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Russell County, Virginia
Will Book 5, Page 96
Executed 02 May 1837

I Daniel Hartsock of the county of Russell & State of Virginia do hereby make this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following that is to say

1st I give to my son Peter Hartsock my tract of land lying in Scott County, I purchased from Samuel Porter estimated at twenty five acres, also one other tract estimated at 73 acres, the title whereof has in Francis Preston heirs for which I now hold a bond executed by said Preston to Isaac Wilbourn, I also give my sd son one sow and pigs, one cow and calf, my mare called the red filly, five head of sheep to be selected by my executor, one feather bed and furniture, one axe, one shool? plow, one mattick, one hoe, one set of gears, one bee stand, ten head of geese, and that my executors purchase him a saddle & bridle of the value of twenty dollars, this years rent of s'd land to be applied toward the purchase of the saddle.

2d I have already given to my daughter Caty Vanderpool a bed & furniture. I desire that my daughters Nancy, Sally, Polly and Rebecca each have a bed containing at least thirty pounds of feathers together with furniture sufficient to make each a decent bed.

3rd I give to my daughter Nancy one young cow already chosen by her & one flan wheel which she has in possession.

4th I give to my daughter Caty Vanderpool one flan wheel, that she now has in possession. I give her one cow which my executors is to select from my present stock.

5th I give to my daughter Sally her mothers flan wheel, I also give to my daughters Sally, Polly and Rebecca each a cow to be selected by my executors of my present stock of cattle. I also desire that my executors purchase my daughters Polly and Rebecca each a flan wheel at such time as they may need them.

6th I desire that my family remain on my plantation where I now live, that in addition to what I have already given them I wish my executors to select them a horse beast from my stock of horses, and that as much of my household & kitchen furniture & farming utensils as they shall stand in need of remain on the place for their support, that my fowls, geese, hogs, sheep remain on my plantation until such time as my executors think it most profitable to my children to remove them. That my executors have the guardianship & superintendance over my children and apply my estate in such a way as will be most profitable to the benefit of my children.

7th I desire that my executors keep my children on my plantation as long as they agree together and manage well, but when they consider it most proper to do so I desire that they sell my tract of land and provide for the decent maintenance & education of all my infant children until they attain full age, but am not willing that any of my children be bound to masters. That the money arrising from the sale of my land & other money coming to the hands of my executors for the sale of any part of my personal estate after paying all my just debts & paying the expense of raising and educating my infant children I desire that the remainder to be equally divided with my five daughters, namely, Caty, Nancy, Sally, Polly & Rebecca.

8th My daughter Nancy being now in a delicate state of health I desire that my executors make suitable provision for her support & maintenance & the payment of doctor bills during her present illness, and that they sell at pleasure any part of my perishable property at such times places and credits as they may think proper and apply the proceeds of the sale thereof to the foregoing purpose.

9th I constitute and appoint my brothers John Hartsock & Isaac Hartsock my executors to this my last will and testament.

In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal, this 20th day of March 1837.

Daniel C Hartsock (seal)

Signed sealed published and delivered
by Daniel Hartsock as and for his
last will and testament in the pre-
sence of us who at his request and in
his presents have subscribed our names
as witnesses

Peter Hartsock
Robert Fugate

At a court held for Russell County on the 2nd day of May 1837.
This instrument of writing was exhibited in court as and for the last Will and Testament of Daniel Hartsock deceased, and proven by the oaths of Peter Harstsock and Robert Fugate the subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded. And on the motion of John Hartsock & Isaac Hartsock executors therein named who made oath and together with Peter Hartsock & Dale Carter their securities, entered into and acknowledged a bond in the penalty of $2000, conditioned as the law directs, certificate is granted the said John Hartsock and Isaac Hartsock for obtaining a probat of the said will in due form.

James P. Carrell C.R.C.

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