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Family Bible Record of James Fullen Litton

Submitted by:
Bonnie L. Schermer
1021 Queensboro
Mishawaka, IN 46544


(All below is direct quote, surnames have been put in all caps by typist):

                                MY FAMILY

John R. LITTON, born March 1726 at Rockville, Maryland, and Sarah
WILCOXEN, 1728, married 3 May 1745 at Fincastle, VA.

Capt. Solomon C. LITTON, born 22 December 1751 at Fincastle, VA, and
Martha SHARPE DUNCAN, born 1756 ditto, married 24 May 1774 at Roanoke,

John W. LITTON Sr., br 11 November 1775
Sarah Pearl FULLEN, br July 1771, married in Knox County 27 Sept 1802.

Christened at Episcopal Church at Staunton, VA.
Solomon C. LITTON br Jan 15 1804.
John W. LITTON Jr. br June 21 1806.
Sarah Peral (sic) LITTON br Jan 6 1811.
James F. LITTON br April 30 1818.

Solomon LITTON III mar. Catherine YONTZ on April 20 1828 Rus. Co. VA.
Sarah LITTON mar Martin D. SNIDER on JAN 10 1831 in Knox Co. Kty.
James F. LITTON mar. Lucinda REDWINE on Feb 1 1838 Rus. Co. VA., died
May 17, 1843, married Miss Margaret LITTON on Aug 22 1845 Rus. Co. VA,
born May 5 1824 Knox Co. Kty daughter of Sol LITTON Jr.

                          James F. LITTON

                           FAMILY RECORD

James F. LITTON and Margaret LITTON married 22 August 1845.
Olie LITTON and Mary JESSEE marr. 1 Feb 1899.
Z.T. LITTON and Rebecca VERMILLION marr. 4 November 1874.
Solomon S. LITTON and Amy STINSON marr. 7 April 1876.
V.C. LITTON and Susan SHOEMAKER marr. 19 June 1895.
William MONK and Sarah THOMAS was marr. 7 August 1856.
Lafayette MONK and Rebecca Jane LITTON marr. 12 Sept. 1861
John J. LITTON and Sarah A. GARRETT marr. 18 Dec 1871.
Eunice M. LITTON and James H. GILBERT marr. 25 Dec 1888.

Josephine C. LITTON born 24 March 1840.
Rebecca J. LITTON born 24 June 1842.
John J. LITTON born 14 February 1846.
Zachery T. LITTON born 16 October 1851.
Solomon S. LITTON born 9 March 1853.
Eunice M. LITTON born 20 April 1855.
Vincent C. LITTON born 21 April 1860.
Aaron Douglas LITTON born 5 May 1862.
Amt. ? LITTON born 10 October 1872.
James M. C. Linnely LITTON born 24 October 1896.
Infant baby of V. C. and S. F. LITTON born 23 January 1898.
Infant baby of V. C. and S. F. LITTON born 22 May 1901.
Bertha Virginia LITTON born 24 July 1902.


Lucretia LITTON deceased 17 May 1845.
Aaron Douglas LITTON deceased December 1864.
Martin GARRETT died 14 March 1876.
James Fullen LITTON deceased 23 June 1881.
Fannie TIGNOR died 4 January 1875.
Isabelle BROWNING died 30 October 1875.
Z. Taylor LITTON died 19 November 1889.
Infant baby of E.M. and J. H. GILBERT 26 Sept 1889.
Infant baby of E.M. and J. H. GILBERT 2 Sept 1890.
Infant baby of E.M. and J. H. GILBERT 26 June 1892.
Infant baby of E.M. and J. H. Gilbert 9 December 1892.
Infant baby of V.C. and S. F. LITTOn was buried 11 March 1900.

(End of quoted records)


I picked this record up during my visits to libraries in the South Western VA area. It is very likely on file at the public library in Lebanon, Russell Co., where there is a thick LITTON family folder. I have a photocopy of the first section, MY FAMILY, and a typewritten transcript of the whole record.

This is the line of Canie B. LITTON Jr., of Jacksonville, FL, and he probably has the original manuscript in his collection.

John R. LITTON is John Richard LITTON, son of Caleb LITTON born 1678, either in Ottery St. Mary (Devon) Eng., or in Maryland, depending on the researcher's inclination. Caleb's wife was Grace FORRESTER or BURTON b 1698 Baltimore, MD d 1792 Rockville, MD.

Sarah or Sallie WILCOXEN was the daughter of Thomas WILCOXEN, Sr. b 9 Mar 1695 d ca 1777 (Prince Georges Co.) MD who m. Ruth _____b 3 Sep 1703. Thomas was s/o John WILCOXEN d 22 Sep 1716 (Prince Georges) MD and Magdalen ______.

Capt. Solomon C. LITTON, s/o John R. and Sarah WILCOXEN LITTON, was Solomon Caleb LITTON, Sr. d 22 Oct. 1842/2 May 1843 (Russell) VA. There were many Solomon LITTON'S of Russell and other counties, and it is necessary to keep track of them by date!

Martha SHARPE DUNCAN, sometimes listed as Martha DUNCAN SHARP d 31 Mar 1821 was probably widowed when she married Solomon LITTON. She was d/o Thomas DUNKIN b 3 Jan 1692, Argyle Scotland d 1756/60 (Lancaster) PA/Perm, VA. who m 1733 Elizabeth ALEXANDER b 1709/10 Scotland d 1814 Elk Garden/Spring Creek (Russell) VA. (LDS Ancestry File has Thomas DUNKIN's family back to 1501.)

John W. LITTON Sr., s/o Capt. Solomon and Martha LITTON, was John Whitely LITTON d 1853 who built "Litton Hill", a large brick house near Elk Garden. He donated the land for the Elk Garden Methodist Church, and there is a LITTON cemetery behind the modern house at Box 445 Rt. 1, within sight of the current church building.

James Fullen LITTON was s/o John W. LITTON and Sarah Pearl FULLEN.

The above family members who lived until 1850 are fairly easy to sort out by comparing this record to the censuses.

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