Family Bible Record of Franklin Pierce & Mary "McReynolds" Jessee

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Michael Dye


Franklin P. Jessee and Mary (Mollie) S. McReynolds was united in matrimony September 9th, 1875
Ada F. Jessee and C. A. Wallace were married August 10th 1898
Ira C. Jessee and Ella Smith were married Sept. --- 1905
Eliza E. Jessee and E. F. Skeen were married Ausgust 15, 1900
Mattie Jessee and Robert N. Graham were married June 13th 1906


Franklin P. Jessee was born November 25th, 1852
Mary S. McReynolds consort of Franklin P. Jessee was born March 14th 1852
Ada Falecia Jessee was born the 23rd day of June 1878
Ira C. Jessee was born the 15th day of Oct., 1881
Eliza E. Jessee was born the 11th of November, 1883
Martha Susannah E. Jessee was born April 20th, 1889


Elizabeth Jessee died July 8th 1896
Noah Jessee died May 11, 1909
Mattie E. Graham died Feb. 6, 1920


Elizabeth Jessee was born June 9, 1835
Samuel B. Jessee was born July 7, 1892
Noah Jessee was born -----, 1830

(Note: Franklin Pierce Jessee was the son of Noah Jessee & Elizabeth Kiser, and the grandson of George L. Jessee & Elizabeth Counts and Elihu Kiser & Jennie Skeen.)

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