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Russell County, Virginia
Will Book 14, Page 440
Executed 13 Sep 1916

I Henry Miller of Russell County and of the State of Virginia, being of sound mind and memory, do make, publish, and declare this to be my last will, and testament and I hear by revoke all former will made by me.

First: All my just debts, and funeral expenses shall be paid so that I shall heave a decent Christian burial.

Second: That I give and bequeath unto my wife Mahala J. Miller all household and kitchen furniture, two head of horses, two mike cows, and crops of grain, hay & c. Sufficient to run her till new crops come in, and the full use and control of all my land so long as she remains my widow, and if she continues her widowhood till my youngest child gets to be of the age of sixteen years old, then she is to have her maintenance off of the farm so long as she lives.

Third: I will and bequeath to the heirs of my son Henry Miller one dollar.

Fourth: To Mary Miller's heirs, one dollar.

Fifth: To James Miller, John D. Miller, M.V. Miller, to Millie Griffith, to Shade Miller, to Thomas J. Miller, to Visa Honaker, to Susa Honaker, to Ruthie Peck, to Mahala J. Miller, to M.B Miller, and to Alice R. Miller. I give and I give and bequeath all moneys, goods and chattels, not above emurncrated and disposes of, and I desire that my wife Mahala Miller shall take charge of all effects hereby given to my in forth heirs till she thinks them capable of taking care of their effects. And further I will that when my youngest child shall arrive at the age of Eighteen years, that all my lands shall be equally divided between all my children except the heirs of my son Henry Miller, and the heirs of Mary Miller, and as aforesaid that my wife shall receive her maintenance so long as she lives off of each share equally. And further I desire that when my lands shall be divided that my son M.B Miller shall have his share so laid off as to include my mansion house and orchard. I further desire that the store and all property not willed to my wife, be sold and equally divided (as soon after my decease as convenient) between my heirs as above Set out, excepting the heirs of Henry Miller and Mary Miller because I have already given them all that I consider is their part of my estate. And I now comenend my body to the dust and my spirit to God who gave it. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal. This the 24 day of July 1912,

Henry Miller (Seal)

Signed, Sealed, and declared as and for his last will and testament by the above testator, in our presence, who have at his request and on his presence, and in the presence of each other. Signed our name hereunto, as witnesses.

J.T Stinson
Ira Hess

At the Circuit Court continued and held for Russell County, at the Court House thereof , on Wednesday, the 13th day of September 1916
Present: Hon. Wm E Burns Judge presiding.
The last will and testament of Henry Miller, Deceased, was this day produced in the Court and proven by the oath of J.D. Stenson, one of the subscribing witnesses thereto, or provided by law, it is therefore ordered that the said will be and its same is hereby, established, probated and ordered to be recorded as and for the true last will and testament of the said Henry Miller, deceased.

O.B.Gilmer, Deputy,Clerk

(Source:Will Book 14, pg.440, Russell County Court House)

Appraise Bill of Stock of Henry Miller, Deceased

3 Heifer Calves @ $15                                          $45.00
3 yearling heifers @ $20                                        60.00
1     "        Steer @ $25                                      25.00
1 bull calf @ $25                                               25.00
2 cows @ $35                                                    70.00
1 bay mare @$25                                                 25.00
1 gray mare @$65                                                65.00

Corn at store about 30 bu. @.75c                               $22.50
To groceries for widow                                           9.14
About 25 bu of wheat @$1.00                                     25.00
One Buggy @$10.00                                               10.00
One Wagon @$15.00                                               15.00
Whole total of stock and ect.                                 $396.64
Appraisers M.H. Settle

1916, Oct. 5th Examined and Approved.
R.S. Meade, Commissioner of Accounts

The foregoing appraise bill was recorded in the Clerks Office of the Circuit Court of Russell County, Virginia, February, 23rd, 1918.

(signed) OB Gilmore Clerk

(Source Will Book #15 pg 26-27)

Sale of Personal Property of Henry Miller, deceased.


1 Bull calf              Mahala J. Miller          $31.50
3 Heifer Calves          Ira Hess                   60.50
2 Yearling Heifers       Shade Miller               67.00
1 Yearling Heifer        Robert Hess                31.50
1 Yearling Steer         C.A. Fuller                26.50
1 large cow              Silas Honaker              52.00
1 Gray mare              Silas Honaker              78.00
1 Buggy                  Silas Honaker               7.00
1 little cow             Millie White               35.00
1 Bay mare               Ellis Peck                 53.00
1 Store                  Walter Honaker            792.17
Sale bill of Personal Property (as per statement above) of the estate of Henry Miller, deceased, this Sept. 23, 1916.

J.T. Stinson, Admr.
1916, Oct. 5th
Examined and approved,

R.S. Meade, Comr., of Accounts
The foregoing Sale bill was recorded in the Clerks office of the Circuit Court of Russell County, Virginia, February, 23rd 1918.

(signed) OB Gilmore, Deputy Clerk.

(Source Will Book # 15 pg 27)

Appraise Bill of Receivable Notes and Accounts of Henry Miller, deceased

1 Note Nov.  23, 1912                      $8.00
1 Note Sept 28, 1914                       12.05
1 Note Feb 17, 1915 (cr 5.00)              49.38
1 Note Mar 12, 1915                         8.00
1 Note May 10, 1908                         7.28
1 Note Jan 16, 1916                        10.64
1 Note Mar. 7, 1912 (cr 1.50                3.25

On Store Books                
Jas H. Ball                Acct.             .55
John A. Hess                "              26.08
Marshall Honaker            "               6.29
Thurman Hess                "              11.09
Robert Hess                 "               4.57
John H. Hess                "                .10
George W. Hess              "              21.65
Luther Harris               "               2.70
Silas Honaker               "              47.15
              Less Credits                  6.50

(Source Will Book# 15 pg 27-28)

Pg 2.

Joe Howard                 Acct            12.42
Tom Hess                    "               3.00
Quay Yates                  "               2.33
R. M. Stinson               "               5.81
Ira Hess                    "              10.25
Robert Grifith              "              12.68
Delotha Price               "               1.43
Mary Shepard                "               4.16
Isaac Griffith              "                .50
Otis Gilbert                "                .45
James M. Hess               "               1.05
Big Henry Honaker Sr        "               1.51
Barnette Yates              "                .59
J. H. Griffith              "               7.18
Shade H. Miller             "              20.84
Dale Helbert                "               2.60
J.L. Shapard                "              11.96

Pg. 3
Ellis Peck                 Acct              .42
James K. Miller             "              12.59
Will Griffith               "               7.18
Mary Monk                   "               2.03
Alex Ball                   "               2.25
Jay Stevens                 "               2.65
Earl Shepard                "               6.55
Dr N.E. Hartsock            "               1.25
Frank Ward                  "                .25
Manda Honaker               "                .20
Otis Ashbrook               "                .96
Rachel Honaker              "               4.00
Geo. Honaker                "                .10
W.J.  Miller                "               2.75
Denton Price                "               3.12
Lum Price                   "                .16
W.A.  Shepard               "               7.65
Charles Patrick             "                .90   

Pg. 4

Millie White               Acct              .50
John Owens                  "               3.78
Otis Wallace                "               2.55
Jas Hess (of Frank)         "               6.82
Polly & Hiram Yates         "               3.91
Betty Hess                  "               5.47
Mrs John Wallace            "                .30
                       Pg 1     ---       214.32
                       Pg 2     ---        98.76
          Bal in Bank                     164.66
          Stock of goods                  792.17
Appraisers:     J.H. Settle
                J.L. Shepard
                J.F. Yates
1916, Oct. 5th
Examined and Approved.
R.S. Meade, Com'r, of A'cts
The foregoing Sale Bill was recorded in the Clerks Office of the Circuit Court of Russell County, Virginia, February 23, 1918

Teste: OB Gilmore, Deputy Clerk

(Source:Will Book #15 pg 28-29)

J.T. Stinson, Admír. Of Henry Miller, Decíd.
Settlement of account of J.T. Stinson, Administrator of Henry Miller, Deceased, made before H.L. Kidd, Comír in Chancery of Russell Circuit Court, Sept. 25, 1917.

Table A showing the assets that went into the hands of the said Administrator.

Money in Bank                                          $164.66
Sale bill of stock made Oct 5, 1916                    1234.17
Mahala Miller, groceries to,                             52.14
Amount of second sale bill                               54.00
Collected from Dave Taylor                                3.00
Collected from Henry Honaker                             25.83
Collected from Shade Miller                              21.44
Ira Hess Int. On note                                     2.02
John A. Hess Collection                                  26.08
Isaac Hess Collection                                    12.00
J.T. Hess Collection                                      8.32
J.L Sheppard                                             11.96
                            Total Assets              $1664.18
Accounts due store with interest                        168.39

Table B showing Disbursements made by the said Administrator
9/14/16--E.R. Combs, Clerk                               $8.11
"         "--Dickenson Duff & Handy                      53.43
"         "--Bluefield Hardware Co.                      44.61
9/26/16--W.A. Scott                                       6.24
"         "--E.W. King Co                                88.93
"         "--Watts Bros. Co                               5.10
10/30/16-Huff Andrews & Thomas                           24.23
11/17/16-Baltimore Bargain House                         24.19
"          "--Fields Watkins & Co                        59.35
12/2/16---Dr McFarlene                                   27.25
12/11/16-Taxes, ______Russell Co                         59.35
"           "-Dr. Tarrlbee (?)                           27.00
1/9/17----D.M. Ferry Co                                   5.88
1/26/17--James White                                     34.65
2/10/17--Castlewood Gro. Co                              36.07
9/25/17--E.R. Combs, Clerk                                1.96
"        "--H.J. Tate, Treasurer                          6.14
9/26/16--Gardner Milling Co                               1.20
4/16/17--J.L. Sheppard Appraiser                          4.00
9/25/16--Mahala Miller                                   52.14
9/1/16----H.A. Lochart For Casket                        25.00
10/30/16-Charlie Peck                                     4.87
9/17/17---Dr. N.E. Hartsock                               1.50
9/1/16----McFadden Tel Co                                 6.00
3/8/17----R.S.Meade Comír Accts                           7.95
9/26/16--Honaker Pharmacy                                 1.00
9/23/16--Arthur Monk Swearing Appraisers                  1.00
9/23/16--J.F Yates                                        2.00
9/23/16--W.D. Griffith Crier                              1.00
11/16/16-Ellis Peck                                      14.00
4/12/17--Paid Justice Costs in two detinue
              Suit for Arthur Monk                        2.00
9/25/17-Paid G.B. Johnson Atty. Fee
             Due by Henry Miller                         25.00
9/25/17-Paid G.B. Johnson,for service of
             Atty for Admr                               10.00
9/25/17-Paid H.L. Kidd, Comír                             5.00               
9/25/17-J.T.Stinson Admír Com. Postage                   84.00
                         J.E. Duff Comír                  1.50
5% Com.  To J.T. Stinson on $168.39                       8.42

Assets                                                $1832.57
Disbursements                                           770.57
                         Balance                       1062.00
Settled before me this the 25th day of September, 1917

H.L. Kidd, Comír In Chancery

Approved, examined and confirmed this the 20th day of September, 1917.

J.E. Duff, Comír of Accounts

At the Circuit Court continued and held for Russell County, at the Court House thereof, on Saturday, the 9th day of March 1918.
The settlement of J.T.Stinson, Adminstrator, of Henry Miller, deceased, having been made and filed in the Clerks Office of this Court more then thirty days prior to this date, and no exceptions having made thereto, it is ordered that this settlement be confirmed and recorded as provided by law.

(Signed) O.B. Gilmore, Deputy, Clerk

(Source: Will Book #15 pg 43-44)

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