Family Bible Record of Joseph & Margaret "Kiser" Kiser

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Colleen Sylvia

Kiser Family Bible


Joseph Augustus Kiser was born April 1st, 1832
Margaret Kiser was born August 3rd, 1837
Francis Marion Kiser was born March 4th, 1855
Ephraim Mexico Kiser was born April 4th, 1858
Martha Kiser was born April 20th, 1861
Dicie Kiser was born March 18th, 1863
Hiram Ashbrook Kiser was born November 22nd, 1865
Noah Winthrop Kiser was born March 4th, 1867
Major Allen Kiser was born January 27th, 1868
Asa Kiser was born April 14th, 1870
William Thomas Kiser was born January 15th, 1872
Malissa L Kiser was born May 8th, 1874
Rachel Kiser was born May 24th, 1877
Nancy B Kiser was born October 16th, 1878
Robert Lee Kiser was born April 26th, 1900
B Bertha Kiser was born November 8th, 1906
O Guy Kiser (unclear name) was born July 1st, 1904

There are 2 more entries that I can't read very well due to fading/hard to read handwriting.

looks like Wurty (?) L Kiser born July ?
Toney (?) Maynard Kiser born October (?), 1894


(due to paper deteriation, fading & water stains this section is very hard to read)

Joseph A Kiser and Margaret Kiser married May 31st, 1854
Dicie Kiser and Jim Dixon married December 25, 1898
Major Allen Kiser and Melissa E Hale married September 4th, 1890(?)
Lissa Kiser (Malissa) and Alfred Holbrook married November 20th, ?
"Nannie" (Nancy) Kiser and John Styke married December 22nd, ?


Rev. Lilburn Hendricks Kiser died April 9th, 1931
Rev. Joseph Augustus Kiser died September 3rd, 1897
Margaret Kiser died October 9th, 1919
Melissa Holbrook died November 1st, 1897
Francis Marion Kiser died June 23rd, 1897

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