Family Bible Record of Bud Homer & Nannie E. "Mutter" Harvey

Submitted by:
Robin Oliver

The Holy Bible
Golden Book Edition
Published by Consolidated Book Publishers, Chicago, Illinois
Copyright 1950

Presented to Rev. B. H. Harvey by Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Walsh

Marriage Record of
Husband B. Homer Harvey
Birth Date June 5th 1906
Wife Nannie E. Mutter
Birth Date Dec. 28th, 1910
Date of Marriage March 23rd, 1929
Performed by Chas. E. Bevins
At Coeburn, Virginia
Wedding Attendants
Mrs. Lucy Mutter
Mrs. Nell Harvey
Mrs. Florence Hicks
Mr. Ollie Hicks
Mr. Charles Mutter
Husbands Family Tree
Frank Harvey (father) Died Oct 6-1906 (Killed)
Mary Harvey (mother) Died Oct 1922
Andy Hicks (Mary's father)

Wife's Family Tree
Henry Mutter (father)
Jennie Kate Hicks (mother )
Henry Mutter died July 28, 1960
Jennie Kate Hicks born Dec 14, 1894, died Oct 6, 1918
Robert Mutter, Nancy Mutter, my grandparents on daddy's side.
G. W. Hicks, Callie Hicks, my grandparents on mother's side.

Members of our Family
Name Jennie Kate Hicks Mutter Relationship My mother (Nannie Ella Harvey)
Born Dec 14th 1894 Passed on Oct 6, 1918
Name Nancy Ray Mutter Relationship Grandmother (Nannie Harvey)
Born 1842 Passed on April 10, 1943
Name Alice Cadle Relationship Aunt
Name G. W. Hicks Relationship Grandpaw
Name Callie Hicks Relationship Grandma
Name Kenneth Sturgill Relationship Husband's Brother's Boy
Passed on July 14, 1948
Name Thurman Harvey Relationship Husband's Brother
Passed on Aug 9, 1935
Name Mary Jane Hicks Harvey Relationship Husband's Mother
Name Frank Harvey Relationship Husban's Father
Name Conley Harvey Relationship Husband's Brother
Passed on March 25, 1959
Name Henry Mutter Relationship Father
Passed on July 28, 1960
Name Orpha Mutter Relationship Step mother
Passed on Oct 16, 1966

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