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Family Bible Record of James Harvey Litton, Sr.
& later James Fayette & Rebecca Jane "Litton" Monk

Submitted by:
Bonnie L. Schermer
1021 Queensboro
Mishawaka, IN 46544

James Harvey Litton, Sr. b 8 or 18 August 1789 Russell Co, VA d 2 Aug 1855 Pike Co, KY

 FAMILY BIBLE RECORD (All below is direct quote):
 Family Record Births
 James Harvey Litton           Aug. 8 1789
 Rebecca Jane Litton           Feb. 29 1790
 Milton Roy Litton             Nov. 8 1814
 John William Litton           Sept. 3 1816
 James Harvey Litton Jun.      May 9 1818
 Nancy Joyce Litton            Oct. 11 1820
 Mary Elen Purcel              Feb. 28 1810
 William Korin Litton          Aug. 13 1827
 Jackson Billy Litton          May 15 1829
 Mary Evelena Litton           June 30 1830
 Ellen Etta Litton             March 6 1832
 Rebecca Jane Litton           July 4 1834
 James Fayette Monk            Dec. 25 1830
 Charles Fayette Monk          Aug. 3 1853
 Vincent Soloman Monk          June 2 1854
 Owens Bernt Monk              June 3 1856
 Evaline Elizabeth Monk        June 4 1860
 Elijah Jam Monk               April 30 1863
 James Litton's Sen. Parents
 Soloman Caleb Litton Sen.     Dec. 22 1751
 Martha Duncan Litton          Sept. 27 1756
 James H. & Mary E. Litton, children,
 John Thomas Litton            April 1 1840
 Margaret Elizabeth Litton     Dec. 25 1843
 Augustis William Litton       Aug. 31 1845
 Family Records Marriages
 James Harvey Litton Sen. and Rebecca Jane Vanhook       Sept. 25 1809
 Milton Roy Litton and Judith Tyree Price                May 3 1838
 John William Litton and Phobee Lipps                    Jan. 20 1838
 James Harvey Litton Jun. and Amelia Tyree E. Price      June 15 1838
 William Korin Litton and Nancy Ann Elliott              June 6 1845
 Rebecca Jane Litton and James Fayette Monk              March 7 1852
 James Harvey Litton Jun. and Elizabeth Predue Logan     Nov. 29 1855
 James Harvey Litton Sen. and Mary Elizabeth Purcell     June 6 1826
 Soloman Caleb Litton and Martha Duncan                  May 24 1774
 Family Records Deaths
 Rebecca Jane Litton            Sept. 18 1822
 Jsmes Harvey Litton Sen.       Aug. 2 1855
 Amelia Typree E. Litton        March 3 1854
 Soloman Caleb Litton           Feb. 24 1844
 Martha Duncan Litton           March 31 1821


This bible is owned by Canie B. Litton Jr. of Jacksonville, Florida. I have a photocopy, from which I copied this information. The bible was published 1832, so dates before that were recorded after the events. In fact, only two sets of handwriting appear in the record, and it is quite possible that it was copied from another record, or from dictation. The bible was owned for years by the family of Rebecca Jane Litton Monk b 4 Jul 1834 Russell Co., VA. Canie thinks that the entries could have been made by a member of the Monk family or a member of the Statzer family, (Canie says that Rebecca Jane Litton Monk's second marriage was in 1869, to Elijah Statzer of Lee and Russell Co., VA. Her first husband, James Monk, b 25 Dec 1830 Russell Co. was killed in the Civil War.)

Certain items in the record are questionable.

1)I have carefully checked my typed copy against the photocopy, but I cannot make out one name, that of Owens Bernt Monk. The middle name could be Beriah or Bernh, but definitely starts with a B.

2)Elijah Jam Monk is probably Elijah James Monk, but that's not what appears.

3)James Harvey Litton is thought by researchers to have had three wives. The first was Rebecca Jane Vanhook b 29 Feb 1790, d 18 Sep 1822. The second, listed in the above record as Mary Elizabeth Purcell, and followed in the record by a long ink-blot concealing another word, is thought by Canie Litton to have been Mary Purdue Elliott b 1802 d 13 Aug 1834. The third, whose marriage is not listed in the above record, is said by Canie to have been Mary Wilson of Dante, VA.

4)William Korin Litton is thought (hoped?) to have married Nancy Ann Collins b 23 Apr 1829 d 4 Aug 1867, not Nancy Ann Elliott as stated in the above record.

James Harvey Litton, Sr. moved to Pike Co, KY from Russell County VA before 1850. He appears there in the 1850 census, page 487-B, with wife Mary and the three youngest children listed above, John T., Margaret E., and Augustus W. James Harvey Litton Sr. is listed in Pike Co. Death Records 2 August 1855. Cause of death: gravel (!?!).

But most of JHL Sr.'s children remained in Russell Co., and most of the surnames mentioned in the record are those of Russell Co. families.

I would like to be descended from William Korin Litton. My William Litton of Russell Co., d 9 Nov 1905, used no middle name or initial, has a different birth date than the one above carved into his tombstone, and listed his parents as James and Mary Litton at his second marriage (11 Nov 1867 to Martha (Tish) Mitchell in Washington County, VA).

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