Lilburn Dye

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Lilburn Dye was born 14 June 1840 in Russell County, Virginia. In the 1850 Russell Co. census he is living in Household #242 and is going by the name of Lilbourn Howell as follows:

Larkin Howell      45     b: Ashe Co. N. C.
Priscilla Howell   25        Russell Co. VA
Lilbourn Howell    10        Russell Co. VA
Malinda Howell      8        Russell Co. VA
Polly Howell        5        Russell Co. VA
John Howell         3        Russell Co. VA
James H. Howell     1        Russell Co. VA
Jessee Howell      22        Ashe Co. N. C.
Living in Household #241, next door to Larkin & Priscilla Howell in the 1850 Russell Co. census is the following:

John Dye           53     b: Halifax Co. VA
Nancy Dye          40        North Carolina
Thomas Dye         22        Russell Co. VA
Harvey Dye         20        Russell Co. VA
Polly Dye          18        Russell Co. VA
Elsey Dye          16        Russell Co. VA
James Dye          11        Russell Co. VA
Henderson Dye       9        Russell Co. VA
Alfred Dye          5        Russell Co. VA
Sometime in the 1850's, the Larkin Howell family moved to Pike Co., Kentucky. After moving to Pike Co., Lilburn & Malinda Howell started using the names Lilburn & Malinda Dye and were never referred to as Howell again. It is probable that Priscilla was a daughter of John & Nancy "Little" Dye and that she had Lilburn & Malinda out of wedlock, prior to her marriage to Larkin Howell, and that when they came of age, they took their mothers maiden name. It is unknown who Lilburn & Malinda Dye's father is, though there is speculation that he may have been a McFarland.

Though circumstantial, there is additional evidence to support this theory. Larkin & Priscilla were living next door to John & Nancy Dye in the 1850 census, which was common for children to do. All of their children except Lilburn were named after people in the John Dye household, which was also common among relatives. Note that John & Nancy also had a daughter named Malinda who was married prior to the 1850 census and was living two doors from them in household #239. Note also that Jessee Howell was a son of Larkins from a previous marriage. In the 1840 census John Dye had 6 females living in his household besides his wife Nancy. All are presumed to be daughters of John & Nancy, and as of this time only 3, Malinda, Polly & Elsey, have been positively identified. Priscilla is of the correct age to be one of the yet unidentified daughters of John & Nancy Dye.

After moving to Pike Co., KY, Priscilla is shown in the records as Euphrasia or Fracy. At the birth of Larkin & Priscilla/Euphrasia Howell's twins, Sarah Elizabeth Howell & Hiram Howell on 15 Oct 1854, Priscilla/Euphrasia's maiden name is listed as Patsy Dyes & Francis Die respectivelly.

If anyone is researching this line and has information about the positive identity of the parents and ancestors of Lilburn Dye please contact Jim Farrar or Michael Dye.

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