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Russell County, Virginia
Will Book 7, Pages 462-463
Executed 05 Sep 1865

I Vincent Browning of Russell County Virgina do hereby make my last will and testament in the following manner to wit:

1st, To my wife Isabel I bequeath one half of my farm lying in the corner formally owned by Solomon Litton deed, she is to have the west end including the dwelling house to hold during her life and at her death, I bequeath the land I give to my wife to Charles Snead, an infant child of Jane Snead and in the event of the death of the said Charles Snead before he arrives at the years of maturity and leaving no heirs of his body then in that event, I will the land I gave to Charles Snead to my brother Charles M. Browning. I also give to my brother Charles my gold watch chain, I give also to my wife all my household and kitchen furniture and two of my choice horses, or if she choses mares, then she is to have the colts of said mares, I also give her all the cattle, sheep and hogs on the Litton Farm, I also give her one two horse wagon & gearing for the wagon, and one big plough, I also give her one third of the growing crop of wheat, oats, rye, and corn and hay and one harron, two small ploughs, and all my hoes and axes, and two hundred dollars in money, and my gold watch.

2nd, I bequeath the east end of Litton Farm lying in the corner to the heirs of George W. Litton wich he now has or may have by his present wife said farm to be divided by Thomas W. Davis, William B. Aston and Samuel W. Aston as equally as they can.

3rd, I bequeath to Ann Litton one horse or mare as she may elect for the benefit of herself or children.

4th, I bequeath to Armelda Litton one horse or mare as she may elect for the benefit of herself and children. I also give Armelda Litton fifty bushels of corn and ten bushels of wheat.

5th, I bequeath to my Father John Browning and my brother Charles all my cove lands to be equally divided between them which is to be a settlement of all between myself and my father & brother Charles.

6th, The land on which James L. Litton now lives known as the Tignor farm, I desire my Executors herein after named to sell at public sale on a credit of twelve months.

7th, I desire that all my property not herein disposed of be sold at public sale on a credit of twelve months.

8th, I desire that after the settlement of my estate, whatever may be left to be given to my nephew Vincent Gilmer.

9th, There being settlements between myself and Samuel W. Aston and others of Constable receipts & which be debored by limitations, I desire that all my just debts be paid and that my Executor take no advantage of the act of limitiation.

10th, I give to Ann Litton one hundred bushels of corn and twenty five bushels of wheat and forage sufficient to winter her stock.

11th, I desire that my Executor to pay to my grown Negroes a reasonable compensation for their sevices during the present year.

12th, I have paid Thurman Boswell one man for which he is to querry rock and build me a good stone chimney at the house on the Litton farm, I have shingles made on the Tignor farm to cover the house on the Litton farm which I desire to be done.

13th, I desire that nothing contained in this will shall in any way interfere with my contract with Solomon Litton in regards to the provisions made for benefit of Caty Litton.

14th, I hereby constitute and appoint John F. McEhenney and William Aston my Executors.

Given under my hand and seal June 19th 1865.

Vincent Browning (Seal)

Signed, sealed amd delivered in presence of:
Asa Routh
E.D. Kernan

At a court held for Russsell County at the Courthouse thereof on Tuesday the 5th day of September 1865. the last will and testament of Vincent Browning was produced in Court and proved by the oaths of Asa Routh and E.D. Kernan the two subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded. And on the motion of J.F. McElhenney and William B. Aston the two Executors therein named who took oath of an Executor prescribed by law and entered into and acknowledged a bond in the penalty of $10,000.00 with Robert Boyd and A.G. Smith as their securities. A certificate is granted them for obtaining probate of said will in due form.

Teste: C. Gilmer Clerk Pro Term

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