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Russell County, Virginia
Will Book 14, Pages 441 - 442
Executed 29 Sep 1916

I D. B. Harman of my own free will and accord, give or bequeath to my heirs the amounts annexed to each name described below to A.J. Harman, W.D. Harman, G.C. Harman and Eliza J. Harman, to these four heirs I give equal parts of my real estate about 585 acres of which is in Russell County Va. and lies mostly in the forks of the Clinch Rivers and the rest in the town of Richlands Tazewell Co. Va. Which is five lots as described in deed for the same, they are to have and hold said land their lifetime then to go to their children after their death, but if Eliza J. Harman has no heirs at her death, the three boys and their heirs are to fall heirs to her part of the estate, and if the three boys give her a good home and ample support they are to have the use of her land, her lifetime, but if not her land shall be rented for her support. A.J. Harman & W.D. Harman is to have their houses they live in and one acre of land around each house, this are to come out of their part where the land is divided, my widow if she out lives me, is to have two hundred dollars out of the estate for her support, and furniture enough to furnish one room, also one horse and one cow of her own choice. Eliza J. Harman is to have two hundred dollars for her support out of the personal property when disposed of. The boys is to have one hundred dollars each for services rendered me in my lifetime. Jenie, Belle Watson is to have one hundred dollars out of my estate and no more. What notes, bonds or bank stock I may have at my death also personal property are to be disposed of and divided equal, between the heirs described below. A.J. Harman, W.D. Harman G.C. Harman, N.F. McCann, S.L. Cooper and Eliza J. Harman. G.C. Harman is to have the house we now live in after his mother's death, provided they take great care of Eliza her life time but if they do not, she is to have the old home and her part around the same, it is my desire that the boys divide the real estate between themselves and if any shall go to the law over same, the one so doing shall forfeit one forth of their claim in said land to the other heirs as named above. Witness my hand and seal this 13th day of May 1915.

D.B. Harman

J.H. Hunt

I have given to A.J. Harman, W.D. Harman and G.C. Harman eight of my largest steer & cattleband, two of my largest heifers, to pay on the land debt we owe to E. Duncan of one thousand and forty dollars, provided I do not live until this debt is paid. Witness my hand and seal this 5th day of September. 1916.

D.B. Harman

In the Clerks office of the Circuit Court of Russell County, on the 29th day of September 1916. The last will and testament of D.B. Harman deceased, was this day produced before the clerk of said Court in the Clerk's office aforesaid, and it appearing to the clerk of said Court from the evidence of J.H. Hunt who testified that he is well acquainted with the handwriting of the said D.B. Harman deceased, and that said will & Codicile and the signature thereto are wholly written in the handwriting of the testado the said D.B. Harman deceased, therefore it is ordered that said writing be the same hereby is, established, probates and ordered to be recorded as and for the last will and testament of the said D.B. Harman deceased, and upon motion of W. D. Harman who this day appeared in the office aforesaid is appointed and permitted to qualify as administrator, with the will annexed of the said last will & testament of D.B. Harman deceased, and thereupon said W.D. Harman entered into and acknowledged a bond in the penalty of $5000.00 with J.D. Thomas his surety thereto, conditioned and payable according to law, and upon motion of J.H. Hunt & J.D. Thomas and M.F. Ball are hereby appointed appraisers of the personal estate of the said D.B. Harman deceased, who shall _____ and truely appraise said estate and make due report there of as provided by law.

Teste E.R. Combs Clerk

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