Simeon Floyd & Elizabeth "Smith" Combs
Virginia Anne "Francis" Combs
William Cecil Combs, s/o Kemper & Gay Combs
William Cecil & Celina Wesley "Kendrick" Combs
William Francis & Lucinda "O'Quinn" Combs
William Johnson & Ellen Catherine "Williams" Combs
Archabal & Mary Alice "Meade" Couch
Jeremiah & Margaret "Fairchild" Couch
Nellie Tennessee Couch
Christopher S. Counts
Destimony "Combs" Crabtree
Shadrack M. & Mary Margaret "Rickman" Creed
Robert & Elizabeth "Statzer" Cross
Thomas Walton & Isabelle "Clark" Davis
Scott Denniston
Henry Hopkins Dickenson
William Vernon Dotson
Samuel A. & Amanda C. "Smith" Duff Family
Absalom & Marjorie "Fletcher" Dye
Alfred & Eliza A. "Plaster" Dye
Archy Graham & Amanda Eva "Call" Dye
Benjamin Franklin Dye
Charles Cummings & Sallie C. "Milhorn" Dye
Creed Fulton Dye
Elbert & Alice "Honaker" Dye
Rev. James Dye
John M. & Florence A. "Hale" Dye
Lilburn Dye
Lilburn Lee & Mary Alice "Vincent" Dye
Pryor Dye, Jr.
Rachel "Price" Dye
Richard & Frances "Fannie" "Brown" Dye
William & Nancy "Smith" Dye
Catherine Jane "McCleary" Ferguson
Charles William Ferguson, Sr.
Granville H. Ferguson
John Thomas Ferguson
Wilson Hamilton & Florence Baylor "Bradshaw" Ferguson Family
"Cedar Creek" Charlie Fields
Edward Hicks & Pearl Nora “Combs” Fields
Dolphin & Patty "Thompson" Finney Family
John Wesley & Minerva "Walker" Finney
Daniel Lewis & Emeline "Smith" French Family
George & Mary Jane "Thompson" Fuller
Jonas & Rhoda A. "Fuller" Fuller
Major John & Fonnie Lee "Musick" Fuller Family
Thomas & Matilda "Tip" "Deel" Fuller
James & Lydia "Combs" Gent
Henry Smith Gibson
Walter V. & Nellie E. "Amburgey" Gibson
John Cummings & Eliza "Crabtree" Gilbert Family
William Edmondson Gilmer
Edward Dolan & Elizabeth "Jessee" Gray
John Thomas & Martha Jane "Compton" Hale
Jonathan & Mary "Cockram" Hale
Sparrell Henderson Hale
Samuel Harrison Family
Isaac Hart & his daughter, Nancy Ann "Hart" Sargent
Martha Hendrix & Thomas Family Children
Patton & Sarah "Miller" Hess
James & Francis "Jordan" Holbrook
Patton & Mahala J. "Griffith" Honaker
Pearl "Wilson" Honaker & daughter Virginia Odell Honaker
Robert & Fannie "Cook" Honaker
William Martin Honaker
James Marion & Mariah "Dye" Hubbard Family
Rev. John W. Hubbard
Rev. Joseph R. Hubbard
John R. & Margaret Alice "Dye" Hughes Family
Simeon & Polly "Samples" Hunt
Aaron L. Hurt
Garland & Lavisa "Fletcher" Hurt
Garland F. Hurt
Mary Kent "Fletcher" Hurt
James & Martha "Fletcher" Jackson
Logan Wallace & Lydia "Musick" Jackson
Stanford Lea Jessee
Preston & Helen Christine "Denniston Taylor" Jones
Alexander & Sarah "Hicks" Kegley Family
Charles Kelly
Charles L. & Alice "Thompson" Kelly
James & Nancy "Kiser" Kelly
Joseph Kelly
William Nash Kelly
Joseph Browning & Charity "Hart" Kendrick
Abednego & Rebecca "Counts" Kiser
Andrew A. Kiser
Cummings & Sarah "Evans" Kiser Family
Ephraim Mexico & Carrie Nelia Kiser
Jane "Hicks" Kiser
Lilburn Hendricks & Francis "Sutherland" Kiser
Noah Kiser
James Harvey & Ellen "Combs" Lambert
Litton Family Photos
Jane Lockhart
Wilburn & Jane "Compton" Lockhart
William Mitchell Lockhart
Long Family Children, Circa 1913
McComas & Amy "Hill" Long Family
Thomas Creigh McCleary
Major John Alexander McFarlane
Henderson Carroll & Lillie "Chambers" McGlothlin
Polly "Hess" "Miller" McNulty
Moses Alexander Miller
Nancy E. "Herndon" Miller & Maggie A. "Miller" Hess
Patton H. & Emiline "Dye" Miller
Valentine W. D. "Davis" Miller
Martha "Isaacs" Moore
Noah Kiser & Celia "Musick" Musick
Christopher Columbus Osborne
Joseph Harvey Osborne
Elizabeth Ann "Hubbard" Perkins
Flemming Perkins (2 photos, one with 2nd wife Rachel Taylor)
Samuel Phelps
Laban Clark Phillips
Harvey Lee & Mary Elizabeth "Ray" Plaster Family
Henry Lafayette & Mahala J. "Fields" Plaster
Charles Bowen & Martha Ellen "Dickenson" Price
James Leonard & Elizabeth "Dye" Price Family
John Wesley & Elizabeth "Harrison" Puckett Family
Joel Ramsey
Rainwater & Universal "Franklin" Ramsey
Franklin Pierce & Elizabeth "Cook" Rasnake Family
Elias & Cosby Jane "Ray" Ray
Iradell Ray, son of John & Elizabeth Ray
Iradell & Rachel "Honaker" Ray Family
John & Mary Jane "Ball" Ray Family
Jonah & Flora "Plaster" Ray Family
Sarah Angeline "Hubbard" "Hess" Ray
Shadrack W. "Shade" & Delilah "Hubbard" Ray
Bernard Henry Reynolds
Albert Wade & Rachel "McGlothlin" Richardson
Christopher Richardson and wives Amanda Samples & Flora Boyd
William Floyd & Ollie Rachel "Short" Richardson
Hugh Lafayette & Josephine Bonaparte "Bradshaw" Riley
John Harvey & Malissa Alice "Ball" Robinette Family
John Wesley & Melissa "Etter" Robinson
James G. & Margaret "Perkins" Roman Family
Keziah "Arnold" Rust & Sons
Simeon Jack & Nancy "Boyd" Samples
David Alexander Skeen Family
Franklin P. Skeen
Jonathan & Sarah "Monk" Skeen?
Joseph Skeen
William Patton & Matilda "Kiser" Smith
Tazewell Cowan Smith Family
Elizabeth Snead Family
Charles Browning Snead
Spencer Hadley & Catherine "Lockhart" Speer Family
Regina "Dennison" Stallard
George Lea & Nancy "Counts" Stinson Family
Elijah & Mary (Polly) "Childress" Sutherland
Elijah Beauregard & Winifred "Kiser" Sutherland
Melissa "Kiser" Sutherland
Polly "Rasnake" Sutherland
Levi & Catherine "Wallace" Sykes
Harvey & Margaret "Etter" Taylor
James Fullen & Belle Donna "Barrett" Taylor
Children of Emory Thompson & Phoebe Fuller
Fullen & Julia "Thompson" Thompson Family
Jacob Thompson
Norman & Mary Elizabeth "Wallis" Thompson
Cynthia Ball Lester Tiller
Martin Orbin & Mary Jane "Israel" Wells
Thomas Jefferson & Susan Ella "Davis" Whetsell Family
Dr. Elbert Patton Whited
John Patton Wilson
William Wilson
Cummins Balfred & Alice Fletcher "McCloud" Yates Family


Stuart Mansion House
Russell County Virginia Railroad Depots
Funeral 1925 - 1930
James Jasper Bays Home, Elk Garden
Remains of the Combs Mansion House, near Weavers Creek
Collingwood School, Big Mocassin Creek
Home of Simeon Floyd & Elizabeth "Smith" Combs, Weavers Creek
Old Combs School House, Weavers Creek
Tombstones of William & Destamona "Combs" Crabtree
Home of Scott & Hannah "Umbarger" Denniston, near Beartown Mtn., head of Elk Garden Creek
Dorton School, near Copper Creek
Joseph Marshall Ferguson Home
Harvest Time on the Joseph Marshall Ferguson Farm
Home of Colbert & Hannah "Tate" Fugate, Mocassin Creek
Tombstone of Isaac & Celia "Combs" Hart
Highway 19 through Lebanon - Abt. 1910
Hunter Dickenson House
Ephraim Kiser Jessee House
Edward Kelly Cemetery Photos
Tombstones of Willie Long & Emit Hardaway Smith - McComas Long Cemetery, ca. 1911.
The Honaker Railroad Depot
The Home of Jacob Rasnake & Mary Counts
The Tombstone of Benjamin Ray, Rev. Soldier, Whitt Cemetery.
Russell College, near Lebanon, VA, abt. 1901 - 1903
Home of William Patton & Matilda "Kiser" Smith, near Carbo
Tombstones of William & Mary "Sword" Taylor & Samuel Taylor
Home of James Wallace, Honaker


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