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Russell County, Virginia
Will Book 5, Page 263
Executed 09 Jun 1841

Virginia Russell County:
I William Combs of Russell County & State of Virginia being weak in body by greate and severe pains but of sound mind and having the fear of God before me and being satisfyed that my time of life will be short in the world, I do hereby make my last will and testament in manner and form as follows to wit | that is to say to my dear & beloved wife Anna Combs I will and bequeath my mansion house where I now live and the land belonging to the same as far west as what is called the little field and all my household and kitchen furniture and farming utensils also two horses one old bay horse and one young gray horse ten choice hogs & ten choice cattle also one negro woman named Winney & a boy named Isaac to have and to hold during her life, then the above house and lands & household and kitchen furniture and farming utensils & property is to be my son Cullen Combs the above property is to remain upon the above premises for the benefit and support of the said Anna Combs during her life. I also will and bequeath to my son William Combs the lower end of my holm plantation where he is now living as far this side of his house as the little field and a negro boy named Daniel also my black smith tools all my lands Weavers Creek I will and bequeath to my two sons Thompson Combs and John M Combs they mae divided it between themselves as they chose I also will and bequeath to Thompson Combs one negro girl named Sarah to John M Combs I will and bequeath a negro girl Chany and I also will and bequeath to Thompson Combs my mill and itts aparatus and my still & tubs the balance of cattle & hogs & 4 horses it is my will that they b divided between my son Fealding Combs & my grand daughter Cyndesta Combs it is my will also that my son Cullen have my stock of sheep by his maintaining Anna Combs in a good and comfortable manner & paying Celia Hart, Jacob Combs, Sally Lee, James Combs and Virginia Musick, Sally Musick, William Musick, Combs Musick, John Musick the children of Nancy Musick deceased the sum of one dollar each. To my daughter Ibby Musick I will and bequeath a negro boy named Crockett to my daughter Lydia Gent I will and bequeath a negro girl named Hannah. To my daughter Anna Tignor I will and bequeath a negro girl named Paty Lastly and finaly it is my will that when my spirit is taken out of this tabernacle of clay that my body be lade in the grave in a decent and in the customary manner Signed Sealed in the presence of this 29th March 1841.

William Combs {seal}

James Jackson
Russell Duty
Increase S Judd.

At a Court of quarterly Session continued and held for Russell County at the Courthouse on Wednesday the 9th day of June 1841.
William Combs, Thompson Combs, John M. Combs and Cullen Combs presented in Court, by Dale Carter their Counsel the above writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of William Combs deceased for probat, which was opposed by Jacob Combs, Isaac Hart & wife & William Musick & wife, by Joseph Stras their Counsel; whereupon James Jackson, Russell Duty and Increase S. Judd the subscribing witnesses to said writing and other persons, being sworn and examined and the parties fully heard, it is the opinion of the Court that the said writing is the true last Will and Testament of the said William Combs dec'd, and that at the time of making and publishing the same he was of sound mind and disposing memory, and thereupon the same is established and ordered to be recorded. And no executor being named in said Will on the motion of Ann Combs widow of said deceased, and of James Gent, who made oath, and together with George Cowan, James Fletcher and John Thompson their securities, entered into and acknowledged a bond in the penalty or $6000 conditioned as the law directs, certificate is granted them for obtaining letters of administration on the said decedents estate with his will annexed in due form.

James P. Carrell, C.R.C.

**Note: William Combs was married to Anna Thompson, daughter of William Thompson and Nancy Jackson.

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