Family Bible Record of Luther & Bertha "Ray" Hess

Submitted by:
Jerry Jones

Page 1: This is to certify that Mr. L. F. Hess and Bertha A. Ray were united by me in Holy Matrimony at Swords Creek, Va., on the 27th day January in the year of our Lord 1903. Preacher Odell
Page 2 and 3:
Name                       born                marriage          death
Berkley Dale Hess       Dec. 23,1903                          Dec. 31,1966 
Dixie Violet Hess       May 14,1905         Jan. 12, 1928     May 25, 1989
Thelmer George Hess     April 14, 1907                        May 18, 1909
Harvey John Hess        March 25, 1909                        October23, 1924
Mary Katherine Hess     March 12, 1911                        Nov.6, 1990
Harold Bride Hess       March 16, 1913                        October 13, 1945
Larry Folette Hess      Febuary 28, 1915                      Feb.14, 2000
Gracie Waneda Hess      (living, Private)
Olaf  Ophelia Hess      (Living, Private)
Gladys Lou Ellen Hess   (Living, Private)
Archiebald Edward Hess  November 4, 1922                      August 21,1924
Helen Louise Hess       (Living, Private)
Thedocie Magdalene Hess (Living, Private)
Charlotte Lee Hess      November 23,1930                      December 22, 1938

Blble is in the possession of Delcie Yates, Lebanon, Va.,

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