Family Bible Record of Elbert Wiggins Ball

Submitted by:
Amy M. Benites

The Elbert Wiggins Ball family Bible is a "Self-Pronouncing Edition of the Holy Bible translated out of the original tongues, confirming to the edition of 1611, commonly known as the Authorized or King James Version." The bible measures 9" x 2 1/2" x 12" with a black cover that is rather worn. There are beautiful illustrations contained within this bible depicting various scenes described in the scriptures. The handwriting shows four distinct signatures, one belonging to Sadie Barrett Ball. The bible is currently (31 March 1999) in the possession of Amy Michelle Ball Benites, great-granddaughter of Elbert Wiggins Ball.

This Certifies that Elbert Wiggins Ball of Gardner, Virginia and Mary Myrta Fletcher of Davenport, Virginia were joined together by Me in the bonds of Holy Matrimony at H________ on the 18th day of October in the year of our Lord 1906.

Hollis McKinley Ball married Sadie May Barrett December 23, 1933
Freeman Lee Ball married ______________
Eugene Ball married Lilian Plaster
Ira Joseph Ball married Ruth Steele
Floyd Francis Ball married Ada Smith
Cynthia Victoria Ball married Dec 19, 1934 Spurge Owens
Myrtle Ellen Ball - Irlie Lawson

E.W. Ball was born: Nov. 22, 1878
M.M. Ball was born: Nov. 25, 1885
H.M. Ball was born: Aug. 4, 1907
E.K. Ball " " Mar. 13, 1909
F.L. Ball " " June 17th 1911
F.F. Ball " " Oct 3rd 1913
Cynthia V. Ball " " May 11th 1916
Ira Joseph Ball " " May 8, 1918
Myrtle Ellen Ball " " June 13, 1926

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