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Russell County, Virginia
WILL BOOK 11 PageS 371 - 372
Executed 08 Dec 1891

I R. B. Aston of county of Russell and State of Virginia being of sound mind and memory and desiring to dispose of what earthly estate the lord has blessed me with, as I think right and proper do make and publish my last will and testament in the following mannner, That is to say.

First, I desire that all my just debts and funeral expenses shall be prompty and fully paid.

2nd, I desire that all my personalty and real estate including my notes and bonds and money be equally divided between my beloved wife Ellen V. Aston and my daughter Mary E. Aston.

3rd, I desire that all my live stock be kept on the farm during the present summer, in order that they my have the benefit of the grass, during the present season, and then to be disposed of by some discret judge of the market value of stock, with the exception of three horses, namely one horse known by the name of Charlie, another by the name of Kate, and another by the name of Lucy, the above named horses I desire to remain on the farm during thier lifetime. I desire that the above mentioned stock to be sold, be done by the direction of my two legates, giving them the privledge of retaining such of them as they may desire.

4th, Thomas W. Boyd who is a minor heir in the estate of William B. Aston (deceased) I paid his brother Robert S. Boyd who is of age the sum of foor hundred and fifty dollars for his interest in the real estate of the said William B. Aston and I consented in my own mind to give the said minor heir the sum of four hundred and fifty dollars for his interest in said real estate which was made a matter of record in the settlement with the commissioner which makes it optionary with said minor heir on arriving at the age of twenty one years which he takes the above sum mentioned by making me or my heirs a general warranty deed to his interest in said real estate.

5th, If it be the desire of my two legates to not continue housekeeping it is my desire that they sell off all the surplus stock not herein before named also all my wheat, corn, hay, oats and other roughness (except enough to feed my work stock the present summer) which may grow the present season, either by myself or tenants, as specified in thier contract with this exception, all the corn I have on hand at the present time be sold to the highest bidder for readycash, except so much corn as will be necessary for the families of John W. Owen and Peter Austin as set forth in our contract and if they do not comply with our contract my legatees are not bound to furnish them with corn.

6th, It is my desire that all the money realixed for the above named stock, wheat, corn, and all other money be placed in the hands of some one whom my two legatees may select and they put it in the bank and the interest collected every six months and added to the principle.

7th, It is my desire that Nancy Austin have a home during her natural life where she now lives also from one to two acres embracing the garden around the house where she now lives, also access to the spring and firewood necessary for her fuel, and in addition to the above, it is my desire that the said Nancy Austin have from one to three acres some where on my farm where my two legatees or their representatives may select to cultivate provided her boys, herself or any person she may hire to cultivate said lands, I also reserve the right for my two legatees to hand in anyway up & down the hollow that they desire.

Lastly, hereby revoking all wills heretofore by me made witness my hand and seal this 16th day of May 1891.

Robert B. Aston (Seal)

Signed sealed and acknowledged by R.B. Aston in our presence who have signed the same as witnesses in his presence at his request and in the presence of each other.

R.B. Fugate
N.C. Fugate

At a circuit Court begun and held for Russell County at the Courthouse thereof on Tuesday the 8th day of Dec. 1891. The last will and testament of R.B. Aston deceased was this day produced in court and proven by the oath of N.C. Fugate one of the subscribing witnesses thereto, who testified that he witnessed said will at the request of the Testator and in his presence and in the presence of R.B. Fugate the other subscribing witness thereto, and thereupon ordered to be recorded and on the motion of N.C. Fugate and W.N. Gray and they having produced a request from the widow in writing asking that they be appointed as administrators of said R.B. Aston, and renouncing her right to qualify, they are permitted to qualify as such administrators, and there upon they entered into and acknowledged a bond in the penalty of $20000.00 together with J.L Williams, H.F. Gray, H.K. Wood, & J.S. Litton as their securities thereto, conditioned according to law, and thereupon they took oath prescribed by law, a certificate is therefor granted them for obtaining letters of adminstration on the estate of said R.B. Aston deceased in due form.

A copy Teste T. Dickenson D.C.

(Written in the margins)
It is my desire that my two legatees or whoever represents them shall select N.A. Routh or E.S. Finney as their legal advisor as I do not wish any law suits in the settlement of my estate.

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