Family Bible Record of Fowler & Anna Eliza "Johnson" Fullen

Submitted by:
Joye Boardman and Jack Hockett

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Thomas H. Fullen sone of Fowler & Ann Eliza Fullen deceist on the morning of the 15 October 1861 at 4 oclock
Fowlar Fullen died January the 2, 1883 aged 72 years
Annie E. Fullen died June the 26 1899, aged 85 years
Hiram Fullen died Appril the 5, 1900, aged 62 years
Mary Fullen deceased the 8th December 1850
Lilburn Fullen died January the 25, 1916, aged 79 years
Elizabeth F. Price died September the 23, 1916, aged 76 years
Louise Taylor died March the 17, 1931, aged 85 years, 17 days
Hiram Fullen died February 22, 1979, age 78 years, 5 months, 15 days, Bolder Colorado

Page 2:


J. M. Price deceased April 1920
S. J. Bays died April 15, 1932, aged 83 years, 6 days
Armelda Fullen Bays died July 4, 1942, aged 88 years, 5 months, 19 days

Page 3:


Lilburn Fullen was born the 12th day of March in the year of our lord 1837
Hiram Fullen was born the 29th day of April in the year of our lord 1838
Elizabeth Francis Fullen was born the 27th day of February in the year of our lord 1840
Loueasy Fullen was born the 8th day of March in the year of our lord 1846
Armellday Fullen was born the 15th day of January in the year of our lord 1854
Thomas H. Fullen was born the 26th day of August in the year of our lord 1856
Fowler Fullen was born the 18th November in the year of our lord 1812

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