Family Bible Record of John Burl Smith

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Patricia Thomas Pegram

John Burl Smith Family Bible
Currently in the possession of his daughter, Lethia Whited, Honaker, Va.
Page l

Jno. B. Smith was Born Oct 7th 1870
G. B. Smith was Born June 7th 1873
A. G. Smith, son of Mary Smith was born July 12th 1890
Lola F. Smith, daughter of B. F. Smith was born Jan 14th 1897
Hannah C. Smith was born March the 10 1874

Page 2

J. T. Stinson (Minister)   Marriages and Family
T. C. Smith and Eveline Lester was married August the 1st 1878
N. R. B. Smith was born Nov 30 day 1879
Wm. T. E. Smith was Born Dec 26 day 1880
W. G. Smith was born 1881
Lucy L. Smith was born May 10 day 1882
Evert F. Smith was born 188_ (Blank)
                  J. T. Stinson (Minister)
T. C. Smith and Bettie Whitt was married April the 21st 1898
Bessie E. Smith was born Jan 20th 1899
Samson S. Smith was born July 26th 1900

Page 3
Leetha L. Smith wife of G.J. Smith died January the 26th 1893
C. A. Smith daugter (sic) of G. J. Smith died Jan the 3rd 1864
Eveline Smith wife of T. C. Smith Died Sept the 12th 1895
Martha E. Smith wife of E. F. Smith died August the 1st 1889
Cay W. Lester son of D. R. Lester and Martha Lester died August 1st 1898
G. J. Smith died Sept 1st 1906 age 75 years 1 month and 29 days
Furnel(sic) preach by J. T. Stinson and J. L. Boyd Sept 3- 1906 Stinson Text 
was Rev. 6 Chap. & 1 Verse Boyd Text was 1 Cor- 15 Chap & 49 Verse. 
Stinson Text ( Came and set)
W. T. E. Smith son of T. C. and Eveline Smith died Nov 22, 1900
Mazie Dell Smith Daughter of G. B. Smith and H. C. Smith Died March 25, 
1911 age 5 years 10 months and 6 days

Page 4

James Hess (Minister)      Marriages and Family
E. F. Smith and M. E. Smith was married  Nov 22, 1887
Edna May Smith was born Oct 10th 1888

                  James Dye (Minister)
E. F. Smith and Julia E. Williams was married Dec the  (Blank) 1896  
J. A. Smith was born Nov the  (Blank) 1895
R. E. Smith was born May the 8th 1897
Luther Smith was born Oct 11th 1898
Robertie Smith was born 1900 May 24th.
Emry Smith was born Dec 1st 1901
Pearl Smith was born (Blank)
Theadadore (Sic) Roosevelt Smith was born (Blank)
Charlie Smith was born (Blank)
Robert J. Smith was born Feb 10th, 1910

Page 5

T. T. Tabor (Minister)      Married
Carl J. Whited and Lethia M. Smith
(age 25)                  (age 17)
Sept. 26, 1928 - Born to them
Carl William Whited born August 22, 1929
(Thur. 12:30 eveing) (sic)
Laroy Quentine Whited born May 1, 1932
(Sunday 6:10 morning)
Gloria Charlotte Whited born Nov. 11, 1936
(Wed. 3:15 eveing) (sic)

Page 6
                      Deaths of Family

C.	A. Smith Daughter of G. J. and L.L. Smith died Jan 3, 1864 - 
                      D. Little New Born
Martha E. Smith wife of E. F. Smith died August 1st 1889 - D.                   
                      Compsumpsian (Sic)

Page 6 continued

Leetha L. Smith wife of G. J. Smith died Jan 26 1893 - D. asthma                                                                                                                Eveline Smith  wife of T. C. Smith died Sept the 12th 1895 - D.
                         Dropsy and Liver
Cay W. Lester son of R. D. and Martha Lester died Aug the 1st 1898
                     D. Calera  Infantums (Sic)                                                                                     
W. T. E. Smith son of T. C. Smith Died Nov 22nd, 1900 - D. G_l Kill
                            By a Duncy
Flora Marie Smith Died Dec 24, 1921 - 8:10 in morning
John B. Smith Died March 16, 1938 - 1:03 morning

Page 7

John B. Smith    Flora Dendinger  was married January 3, 1910 by G. W. Smith
Lethia M. Smith was born March 17, 1911
Jewell B. Smith was born April 17, 1913
Irene B. Smith was born April 22, 1915

Page 8
                      Marriages and Family
(Corner edge of page missing)
________ B. Lester and Martha Smith married Sept 30th, 1892
________ W. Lester  was born Dec 19th 1892
_____llie  Lester was born Nov 2nd 1895
________ W. Lester was born May 3rd 1897
________  H. Lester was born Dec 17th, 1898
______ins Lester was born July 31st 1900
_______ly L. Lester was born May 6th 1902
_______red B. Lester was born Oct 25th 1904
Harry B. Lester was born Oct 25th  1904
Panzy A. Lester was born July 26th, 1906
______ n an Sundy(Sic) morning at 3 o’clock
Born to A. G. Smith a Son W. G. Smith
Dec 11, 1920 Died Dec 13, 1920 age 2 days

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