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By Donald W. Price
Taken from the September 1982 (Volume V, Number 26) issue of the Southwest Virginian, with permission of the author

Note: Occasionally you will see information that is contained in brackets [ ]. Wherever this is found, the information is an addition that was not contained in Mr. Price's original paper, but has been added by Michael A. Dye.

The following is a copy of a marriage register kept by Rev. Alexander Little of Washington Co., Va., from 15 July 1859, when he was ordained to preach the Gospel until 28 December 1897, when he died. The handwritten register is, at present, in the possession of Mrs. Lelia Regnier of Roanoke, Va., a granddaughter of Rev. Little. (Note by Donald W. Price, 02 Oct 1999: Since the date of this paper, Lelia Regnier has passed away and the register has since passed down to her son John R. Regnier of Salem, Va.) The register was passed to Mrs. Regnier from her father John Edmundson Little, who lived at Salem Va., until his death in 1936. The register is important because it contains some marriages that are missing from the marriage records of Va. counties and contains some names that are omitted in the existing county records and it identifies the minister who performed some of the marriages that are blank at this time. The column giving county name has been added to this copy of Rev. Little's register [and the names have been sorted alphabetically by Grooms name].

Alexander Little was born 08 Sept., 1834, in Russell Co. Va. He was the third son of William Little [s/o David Little & Sarah Snead] of Halifax Co., Va., and his wife, Nancy [Dye], of N.C. The brothers and sisters of Alexander Little were [(1) Mary Martha Little, b. abt 1825, married Nathaniel Newman Helton, s/o Elijah Helton & Rachel Tuggle;] (2) John [S.] Little, b. 1829 [actual date was 15 Jul 1828], married [first, Nancy ? abt. 1850, probably in Russell Co., Va. and second] Mary [J.] Cooper [d/o Jacob Cooper & Martha Meade] and lived in Russell Co., Va.; (3) James Little, b. 1832 [I have Feb 1833, M.A.D. James was killed 18 Mar 1853 by a falling tree]; (4) Mahala little b. 1833; and (5) [Bransonable] Branson Little, b. 1838 [I have Dec 1837, M.A.D.], m. [first, abt. 1859] Susan Counts [d/o Lennox H. Counts & Mary Woodward] and lived in Washington Co., Va. [Branson Little and Susan Counts had no children. Branson Little married second, on 27 Jun 1902, to Theodosia E. Taylor, d/o Stephen G. Taylor & Louisa Fullen. Together they had 4 children.]

On 18 August 1852, [in Washington Co., Virginia] Alexander Little married Mary Ann Helton, b. 8 Sept., 1837, a daughter of William [B.] Helton and his wife, Rachel [Henderson]. The issue of Alexander and Mary Ann Little were: (1) Tabitha Little, b. 24 Sept., 1854, married William G. Garrett] Barnett [s/o John T. Barnett & Kesiah Snead]; (2) Joseph Little, b. 8 August 1856, died an infant; (3) Thomas F. Little, b. 22 May 1858, married Julia [A.] Nunley [d/o Washington & Rhoda Nunley]; (4) Rev. Lilbern [Henderson] Little, b. 7 December, 1860, married [first on 26 Mar 1879 in Washington Co., Va., Rachel E. Sisk, d/o Timothy Sisk & Frances E. Woodward and second on 18 Sep 1889 in Washington Co., Va.] Mary Remine [d/o William & Rachel Remine]; (5) William P. Little, b. 25 October 1864, married Rebecca [Blanche] Woodward [d/o Joseph S. Woodward & Louisa J. Colley]; (6) Rachel Little, b. 3 April 1866, married William [J.] Crosswhite [s/o Golden Crosswhite & Elizabeth Hockett]; (7) Nancy Alice Little, b. 6 July 1869, married Daniel Davenport [This should be Randolph Sumner Davenport, s/o William Greeley Davenport & Martha Kestner, M.A.D.]; (8) John Edmundson Little, b. 7 November 1871, married Ada Frances Worley [d/o James W. & Sarah E. Worley]; (9) Lydia [A.] Little, b. 24 Sept. 1874, married Martin Luther Akers [s/o Martin L. & Elizabeth Akers]; (10) David A. Little, b. 3 December 1876, died an infant; (11) James B. Little, b. 19 April, 1879, married Giney Worley [This is Hazeltine Worley, d/o David Charles Worley & Elyna Elvira Snodgrass].

The brothes and sisters of Mary Ann Helton Little were: (1) Elizabeth Helton, b. 1835; (2) Alexander Lewis Helton, b. 1840, married Caroline Musselwhite; (3) Henry Helton, b. 1842, married Ann Hickey; (4) Parthena Helton, b. 1844, married Daniel W. Bennett; (5) Bryant Helton, b. 1846; (6) Jasper Newton Helton, b. 1848, married twice (1) Manerva Snead and (2) Sarah Hogsden; (7) Barbara Helton, b. 1850, married Richard Price; (8) Mahal Catherine Helton, b. 12 May 1853, married William A. Hanes; (9) Nancy Helton, b. 1856. These names are given for reference as some of the marriages appear in Rev. Little's marriage register.


Washington Co., Va., Marriage Birth and Death Records
Washington Co., Va., Census of 1850, 1860 & 1880
Russell Co., Va., Census of 1850 - 1880
Little Family Records supplied by Mrs. Lelia Regnier and Mr. Delmar J. Little

Writer's Relationship to Rev. Alexander Little

Alex Little m. Mary Ann Helton; issue son John Edmundson Little. John E. Little m. Ada Frances Worley; issue daughter Willie Blanche Little. Samuel M. Earles m. Willie B. Little; issue daughter Olivia Frances Earles. James O. Price m. Olivia F. Earles; issue Donald Wayne Price.

Date of Marriage

Name of Groom

Name of Bride

Place of Marriage

16 Sep 1862

- John

Hurt, Mary


8 Aug 1888

Akers, Emit

Thompson, Mary


25 Feb 1880

Akers, John

Counts, Mollie


11 Mar 1878

Akers, Joseph

Tolbert, Ann


25 Dec 1888

Akers, Luther

Little, Lydia


8 Feb 1866

Akers, Rolan

Tolbert, Maria


4 May 1884

Akers, William

Johnson, Mandy


17 Dec 1869

Alderson, Little

Jackson, Lys


6 Jan 1878

Astrop, Fullen

Heir, Salley


28 Dec 1885

Astrop, Oliver

Huff, Eave


28 Mar 1867

[Austin], Tom

Osten [Sword James], Mary


6 Jan 1864

Bennett, Dan

Helton, Pecin


31 Dec 1868

Bernett, Ben

Snead, Mariah


6 Jan 1875

Bickman, Henderson

Chapman, Thus


16 Jun 1897

Bird, Floy

Helton, Louisa


16 Sep 1874

Blackwell, Dave

Arnett, Sarah


4 Dec 1890

Blackwell, Jack

Jqackson, Maggie


24 Oct 1872

Blackwell, Matt

Colley, Susan


25 Jul 1877

Blackwell, Ribe

Blackwell, Nancy


21 Dec 1867

Blackwell, William

Patric, Jane


4 May 1872

Blackwell, William

-, Sarah


6 Apr 1893

Bondreth, Milt

Maiden, Fannie


17 Sep 1874

Booth, James

Porter, Mary


9 Oct 1879

Booth, Worley

Smith, Aliz


2 Jan 1884

Bordwine, Joseph

Henderson, Frances


25 Apr 1867

Branch, Dave

Carpenter, Nancy


28 Dec 1882

Breedlove, John

Coley, Claire


23 Dec 1872

Briget, Mat

Homes, Nancy

Smyth Co.

1 Feb 1861

Brown, Jacob

Ellit, Rachel


17 Oct 1888

Browning, Arch

Johnson, Marthy


4 Jul 1867

Browning, James

Helton, Mary


5 Dec 1865

Bunsey, Harmon

Price, Sary


23 Jul 1893

Burke, Harve

Johnson, Aliz


3 Jan 1884

Burke, Robert

McKin, Ann


1 Apr 1868

Bursey, Henry

Bays, Nancy


28 Dec 1866

Buscal, Alen

Alison, Martha

Smyth Co

28 Dec 1866

Buscal, William

Alison, Miss -

Smyth Co

21 May 1872

Caldwell, John

Chapman, Mag

Smyth Co

13 Jun 1872

Cardwell, Thomas

Homes, Sarah

Smyth Co.

8 Aug 1867

Carpenter, Jordan

Johnson, Lizy


9 Dec 1874

Carpenter, This

Crabtree, Aughty


2 Mar 1880

Casey, Wes

Goble, Armity


29 Mar 1881

Cassell, Bob

Nunley, Susan


27 May 1892

Casy, Elbert

McCarmack, Emma


17 Nov 1868

Casy, Sam

Hiter, Amey


9 Feb 1887

Casy, Tom

McNew, Linda


5 Dec 1896

Caywood, Joseph

Clark, Malinda


30 Apr 1896

Caywood, Samuel

McNew, Giney


30 Oct 1897

Caywood, T. B.

Warner, Saley


4 Jun 1884

Caywood, Wiley

Goff, Emey


26 Aug 1875

Caywood, Wiley

Thompson, Nancy


4 Feb 1872

Chapman, Bev

Browning, Mag


25 Dec 1875

Chapman, Con

Helton, Marth


29 Sep 1881

Chapman, Henry

Hubbard, Rachel


28 Jun 1883

Chapman, James

Luster, Sary


3 Feb 1875

Chapman, Pres

Pips, Susan

Smyth Co

20 Apr 1892

Chapman, Price

Tolbert, Betsy


25 Sep 1889

Chapman, William

Helton, Allie


22 Oct 1868

Coil, James

Holder, Talithy


27 Jan 1864

Cole, John

Helton, Salley


10 Jul 1887

Colley, Charles

Goff, Matty


13 Nov 1873

Colley, Dan

Colens, Mag


9 Jul 1867

Colley, William

Worley, Sary


2 Sep 1882

Collens, James

Clark, Jane


9 Nov 1872

Comer, Andy

Helton, Virt


20 Sep 1872

Cook, Jo

Mcrath, Haley


29 Oct 1874

Cook, Sam

Musselwhite, Louisa


21 Nov 1894

Counts, George

Smith, Sarah


15 Dec 1872

Counts, Jacob

Taylor, Haley


9 Dec 1869

Counts, John

Patric, Nancy


7 Jan 1867

Counts, Nut

Price, Jane


10 Jan 1872

Crabtree, Jasper

Scott, Hariet


2 Jul 1874

Crain, Nat

Herington, Haner


18 Aug 1864

Crath, William

Haly, Patric


11 Aug 1890

Cuddy, Robert

Roberts, Mary


24 Dec 1879

Cudy, John

Patrick, Mary


2 May 1884

Davenport, Noney

Henderson, Pink


3 Mar 1897

Davenport, W. G.

Jamerson, Lettice


23 Jul 1879

Davison, James

Worley, Mary


29 Mar 1876

Dinsmore, Clark

Henderson, Malissa


1 Feb 1868

Drake, Alen

Ett, Rose


27 Feb 1890

Dye, David

Poston, Rachel


8 Aug 1870

Dye, James

Grace, Susan


6 Jun 1876

Eastridge, Henry

Wodard, Susan


6 Oct 1896

Fields, Elbert

Helton, Patsy


12 Feb 1874

Fitsimmons, Bob

Smith, Salley


10 Jan 1889

Fletcher, Rubin

Johnson, Florine


24 Jul 1872

Fogleman, George

Stallard, Sarah


11 Apr 1876

Forbes, Manuel

Clark, Louisa


8 Jul 1891

Franklin, Crocket

Wise, Mattie


18 Dec 1876

Fullen, John

Branch, Adaline


- Nov 1862

Fullen, Lil

Grace, Luvancy


6 Jan 1876

Fullen, Peet

Harper, Pris

Smyth Co

11 May 1876

Gilbert, James

Homes, Marica

Smyth Co

21 Sep 1865

Gilenwater, Dave

Henderson, Salley


14 Jan 1875

Gilpin, John

Taylor, Linda

Smyth Co

10 May 1883

Gobble, James

Casy, July


23 Feb 1878

Goff, Thomas

Wodard, Calley


17 Feb 1863

Grace, Caleb

Wodard, Lizy


30 Jul 1877

Gray, Sam

Lawson, Liz


18 Dec 1892

Gray, Walter

Wise, Nancy


2 Apr 1868

Griggs, William

Holder, Sary


3 Jan 1894

Grigry, Henry

Addison, Mary


30 Nov 1895

Guinn, Alen

Wise, Mary B.


10 Mar 1861

Hanes, Austin

Helton, Elizabeth


27 Oct 1896

Hart, John

Michel, Effey


30 May 1861

Heel, Frank

Brandy, Sarah


16 Aug 1860

Helton, Austen

Goble, Susan


12 Nov 1874

Helton, Clay

Astrop, Susan


4 Dec 1876

Helton, Evell

Birk, Mag


25 Nov 1869

Helton, Harvy

Snodgrass, Sary


23 Dec 1874

Helton, Harvy

Farin, Marth


2 Sep 1863

Helton, Henry

Hickey, Ann


12 Nov 1891

Helton, Isaac

Jackson, Mary


27 Dec 1865

Helton, James

Morrison, Mahala


7 Jan 1869

Helton, James

Arden, Margaret


6 Mar 1878

Helton, James

Nicewander, Mariah


10 Sep 1868

Helton, Jasper

Snead, Nerva


29 Nov 1876

Helton, Jasper

Hogston, Sary


29 Aug 1866

Helton, John

Rickman, Nancy


24 May 1877

Helton, Jonas

Webb, Tina


14 Jan 1875

Helton, Lewis

Musselwhite, Charoline


4 Jun 1873

Helton, Ligah

Hickey, Marth


22 May 1880

Helton, Ligah

Sisk, Nan


6 Sep 1894

Helton, Lilburn

Scott, Mary


1 Apr 1875

Helton, Reubin

Helton, Zile


25 Dec 1888

Helton, Riley

Rector, Litha


15 Sep 1868

Helton, Sam

McNew, Mandy


28 Dec 1875

Helton, Whit

Farren, Rose


24 Dec 1896

Helton, Whitley

Eastridge, Louisa


26 Sep 1876

Henderson, Conley

Talley, Becca


13 Nov 1892

Henderson, R. E.

Rickman, Sarah


30 Nov 1891

Henderson, Robert

Hacket, Susan


13 Feb 1884

Henderson, Sam

Worley, Cordely


28 May 1884

Henderson, Sam

Slaughter, Nancy

Smyth Co

3 Mar 1897

Henderson, W. F.

Duncan, Callie


3 Nov 1874

Henderson, William

Blackwell, Sarah


10 Apr 1867

Herin, Sam

Buckley, Elzy


17 Dec 1890

Hess, Lincus

Patrick, Giney


18 Jan 1866

Hickey, John

More, Elizabeth


15 Jul 1875

Hicks, Thomas

Snodgrass, Mag


8 Nov 1875

Hill, Wiley

Spain, Mary


15 Oct 1867

Hiter, Jasper

Counts, Sary


9 Nov 1875

Hogston, Arch

Boide, Ceany

Smyth Co

24 Dec 1876

Hogston, John

Prayton, Nancy


25 Dec 1878

Hogston, Whit

Fry, Betsy


8 Jun 1876

Homes, Frank

Chapman, Rachel


7 Jun 1873

Homes, James

Moore, Marth


23 Nov 1892

Homes, Nathan

Gray, Susan


26 Aug 1873

Homes, William

Helton, Catherine


29 Mar 1865

Howard, William

Barger, Fanny


- Jun 1863

Hoyston, Frank

Austin, Liddia

Smyth Co

14 Feb 1866

[Hudson], Sam

Hudson [Eastridge], Malinda


1 Sep 1868

Hurch, Peter

Serber, Manervy

Smyth Co

27 Aug 1868

Hurt, William

Phillips, Mary

Smyth Co

28 Dec 1877

Hutton, Cas

Johnson, Mag


4 Oct 1883

Jackson, Andy

Osburn, Cate


11 Dec 1872

Johnson, Bob

Henderson, Lizia


3 May 1895

Johnson, Frank

Henderson, Sallie


14 Dec 1891

Johnson, George

Dye, Salley


25 Mar 1880

Johnson, P. L.

Siphers, Mary


21 May 1894

Johnson, Thomas

Goff, V. B.


5 Nov 1872

Johnson, Walt

Eastridge, Betsy


28 Feb 1878

Johnson, William

Keath, Salley


14 Jun 1883

Jones, Josh

Homes, Elin


10 Feb 1876

Jones, Walt

Moore, Mandy


9 Apr 1864

Kane, William

Wodard, Rachel


14 Apr 1897

Keath, Bob

Nunly, Vick


11 Sep 1861

Kelley, Jonas

Helton, Tillitha


8 Nov 1897

Kelley, Wilt

Thompson, Katy


11 Mar 1875

Kestner, Mart

Poston, Nancy


19 Nov 1884

Kestner, W. K.

Akers, Dory


1 Sep 1878

Kitz, John

Hogston, Matilda


8 Jan 1883

Lawson, James

Dirkins, Mollie


17 Dec 1874

Lewis, Reuben

Smith, Polley

Smyth Co

6 Mar 1884

Little, James

Grace, Mary


3 May 1877

Little, Thomas

Nunley, July


22 Apr 1880

Litton, Fayett

Farmer, Mollie


10 Feb 1885

Litton, Mose

Barb, Rachel


2 Aug 1883

Low, Isaac

Dinker, Nerv


3 May 1883

Mays, William

McCracin, Becca


18 Jun 1863

McGraw, John

Norris, Miss


14 Mar 1894

McNew, Alexander

Nunley, Mary


25 Feb 1873

McNew, John

Merdoc, Nerv


10 Jun 1883

McRath, Henry

Moore, Sarah


28 Oct 1886

Mercer, E. L.

Sandifer, Lianna


18 Nov 1875

Miller, John

Collins, Nancy


11 Mar 1886

Miller, Milt

Eastridge, Sarah


9 Feb 1888

Miller, S. P.

Eastridge, Marthy


15 Dec 1874

Mills, John

Weeks, Salley

Smyth Co.

25 Feb 1860

More, David

Shelton, Mathy

Russell Co.

25 Dec 1861

More, Jonas

Clarke, Sarah


18 Apr 1876

Musselwhite, John

Montgomery, Meg


21 May 1891

Mutter, John

Helton, Mary


28 Sep 1881

Nunley, Gran

Counts, Caley


23 Jul 1891

Nunley, John

Kechum, Laury


29 Dec 1863

Parkin, Jack

Eastridge, Lizy


19 Feb 1874

Patric, Marton

Scott, Mary


11 May 1876

Patrick, Andy

Hammons, Cynthia


14 Dec 1875

Patrick, Harrison

Wodard, Sary


15 Nov 1861

Patrick, Henry

Eastridge, Haly


16 Jul 1890

Pearce, George

Gray, Eliza


5 Oct 1897

Pearce, George

Gray, Victoria


28 Feb 1861

Phelps, Aquilla

Hickey, Sarah


24 Sep 1895

Pierce, Robert

Price, Ellie


19 Nov 1874

Polk, Charles

Fullen, Mandy


31 Dec 1891

Poston, Bud

Blackwell, Katie


18 Jul 1894

Praytor, Robert

Wise, Susan


10 Dec 1872

Price, Alf

Little, Mary`


18 Jan 1893

Price, Charley

Gregry, Laura


16 Oct 1888

Price, Crocket

Helton, Mary


27 Aug 1862

Price, George

Chapman, Mary


21 Mar 1861

Price, James

Dye, Matilda


8 Apr 1872

Price, James

Dye, Marthy


5 Oct 1882

Price, Richard

Helton, Barbry


10 Jan 1866

Price, Thomas

Jackson, Jiney


19 Jan 1868

Price, William

Barger, Mary


16 Apr 1874

Price, William

Snead, Alis


13 Dec 1866

Rickman, John

Chapman, Martha


26 Oct 1876

Rickman, William

More, Mandy


6 May 1876

Roberts, Chap

Eastridge, Liz


21 Nov 1861

Robinet, John

Sord, Susan


24 Sep 1873

Rutroff, Jo

Akers, Laury


27 Nov 1873

Sanders, John

White, Jane


25 Dec 1879

Sandifer, John

Hawkins, Cordely


23 Oct 1890

Sauls, Thomas

Johnson, Mollie


23 Dec 1874

Scott, James

Walker, Marth

Smyth Co

1 Jan 1891

Sescoe, Jasper

Scott, Magey


24 Mar 1880

Shell, James

McKin, Mary


15 Mar 1872

Shelton, Lynch

Cudy, Polly Ann


3 Oct 1872

Shuffel, John

More, Catherine


12 May 1897

Simpson, Bob

Brody, Marthy


28 Dec 1868

Singleton, John

Helton, Mary


12 Nov 1875

Sisk, Jasper

Harris, Matty


29 Jul 1869

Smith, Ady

Patric, Catherine


20 Dec 1867

Smith, Frank

Garison, Nancy


19 Jun 1860

Smith, James

Price, Faney


25 Nov 1874

Smith, James

Whit, Lizabeth


27 Oct 1874

Smith, John

Counts, Sarah


13 Aug 1863

Snodgrass, Charley

Taylor, Mancy


25 Feb 1897

Snodgrass, S. P.

Wodard, Sarah V.


29 Sep 1888

Spears, Dr.

Henderson, Puss


3 Jul 1890

St. John, Andrew

Dye, Elince


19 Oct 1876

Surber, John

Chapman, Sarah


6 Jan 1881

Surface, George

Akers, July


25 Jun 1891

Taylor, Andrew

Worley, Mary


30 Apr 1874

Taylor, Andy

Poston, Mary


20 Sep 1883

Taylor, Charles

Henderson, Elen


7 Oct 1869

Taylor, Henry

Hilton, Rachel


22 Mar 1888

Taylor, Henry

Wodard, Susan


26 Nov 1896

Taylor, Hiram

Webb, Henrietta


25 Nov 1869

[Taylor], John

Keath, Mary


9 Apr 1874

Taylor, Jonathan

Marton, Tillitha


2 Apr 1868

Taylor, Steve

Fullen, Luisy


- Nov 1893

Tetter, Wesley

Barnett, Cordeley


24 Dec 1874

Thomas, James

Blackwell, Louisa


4 Jan 1872

Tolbert, Dave

Homes, Mary

Smyth Co.

7 Dec 1867

Tolbert, James

Linch, Jo


18 - 1861

Vancel, David

Frick, Catherine


29 Dec 1878

Vanport, William

Whitehead, Caty


1 May 1866

Vansil, Dave

Snead, Jane


15 Sep 1861

Vermillion, Jesse

Astrop, Ellen


2 Feb 1865

Walden, Lewis

Price, Nancy


14 Oct 1897

Walls, Gorden

McCarmack, Obey


10 Sep 1872

Watson, William

Herril, Harriet


15 Oct 1874

Webb, Jeb

Helton, Frances


7 May 1876

Whit, Full

Gray, A.


17 Apr 1877

Whitehead, Alex

Johnson, Perline


25 Oct 1897

Widener, Daniel

Gobble, Lucinda


15 Apr 1861

Williams, John

Lunford, Sarah


22 Aug 1894

Wise, Bud

Guinn, Sallie


19 Aug 1895

Wise, Charles

Hogston, Mary


21 Apr 1890

Witt, Will

Willis, Nancy


23 Sep 1875

Wodard, Henry

Poston, Elen


21 Oct 1875

Wodard, Jasper

Eastridge, Pheby


6 Mar 1866

Wodard, Jesse

Grace, Lizy


1 Nov 1866

Wodard, Joseph

Colley, Mary


23 Jul 1891

Wolf, Frank

Nunley, Giney


17 Sep 1873

Worley, Bob

Patric, Mary


22 May 1872

Worley, Peet

Whitaker, Partheny


21 Feb 1884

Worley, Simon

Worley, Laura


29 Oct 1868

Young, Alfred

Hunt, July

Smyth Co

14 Aug 1864

Young, Thomas

Dornal, Kis


Notes by Donald W. Price

Marriage of Brown, John [Jacob] - Ellit, Rachel - in county record her maiden name is Elliott
Marriage of Grace, Caleb - Wodard, Lizy - in county record her name is Lizy Wodard Farris
Marriage of Bennett, Dan - Helton, Pecin - in county record her given name is Parthena
Marriage of Young, Thomas - Dornal, Kis - in county record her given name is Kesiah
Marriage of Crath, William - Patric, Haly - in county record his surname is McElrath
Marriage of Hoyston, Frank - Austin, Liddia - in county record only year 1863 is recorded, no month
Marriage of Kane, William - Wodard, Rachel - in county record his surname is Cain and her maiden name is Woodward
Marriage of Sam & Malinda Hudson - in county record this is Sam Hudson & Malinda Eastridge
Marriages of Buscal - Alison - in county records of both entries, the husbands surname is Bushill
Marriage of Tom & Mary Osten - in county record this is Thomas Austin & Mary Sword James
Marriage of Nut Counts - Jane Price - in county record his given name is Newton and her given name is Roda G.
Marriage of Alfred Young & July Hunt - in the county record the full name of the wife is missing. This may be the only record of it.
Marriage of John Singleton & Mary Helton - in county record his surname is Singleford
Marriage of John & Mary Keath - in county record this is John Taylor & Mary Keith
Marriage of John McNew & Nerv Merdoc - in county record her name is Mary Jane Murdock and the date is 25 Feb. 1873
Marriage of John McGraw & Miss Norris - in county record Thomas Jefferson McGraw married Margaret Norris on 18 Jun 1863, Washington Co.
Marriage of Alen Drake & Rose Ett - in county record her name is Rosett Washington
Marriage of John Caldwell & Meg Chapman - in county record the date is 1873
Marriage of Peet Worley & Partheny Whitaker - in county record the date is 1873
Marriage of Bev Chapman & Mag Browning - in county record the date is 1870
Marriage of William Blackwell & Sarah - in county record the date is 1870, and her maiden name is Helton
Marriage of Jo Cook & Haley McRath - in county record the date is 1870, and her maiden surname is McElrath
Marriage of Andy Comer & Virt Helton - in county record the date is 1870, and her given name is Alverty Jane
Marriage of Jacob Counts & Haley Taylor - in county record the date is 1870
Marriage of Mat Briget & Nancy Homes - in county record his surname is Bridgman
Marriage of William Homes & Catherine Helton - in county record her given name is Mahaly C.
Marriage of James Price & Marthy Dye - in county record the date is 21 March 1861
Marriage of James Scott & Marth Wlker - in county record her given name is Mary J.
Marriage of Pres Chapman & Susan Pips - in county record her name is Susan Phipps
Marriage of Arch Hogston & Ceany Boide - in county record her name is Delsena Boyd
Marriage of James Shell & Mary McKin - in county record her maiden name is McCrackin
Marriage of James Collens & Jane Clark - in county record the date is 28 Sept.
Marriage of Henry McRath & Sarah Moore - in county record his surname is McElrath
Marriage of Dr. Spears & Puss Henderson - in county record his name is S. H. Spears, a dentist, and her name is T. A. Henderson [This is Spencer Hadley Speer & Theresa A. Henderson]
Marriage of George Pearce & Eliza Gray - in county record his surname is Price
Marriage of Jasper Sescoe & Magey Scott - in county record his surname is Franciso
Marriage of Bob Keath & Vick Nunly - in county record his surname is Arden

The following was found in the back secion of the register in a handwriting that matches the entries of the register.

"It is with pain & regret that we have to announce the sadness that exists in the home & hearts of the C. W. Frances family. 5 weeks since he had to give up his dear wife, one that seemed dearer to him than his own life & one that seemed so dear to him that while on her death bed she would look up into his face & smile as though no pain could cause the bright smile of a true & noble wife"

(Page Missing)

"Kind words & bright the smiles of a true & noble Christian like Mrs. Anner Frances. We will say to the bereaved family live on. Anner is not lost but sleeping sweetly in the silent mound but some sweet day when the 3 angels message have fallen on every human ear & thriced every Soul & Christ comes to wake up his jewels."

"Then Anner will awaken from her slumber & join that skyward procession & have a home forever with the Blessed in the bright City prepared for all the faithful. For Christ says to prepare a Peace for you, I will come again & receive you unto my self. That when I am there ye may be also."

"How comforting these words to a broken hearted family like Mr. France's. The death Angel did not stop at claiming his dear wife but 5 weeks later it again claimed Mr. France's oldest daughter. She died of Brain Fever & Spinal Afflections. She was a noble girl & made friends wher ever she went. She was about 16 years of age & seemed to be a favorite in the entire family. But God is no respector of persons & when pessimus comes we to like Maggie & Anner must go."

"There was a large crowd attend the funeral service which was conducted by Rev. W. G. Barnett."

"Mr. D. C. Cummings this is to certifye that I am willing for you to grant license for my daughter Giney Worley to unite in marriage with James B. Little. November 29, 1896" (No Signatures Appear)

Notes on the marriages not found recorded in the county records - from the marriage register of Reverend Alexander Little

Charley Snodgrass - Mandy Taylor:

Charles Snodgrass, b. 1840, was the son of Joseph Snodgrass and his wife, Tamar. In the 1850 & 1860 censuses of Washington Co., Va., are found Joseph Snodgrass, b. abt 1813; Tamar, his wife, b. abt 1820; and children: (1) Charles, b. abt. 1840, (2) Mary, b. abt. 1844, (3) Sarah, b. abt. 1846, (4) John b. abt 1848, (5) Abram, b. abt. 1853, (6) Ann, b. abt. 1856, and (7) Joanna, b. abt. 1859.

In the 1850 census of Washington Co., Va., the Andrew J. Taylor family lived two houses from Joseph Snodgrass. There was the head of household, Andrew J. Taylor, b. abt. 1822; Nancy, his wife, b. abt. 1822. Both were b. in N. C. The issue of Andrew & Nancy Taylor were: (1) Polly, b. abt. 1838, (2) John, b. abt. 1842, (3) Amanda, b. abt. 1844, (4) Mahala, b. abt. 1847, (5) Stephen, b. abt. 1849, (6) Henry, b. abt. 1852, (7) Andrew, b. abt. 1856, (8) Sarah, b. abt. 1857, (9) Francis, b. abt. 1860.

Sam Herin - Elzy Buckley:

In the Russell Co. records is found the marriage of S. B. Herring and E. C. Campbell. He is 56 years old and single, she is 37 years old and a widow. They were married 2 April 1867 by Rev. Alexander Little. It is possible that hre maiden name was Buckley prior to the Campbell marriage.

In the 1880 census of Russell Co., Va., there is S. B. Herren age 69 years, b. in Tenn.; Elzina C., his wife, age 50, and the following children: (1) Mary A., age 16, (2) Miles B., age 12, (3) Eddie J., age 6, (4) Samuel F., age 26. Also listed are Cecilia J., age 25, wife ofSamuel F., and George Herren, age 63, brother of S. B. Herren, b. in N. C.

In the 1850 census of Russell Co., Va., Elzy Campbell, a 21 year old female is listed with Ann Buckley, a 67 year old female who was b. in Halifax Co., Va.

Sam Casey - Amey Hiter:

In the 1880 census of Washington Co., Va., there is listed Samuel Casey, age 30, b. in Va.; Ann E., his wife, age 27, b. in Va.; William, age 10; John W., age 7; Elbert, age 6; Sarah E., age 5; and Julia A., age 4.

On July 13, 1889, Ann Eliza Casey, age 35, d. in Washington Co., Va. Her parents are unknown and the information was given by Samuel Casey, her husband.

On 10 Feb. 1890, Samuel Casey, age 40, a widower, married E. S. Holder, age 31, single, in Washington Co., Va. His parents were James & Diana Casey, her parents were Jeff & Sarah Ann Holder.

In the 1900 census of Washington Co., Va., North Fork District, there is listed Samuel Casey b. May 1846; his wife, Elizabeth, b. May 1859; Mary M., b. Dec. 1890; Dolly, b. July 1892; Mattie M., b. June 1896; James K. & Maggie. b. Sept. 1898; and Lester, b. April 1900, noted as a granddaughter.

Alderson Little - Lys Jackson:

By the 1860 census of Washington Co., Va., Alderson Little age 8 years, was the oldest child of John Little and his wife, Mary Cooper. He was a nephew of Rev. Alexander Little.

[Note by Michael A. Dye - I don't believe that Alderson Little was a son of John Little & Mary Cooper. According to census records Alderson was born in 1852. John Little & Mary Cooper did not marry until 06 Feb 1854. On the marriage record of John Little & Mary Cooper it lists that John Little was widowed. On 10 Dec 1870, in Russell Co., Va., Alfred Price, age 21, s/o Nancy Price, married Mary Little, age 19. Mary's parents were listed as John & Nancy Little. Based on this info, Mary Little would have been born abt. 1851. It is my assertion that Mary & Alderson Little were children of John Little & Nancy ?, who would have been his first wife. There would be no record of John & Nancy's marriage since the marriage records for Russell Co. before 1853 have disappeared.]

John Stanifer - Cordely Hawkins:

In the 1900 census of Washington Co., Va., Saltville District, there is listed John Sandefur b. Aug. 1860, and his wife, Cordelia, b. June, 1861. They had been married 20 years and they had 5 children, only 4 are listed in the census with John and Cordelia. The childrn are; (1) Mary, b. Dec. 1882; (2) Robert G., b. Sept. 1884; (3) Samuel M., b. Dec. 1887; (4) Maggie E.., b. Nov. 1889.

John Sandefur was a son of Samuel Sandefur. In the 1880 census of Washington Co., Va., John Sandefur age 19 and his wife, Cordelia, age 19 are living in the home of his father, Samuel Sandefur, age 47 with (1) Alice, age 28; (2) William, age 23; (3) Robert, age 15; (4) Mahalia, age 13; (5) Leander, age 10 (see the Mercer-Santifer marriage); (6) Thomas, age 2; and (7) George M., age 8 months.

After this paper was completed this marriage was found recorded in Tazwell Co., Va., on 24 December, 1879. Her mother was listed as Jane Hawkins.

John Akers - Mollie Counts:

In the 1900 census, Mary Akers, a widow, was living in the Saltville District of Washington Co., Va., in the home of her sister and brother-in-law, Susan and Branson Little. He was a brother of Rev. Alexander Little. Mary was the mothre of 6 children, three of whom were listed with her in the census: (1) George W. Akers, b. April 1888; (2) John T. Akers, b. December 1889; (3) Susie Akers, b. July 1890.

Mary Counts was the daughter of Lennox Counts and Mary Woodward, who were married 24 December 1839, in Washington Co., Va. The issue of Lennox and Mary Counts were: (1) Susan, b. 18 August 1842, m. Branson Little; (2) John, b. 3 March 1844, m. Nancy Patrick; (3) Isaac Newton Counts, b. 3 February 1846, m. Roda G. Price and Susan Kingsolver; (4) Sarah Ann, b. 27 October 1847, m. John L. Smith; (5) Jacob, b. 25 March 1849, m. Mahala Taylor; (6) Eva Caldonia, b. 5 November 1850, m. Granville Nunley; (7) Mary Frances, b. 8 Sept. 1854, m. John Akers; (8) William E., b. 18 July 1856, m. Mary Ella Akers.

E. L. Mercer - Lianna Santifer:

In the 1900 census of Russell Co., Va., Elk Garden District, there is found E. L. Mercer, b. April 1858, and his wife, Lianna, b. Feb. 1870. They had been married 14 years and they had 6 children. E. L. and Lianna Mercer's issue were: (1) Charles H., b. Aug. 1887; (2) Earnest R., b. May 1889; (3) William J., b. Aug. 1891; (4) ___ E. (female), b. Sept. 1895; (5) L. May, b. April 1898; (6) Mary A., b. July 1899.

Lianna Sandefur was a daughter of Samuel Sandefur listed in the 1880 census of Washington Co., Va. Listed were Samuel Sandefur, age 47; Alice, age 28; William, age 23; Robert, age 15; Mahala, age 13; Leander, age 10; Thomas, age 2; George M., age 8 months; John S., age 19; Cordelia, age 19 (daughter-in-law, wife of John S.., See the Santifer - Hawkins marriage).

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