Family Bible Record of Aaron L. & Louisa "Ball" Hurt

Submitted by:
Michael Dye


Aaron Lilburn Hurt was born April 27, 1842
Louisa H. Hurt was born April 26, 1850
John Willard Hurt was born February 21, 1870
Virginia Belle Hurt was born September 5, 1872
Henry Walton Hurt was born July 11, 1876
Salina Ann Hurt was born July 18, 1874
Andrew Fullen Hurt was born October 18, 1878
Charles Aston Hurt was born October 31st, 1880
Thomas Lucien hurt was born March 15th, 1882
Rosa May Hurt was born April 23, 1885
Alfred Howell Hurt was born April 13, 1888
Sarah Martha Hurt was born March 27, 1889


A. L. Hurt and Louisa H. Ball was married June 12, 1869
J. W. Hurt and Alta J. Steele were married December 20th, 1896
Raleigh Whitt and Salina A. Hurt were married December 24, 1896
Sparrel Hale and Virginia B. hurt were married February 10, 1900

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