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Russell County, Virginia
Will Book 9, Page 282
Executed Dec 1875

I Isabella Browning considering the uncertainty of this mortal life and being of sound mind and memory do make and publish this my last will and testament. I give to my Sister Martha my chick reel and one chair. I give to my sister Polly my shawl and a nice hand towel and one pair of window curtains, one chest, one table cloth. I give to my sister Betsy one chair. I give to my sister Peggy my four gallon tin can and chair and one hand towel and one twill blanket. I give to my sister Caty my cotton dress. I give to my sister Permillia one of my large looking glasses, one nice large tablecloth, and one of my large water buckets, and my vinegar keg which is at Ramly Thomases. Then I give to A.F. Shoemaker my other large looking glass, and a large arm chair, and one nice calico quilt. To Isaac Shoemaker one nice framed picture & Leonard Shoemaker one nice framed picture, and James and George Shoemaker one chair each. I give to Armilda F. Elliott my large bedstead and two pillows, two blankets, and one nice quilt, and one sheet the bed in the house to Thomas and Montaque Elliott. I give a nice book each and to Taze & Alexander Elliott, I give one stem glass each, then I give Judith Litton my little table, and one chest, and stem glass and to Jane, Nancy, Ann, & Armilda Litton I give one stem glass each. Then I give Jemima Thomas one calico quilt and to Betty Thomas one pair of window curtains and I give to Sarah Gilmore one table cloth, and I give Jane Litton one table cloth, and I give to Catherine Reynolds one blanket. George Shoemaker my clock, and I give James H. Elliott my dog iron, and all my notions in the press and on the fire board. I want my sisters to divide among themselves. Then I give to Elizabeth Browning of Color one bedstead & beds, one cover bed, two blankets and one sheet & pillow, all my cooking vessels & my safe, and all my dishes, knifes and forks, bread tray and meal___ one fire shovel and tongs, also one table cloth, two hand towels, three chairs, bible and testament which have her children's names in it, one county pin, one water bucket, all my stockings, and my little wheel. I give Wilson her son Lounge & bed, two blankets, and quilt, and blue cover bed, one hand towel, one chair & big wheel. To Sallie & Nancy I give a dress each, one calico and the worsted.

Signed Apr 30 1875 Isabella Browning X her mark

Alexander Shoemaker
James H. Elliott

At a court held for Russell County at the Courthouse thereof on the ____ day of Dec 1875 the last will and testament of Isabella Browning was this day produced in court and proved by the oaths of Alexander Shoemaker and James H. Elliott the two subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded. Teste:
J.C. Gent Clk
H.A. Routh D.C.

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