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Russell County, Virginia

Will Book 9, Page 179

Executed 05 May 1874

Will of Meshack White

I, Meshack White, a citizen of Russell County, Virginia, do make and publish this my last will and testament hereby revoking and making void all wills made by me at any time heretofore.

1. First, I desire after my death that I be buried according to the customs of the county in which I live and that all my just debts be paid out of any moneys that may come into the hands of my Executors and as to such worldy estate as it ahs pleased God to entrust me with. I give and bequeath the same in the following way as hereinafter mentioned.
2. I give to the children of my son, John B. White, except Sparrell and Baeford, the sum of fifty dollars each and the said Baeford, I let him have fifty dollars when he was going west, which is his equal part with his other brothers and sisters, and the said Sparrell, I do give him the sum of five hundred dollars, which said amounts is to be paid to them as soon as my estate can be settled.
3. I give to my daughter, Eliza W. Baylor, the note I hold on her husband, E. R. Baylor, for about one thousand and ten dollars, and it's interest thereon which said note, I have given over to ther this day and I also give to the said Eliza W. Baylor, a debt I have in the hands of Jo. Campbell against Wm. N. & John C. Gray and B. F. Pemberton for now about seven hundred dollars or so much of said debt as may be collected.
4. I give to my daughter, Isabel Bradshaw the sum of five hundred dollars.
5. I give to Polly Ann Ratcliff, the wife of Richard Ratcliff, all the interest that I have in the lands on Clinch River and New Garden and known as the Musick land or the proceeds that may arise from the sale of said interest in said lands.
6. I give to my son, Robert A. White, all my household and kitchen furniture and all my farming tools and all my interest in the grain and meat in the farm and eleven yearlen cattle and my interest in the hogs, and I require the said Robert A. White to pay to my estate the sum of money that I paid in the purchase of the Charles Young land and took a lein on said lands for which sum was two thousand dollars and the interest thereon till paid, all the balance of my claims against the said Robert A. White either by note or account. I hereby relinquish as a final settlement between me and the said Robert A. White of all personal dealings.
7. The balance of all my estate, either real or personal, my stock and my debts, together with any moneys that I may have on hand at my death, my stock to be sold by my Executor on such time as may seem best to him and my debts be collected and in fast all that I have at my death that has not been disposed of by deed or in this will the said debts to be collected and the property converted into money, and after paying all my debts and expences, the balance to be equally divided between Robert A. White, Wm. H. B. White, Isabel Bradshaw and the said Polly Ann Ratcliff. As to my lands, I have heretofore disposed of them to my children and grand children by deed, all of which I am fully satisfied with.

I hereby constitue and appoint my two sons, Robert A. White and Wm. H. B. White Executors of this my last Will and Testament, and if said Executors should have to engage in lawsuits to settle my estate that they shall be paid for their trouble and expenses of said lawsuits by all interested in the provisions of the will, according to what each party recieves.

My interest in certain lands or the proceeds of the sale thereof that is given to Polly Ann Ratcliff in the fifth article of this my will. I hereby release my Executors from any further trouble with my said interest in said land and hereby turn over and transfer the said interest to the said Polly Ann Ratcliff and no further expense to my estate.

In the (2) second article of this my will it may be seen that the four infant children of John B. White; Sally1, Eliza2, William3 and John will have some money coming to them and must be paid over to Baeferd White who will take charge of it as their guardian till they are of full age. In witness of this, my last Will and Testament, I Meshack White sets my hand and seal this the 28th day of February 1873.

Meshack White (Seal)

Signed, sealed and delivered
In our presence and we being
Present at the same time
And by the request of the said
Meshack White, we witness this
As his last Will.
Thomas W. Davis
A. J. Steel
Chas. H. Mitchell


At a court held for Russell County at the courthouse on the 5th day of May 1874.

An instrument purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Meshack White was this day produced in court and offered for probate to which John B. White by his attorney objected, and in proving of the said Will is continued until the 1st day of next term at the costs of said John B. White.


And. At a court held for Russell County at the courthouse on the 2nd day of June 1874.

This day, John B. White, who was heretofore entered as a contestant to the motion of the Executors of Meshack White to have a paper purporting to be the Will of said decedent recorded as his will this day came into court and withdrew himself from the record as a contestant to the recordation of the said paper in this court. But the right of the said John B. White is reserved to file a bill in Chancery to contest the validity of said paper as the Will of Meshack White, pursuant to the statute in such cases made and provided.

And at the same day and court the following order was entered. The last Will and Testamnet of Meshack White was this day again produced in court and proved by the oaths of Thomas W. Davis, Charles H. Mitchell and A. J. Steel the three subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded and thereupon Robert A. White and Wm. H. B. White the executors therein named appeared in court and refused to qualify as such.

And. At court held for Russell County at the courthouse on the 8th day of July 1874.

In motion of Robert A. white and Wm. H.B. White, John Bradshaw and R. H. Ratcliff who took the oath of administrators prescribed by law and entered into and acknowledged a bond in the penalty of $20,000, together with C. A. Smith as their security thereto conditioned recording to law. A certificate is therefore granted them for obtaining letters of administration with the will annexed on the estate of Meshack White dec'd. in due form.

Teste J. C. Gent, Clerk

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