Family Bible Record of John & Mary "Monk" Belcher

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Michael Dye

John Belcher was born June 26th, 1724
Mary Belcher was born Nov. 27th, 1728
Samuel H. Belcher was born Aug. 23rd, 1818
Nancy Belcher was born September 27th, 1819
Lucy Belcher was born August 17th, 1822
Syntha Belcher was born June 3rd, 1820
Frances Belcher was born August 29th, 1824
John T. Belcher was born Oct. 12th, 1826
Joseph Belcher was born March 4th, 1828
Charles W. Belcher was born October 23rd, 1831
Maryum Belcher was born on October 9, 1833
Betsy Belcher was born August 22nd. 1835
George W. H. Belcher was born July 20th, 1839
Rebecca Belcher, was born June 26, 1841
Erastus Belcher was born March 10th, 1849

Family Record.
Marriage is honourable in all.
John Belcher was married to Mary Monk, June 27th, day A.D. 1815
Samuel H. Belcher was married to Nancy Maddax July 18th, 1839
Syntha Belcher was married to Garlin H. Robins Nov. 29th, 1843
G. W. Belcher was married to Elizabeth McFarland, Oct. 7th, 1858

Frances Belcher departed this life October 18th, 1824
Betsy G. Belcher departed this life December 12, 1837

NOTE: The above record was taken from a book which is located in the Russell County Public Library. It should be noted that the birth dates of John & Mary "Monk" Belcher are obviously wrong. Their birth dates should be Jun 26, 1794 & Nov 27, 1798 respectively It is unknown whether the record appeared this way in the original bible record, or if it was miscopied when it was transcribed for placement in the book.

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