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Russell County, Virginia
Will Book 10, Pages 164 - 165
Executed 03 Jan 1882

Last will & testament of Thompson Combs of Russell County State of Virginia.
I Thompson Combs of aforesaid county and state, and of sound mind & disposing memory do make my last will & testament in form & manner as follows viz.

I will all my personal estate consisting of one bay mule, six head of cattle, half of the flock of sheep, which consists of nineteen whole flock, two head of hogs, my farming utensils, household & kitchen furniture to ____ of my sons & their heirs.

To Elizabeth Combs, daughter of John M. Combs, I give one pided(?) cow. To Annie daughter of W. F. Combs one black cow & bushel pot. To Mandie, daughter of S. F. Combs, I give one yearling heiffer. The remaining part of my personal property I desire it to be equally divided between John M. Wm. F. & S. F. Combs, said division to be made without a sale. I also hold a note on John M. for twenty four. One on Wm. F. for sixty dollars or upwards. One on Simeon for thirty one dollars. The note against John M. I now give up to him. I also have one note on Eliza Combs for twenty dollars all of which is to be equally divided as my other property after taking out J. M. note which he shall not account for. To my son Cullin I have give to him land and property and I give him no more. To Elbert Combs heir of Samuel & C I have give unto him land money & property, and I give him no more. To Annie DCc and her heirs I have give property, and So I give them no more, All of my just debts and all of the further expenses of me and my wife including our lifetime support including our funeral expenses are to be paid out of my estate before any division is made, then if anything remains it is to be divided as afore said but if all be exhausted then the three unto whome I have bequeathed the aforesaid property are still bound for the support of me & my wife equally. In addition to the above personal property I have an interest in real & personal estate in Letcher County Kentucky which I also will as I do my other property.

Signed sealed & delivered on this the 14th day of October in the year of our Lord 1878

Thompson X Combs {seal}

We the undersigned certify that Thompson Combs the testator of the foregoing will signed the same in our presence, and acknowledged the same to be his last will & testament on day and year above written

J. B. Kindrick
S. S. McReynolds

At a Court begun & held for Russell County at the Court House thereof on Tuesday the 3rd day of January 1882
The last will & testament of Thompson Combs was this day produced into court & proven by the oaths of J. B. Kindrick & S. S. McReynolds the two subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded

H. H. Dickenson CC

**Note: Thompson Combs was the son of William Combs and Anna Thompson

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