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Russell County, Virginia
Will Book #7 pages 247 - 249
Executed March 4, 1862

I Richard Ferrell of the county of Russell and state of Virginia being sound in mind and of disposing memory do make and publish this my last Will and Testament hereby revoking and making void all former wills by me at any time heretofore made and first I direct that my body be decently entered interred into the ground according to the rites and customs of the country and as to what worldly estate it hath pleased God to bless me with I dispose of the same as follows

First. I direct that all my debts and funeral expenses be paid as soon after my decease as possible.

Secondly. I give to my son Larkin during his natural life the tract of land known as the Robinett tract of land and also a small bounding of land added to it as follows—Beginning at a chestnut and sugar tree corner to the Robinett land and Rees Steel on a ridge then with the top of said ridge S50 W29 poles to a chest oak S78 W23 poles to a black oak and two chestnuts then leaving the ridge N34 W43 poles to a chestnut by a path N86 W13 poles to two black oak passing by a fence and with the fence S70 W23 poles to a stake N33 W15 poles passing a white oak corner of the Robinett survey to a stake on a line of the same then leaving said line S28 W30 poles to a stake on a hill side S.E of a small spring N86 W6 poles including said spring to a stake 2 ˝ poles below said spring N23 ˝ E20 poles to a white oak N54 E20 poles to a stake on the said Robinett line 1 ˝ poles [from] from a cherry tree then with the line of the Robinett survey so as to include all the land in the said Robinett survey the said Larkin to have the use and benefits of the said land during his natural life and at his death to his children forever.

Thirdly. I give to my son James Lafayette Napoleon Bonaparte Ferrell all the balance of the land I own on the east side of Little Creek from a sarvice near the corner made for Larkin at the spring then from the sarvice to the middle of said creek then up with the middle of the creek to Meshack Whites lines and with Whites lines and with Bradshaws lines and with Lesters lines and with Steels lines and the lines made for Larkin to the said corner at the spring then a strait line to the sarvice at the creek first mentioned the said JLNB Ferrell to have the use and benefits of the said land during his natural life and at his death to his children forever.

Fourthly. I give to my son Oscar Fitzallen Ferrell that portion of land on which I now live during his natural life to be bounded as follows—Beginning at the creek with JLNB Ferrells corner and with his line up the creek to Meshack Whites line, and with Whites lines next to the lines of the land which I conveyed to Wm Ferrell by deed and with the said Wm Ferrells lines to C. A. Smiths lines and with the Smiths lines to the line of the Robinett tract which I have given to Larkin and with Larkins lines to the corner near the said spring and with JLNB Ferrells lines to the creek at the beginning. The said Oscar FA Ferrell to have the use and benefits of the said land during his natural life, and at his death to his children forever with this consideration that if any Mill or Machinery should be built or erected on the said Little creek during the lifetime of the said Richard Ferrell that the said Oscar FA and JLN Bonaparte is to have equal rites and privileges to the same by each keeping in order his portion of the machinery and if either or both of them chooses to build Machinery on said creek after my death they are to have the rite and all the privileges reasonably necessary for the same and a further consideration on the part of Oscar that is I reserve for my wife the north end of my dwelling house and the kitchen and other things as herein after mentioned that is.

Fifthly. I give to my beloved wife Nancy during her natural life, the north end of my dwelling house and the kitchen and all the household and kitchen furniture not otherwise disposed of, her saddle and one horse and two cows all her fowls, geese and bedding and a comfortable maintenance off of all my land, that is from the proceeds of the land given Larkin and the land given JLN Bonaparte and the land given Oscar is all to be bound equally or so much of the shares of each as will be sufficient to keep and take care of my said wife Nancy in decent and respectable like manner during her natural life and bury her in a decent manner and enclose her grave with paling.

Sixthly. I give to my daughter Jane Nash formerly Ferrell and my daughter Caty Evans formerly Ferrell and my daughter Rebecca McCoy formerly Ferrell and my daughter Elizabeth Whitaker formerly Ferrell and my daughter Amanda Fitzallen Bostic formerly Ferrell in addition to what I have heretofore given them one dollar each and no more.

Seventh. I give to my son William Ferrell in addition to what I have given him a small piece of land I have that lies between the said Wm land and John Duffs land.

I give to four of my grand children Samuel Duff, Robert Duff, Cosby Duff, Joseph Duff children and heirs of my daughter Polly Duff, formerly Ferrell, five dollars each and no more, and I give to my grand daughter Frances Ann Duff another one of the children of the said Polly Duff, the sum of one thousand and fifty dollars to be paid in a house, 2 cows and a bed and bedding and saddle to be given to her at the age of 21 years old or her marriage; I give to my son Samuel Ferrell my interest that I have in a thousand acre survey in Logan County, Va. on the waters of Big Creek and Guyan river. I give my blacksmith tools to my son Oscar and J Napoleon Bonaparte, and all my farming tools and implements of every description belonging to my farm and mills to be equally divided my said three sons Larkin, Oscar and Napoleon Bonaparte, and further I give my said three sons Larkin, Oscar Fitzallen and James LFN Bonaparte all my property both real and personal not otherwise disposed of and all my outstanding debts, money to be theirs on my death and require them to pay all my demands against my estate at my death both as to debts and those amounts that I have devised, furthermore I devise that if the said Larkin or Oscar Fitzallen or James LFN Bonaparte or either of them should die without any heir then I desire that the surviving one or ones of the said three shall be their heir and the land and property go to him or them in the same manner as that which I have given each. In witnesses whereof I the said Richard Ferrell set my hand and seal this 28th day of August in the year of our Lord 1857.

In the presence of Richard Ferrell (Seal)


Thomas W Davis

George W Smith

At a court held for Russell County on the 4th day of March 1862.

The last Will and Testament of Richard Ferrell deceased was produced in court and proved by the oaths of Thomas W Davis and George W Smith, the two subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded


R. H. Lynch cc

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