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Russell County, Virginia
Will Book 2A, Page 54
Executed 05 Nov 1903

I Henry Fogleman of the count of Russell and state of Virginia being impressed upon with the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death and also being of soound mind and memory do hereby do hereby make, declare, and publish this as my last will and testament, hereby annuling and making void any will I may have heretofore made.

1st I require that out of any money ro personal property I may have at my decease, all the debts that I may owe shall be paid also funeral expenses.

2nd I give to my wife Mary Ann Fogleman my land, household and kitchen furniture to hold during her natural life or during her widowhood. Also one horse, anyone she may choose from any I may have and also one cow, also her chaise.

3rd My wife shall give to my daughter Sally choice of beds and bedstead, also bed clothes, she Sally may have made since she was twenty one years old, also one sewing machine. Also A.B E.L and W.R. Fogleman our sons one bed and bedding each when called for.

4th I give my son George H. Fogleman all notes I may hold against him in lieu of any part of my real estate at my wife's death.

5th The interest of my son W.J. in all my personal property shall be responsible for any debt he may owe me and if said interest does not cover his indebtedness the same shall be paid out of his interest in my real estate.

6th My Daughter M. E. Martin will have no interest in my real estate but in lieu thereeof, all who shall have an interest in my real estate shall each pay her twenty five dollars and therein interest in said interest five dollars held to secure payment of same to her.

7th The interest of my son Chas W. in my personal property shall be responsible for any debts he may owe me.

8th All my children shall share equally in my estate real and personal except or herein provided.

9th Each of my children shall have and retain possessions of all my personal property that belongs to them individually, that may be in my possession at my death.

10th My wife Mary Ann shall have and hold over half the wheat, corn or any other grain that I may have.

11th I require that all my personal property including stock, grain, tools, and other property I may have shall be sold to the highest bidder as herein provided.

12th I hereby appoint my sons A.B. and W.R. Fogleman my executors, but there shall be no appraisers appointed to value my property.

13th My wife Mary Ann shall have two flax wheels and one chick reel. Given under my had hand this 19th day of June 1901.

Henry Fogleman

L.A. Wall
S.H. Boardwine

At a Curcuit Court began & held for Russell County at the Courthouse thereof on Nov 5, 1903. the last will and testament of Henry Fogleman deceased, was made this day produced in court and proved by the oath of S.H. Boardwine according to law. He being one of the witnesses thereto, the other subscribing witness L.A. Wall, not being present and is ordered to be recorded.


R.S. Meade clk

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