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Russell County, Virginia
Will Book 12, Pages 161-162
Executed 04 Feb 1896

In the name of God Amen. I Isaac McReynolds of the County of Russell State of Virginina, being of sound mind and disposing memory do hereby make and publish this to be my last will and testament.

That is to first of all I desire that my body and the body of my wife be decently buried after death at the graveyard on the farm where I now live, and that suitable tombstones and other means of protection be erected upon and around our graves.

Secondly, I give and bequeath to my sons Noah and Robert McReynolds all my every species of personal property that may belong to me and remain, at my death and the death of my wife Susannah, or the survivors of us to be held by them absolutely.

Thirdly, I give and bequeath to my sons, Robert, Noah, and Isaac B. McReynolds all the lands I own in the County in Russell in Reeds Valley in the following manner that is to say, that Isaac McReynolds shall have the back of 31 acres, lying on the west end of my farm being the same tract my father, Joseph McReynolds bought from his brother Robert McReynolds, and my sons Robert and Noan shall have balance of lands to be held by them in equal proportions. But this devise and bequest of land to my said sons, I make upon the following conditions, that is to say that my sons Robert and Noah are to have possession and control of all of said lands during the life of my wife if she should survive me, and upon the further conditions that the said lands shall be be charged with comfortable support of my said wife, if she should survive me during her lifetime and also with the comfortable support of my daughters Martha R. Stinson and Eliza Jane McReynolds, if they should desire the support, but if either or both of them should marry hereafter then, upon the marriage of either or both of them, said support from said lands should cease upon such marriage. And I do hereby futher expressly will and provide that should my sons Robert, Noah, and Isaac McReynolds die without issue of their body that in that event, the lands willed to them shall pass to the children and heirs of my daughters Susanah Mary Jessee the wife of Franklin Jessee and further that if either of them should so die without living issue that then the lands willed to either of them so dying as aforesaid shall pass to the children of my daughter Susanah Mary Jessee.

Fourthly, I give and bequeath to Susannah Mary Jessee, my daughter and to Solomon McReynolds my son, five dollars each to be paid to them after my death, by my sons Robert and Noah McReynolds.

Fifthly, I will and bequeath that upon the death of my son Robert or Noah McReynolds dying without issue and leaving the other to survive him, that then such other or the survivor of them shall hold and enjoy the sands willed to the one so dying without issue during the lifetime of such survivor of said two sons. In witness whereof I hereunto set my hand and signed my name to this my last will and testament on this the 24th day of December A.D. 1889.

Isaac McReynolds (Seal)

Signed and acknowledged in our presence who are witnessed at Testators request

J.K. Routh
H.A. Routh

At County Court begun and held for Russell County at the Courthouse thereof on the 4th day of February 1896. The last will and testament of Isaac McReynolds was this day produced in court and proved by the oaths of H.A. Routh one of the subscribing witnesses thereto who testified that he witnessed said will at the request of the testator in his presence and in the presence of J.K. Routh the other subscribing witnesses thereto whereupon said will was admitted to probate and ordered to be recorded in due form of law.

A Copy,
Teste; Wm. H. Bays D.C.

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