Family Bible Record of Andrew Lynam & Nancy "Davis" Jackson

Submitted by:
Dawna Vicars

p. 1

Geo C. Jackson born July 14, 1872
A. L. Jackson died Nov. The 22, 1897(sic)

p. 2

Wm G. Jackson died May 9, 1857
Lovina J. Jackson died Dec. 4th 1858
Nancy J. Jackson died Dec. 25th 1859
Francis (sic) D. his wife
Feb. 14th his wife 22 inrt(?) 1862
Nancy A. Jackson, wife of A. L. Jackson died Dec. 5th 1863
John H. Jackson was killed Sept. 14th 1864
E.D.K. Jackson died April, 1865
Tom A. Jackson died Dec. 6th 1875


Ages of Children born
Andrew L. Jackson was born August the 24th day....1809
Nancy Jackson was born February the 8th day....1818
A. L. Jackson and his wife was married February 2 day ....1834
Francis D. Jackson was born July the 3 day....1835
William G. Jackson was born January the 5 day....1837
Lovina Jackson was born March the 21 day....1839
John H. Jackson was born January the 11 day....1844
(Handwriting changes here.)
Celia R. Jackson was born March the 18 day....1846

p. 4

Lorenzo D. Jackson was born February the 15 day 1848
Andrew C. Jackson was born February the 24 day 1850
James B. Jackson was born April the 30th 1854
Nancy J. Jackson was born January 11th 1858

Note: first page reference Andrew L Jackson 12 1838 (possibly 1832)
different ink over wrote a date 1841 or 1851. (5 written over 4)

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