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Russell County, Virginia
Will Book 9, Page 302-303
Executed 20 Apr 1876

I Thomas C.M. Alderson of the town of Lebanon, County of Russell, being of sound mind and disposing memory, do make & publish this my last wil and testament in the following manner that is to say.

First, I desire that my just debts and funeral expenses shall be paid out of my estate. I include as part of my funeral expenses any slab or monument that my executors shall see proper to have erected at my grave.

Second, I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Nancy J. Alderson the house and lot where I now live with all its appurtenances, also the spring lot on the opposite side of the street that i bought of Abeldersons heirs, also the lot of land lying across the back street from the house and lot where I now live containing about four acres be the same more or less. All to hold and enjoyed by her during her natural life and then to revert to my estate. I also give her my carriage and harness, my wagon and gearing, my two horses, my two cows, and all my household and kitchen furniture, during her natural life and what may be left of it at her death to revert then to my estate. I also give her a full supply of provisions for her table and of provider and grain for her stock for one year and what I may not have on hand to be purchased and paid forant of my estate. I also give her so sum as the same can be reasonably collected out of my estate. Two thousand dollars in cash to be at her disposal.

Third, I will and devise that all of my children shall share & equally divide of my estate and accounting for the advancement which I have made them without interest, the advancements which I mean are shown by my book except what are herein named.

Fourth, I have already sent my daughter Nanny Isabel to college some time for which I have paid, and I will and desire that she be kept at college until she graduates if she desires to go, and be paid out of my estate, but on settlement of my estate she must account for what I have already paid and what may hereafter be paid out of my estate for her college education. I give her my half of the Peano? of which John L. Davis owns one half but she must account for the same to my estate at two hundred dollars.

Fifth, I have hereunto given my to my son William Alderson five hundred dollars which is ivested by him as capital in our present store business this being all the capital ha has put into the business but by our contract he is to have one third of the profits of our partnership store business in Lebanon. Now in addition to the five hundred dollars of capital which I heretofore given him I give and bequeath to him two thousand dollars more of capital in said store to enable him to carry on the business, but all, both the $500.00 & $2000.00 herein bequeathed to be accounted for by him in the settlement of my estate, and if there should not be enough of my estate to make my other children equal with him, then he is to refund until they are equal.

Sixth, I will and bequeath that my son William H. and my son in law John L. Davis shall and may have my business house and lot in the town of Lebanon, where the store of T.C.M. Alderson and son is now kept. As purchases provided they are willing to take the same and pay and account to my estate for it at the price of $5500.00 bearing interest after twelve months from my decease. They must decide when called on by my executors to do and if they fail to accept of said property at said price then my executors hereunto named are authorized to sell the same to the highest bidder on such terms as they may think for the best interest of my estate.

Lastly, I hereby constitute and apppoint my son Thos. M. Alderson and friend Wm. B. Aston executors of this my last wil and testament and direcr that no bond or security shall be required of them for their faithful performance of said trust. Given under my hand and seal this 13th day of February 1876.

T.C.M. Alderson (Seal)

Signed, sealed and acknowledged by T.C.M. Alderson as and for his last will and testament in our presence who has signed the same as witnesses at his request, in his presence and in the presence of each other.

W.C. Alderson
J.H. Dickenson

At a Court continued and held for Russell County at the Courthouse thereof on Thursday the 20th day of April 1876. The last will and testament of Col. T.C.M. Alderson was this day produced in court and proved by the oaths of W.C. Alderson and J.H. Dickenson the two subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded and thereupon Wm. B. Aston & Thomas M. Alderson the executors therein named appeared in court and refused to qualify and on the motion of T.M. Alderson & John L. Davis who took oath of an administrator prescribed by law and entered into and acknowledged their bond in the sum of $20000.00 together with N.J. Alderson, C.C. Alderson, W.H. Alderson, and G. Alderson their securities thereto conditioned according to law, a certificate is granted them for obtaining letters of administration with the will annexed of T.C.M. Alderson deceased in due form.

Teste: V.B. Gilmer D.C.

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