Family Bible Record of Nancy Jane Sisk Jackson Blankenship

Contributed by:
Diana Bostic Hyde


Nancy Jane Sisk was born Apr 17, 1875
James Calvin Blankenship was born Jul 8, 1880
Samuel D. Jackson was born Aug 20, 1891
Alvie Jackson was born Mar 1, 1895
Lee Jackson was born Feb 15, 1897
Smith H. Jackson was born May 27, 1898
Rosa Ann Jackson was born Oct 18, 1900
Ira Blankenship was born Jul 19, 1903
Laura Belle Blankenship was born Jun 28, 1905
Virgie May Blankenship was born Jul 21, 1909
Henry Ward Blankenship was born Aug 27, 1911
William Linkous Blankenship was born Aug 8, 1913
Garland Marcus Blankenship was born May 9, 1915
Goldie Pearl Blankenship was born Oct 15, 1917
Myrtle Marie Blankenship was born Oct 12, 1919


James Calvin Blankenship to Nancy Jane Sisk Jackson Oct 30, 1902
Laura Blankenship to Thomas Jessy Jan 16, 1924
Ira Blankenship to Lula Stiltner Feb 3, 1924
Virgie Blankenship to Roby Wilson Jul 4, 1927
Henry Blankenship to Carri Street Aug 8, 1929
Myrtle Blankenship to Walter Bostic Jan 2, 1938
Marcus Blankenship to Romona Merriman Aug 6, 1945
S. D. Jackson to Alice Arms Nov 17, 1927


Charles Jackson died Oct 28, 1900
Alvie Jackson died Jan 1912
Goldie Pearl Jackson died Nov 23, 1918
Archie Arnol Blankenship (son of Henry) died Mar 17, 1930
Carrie Street Blankenship died Jun 19, 1933
Daniel Blankenship (father of James C.) died Jun 19, 1933
William Linkous Blankenship died Jan 19, 1944
Nancy Jane Sisk Blankenship died Mar 30, 1951
James Calvin Blankenship died Oct 9, 1961
Henry Ward Blankenship died Sep 25, 1971
Hamilton Smith Jackson died Aug 1, 1974
Garland M. Blankenship died May 22, 1977

Note: This family actually lived in Grundy, Buchanan Co., Virginia, but the names are common to Russell also. Some members moved to Knox County, Ohio and areas surrounding Grundy in both VA and WV.

Contributed by Diana Bostic Hyde (Granddaughter of Myrtle and Walter Bostic). This Bible is in the possession of Elizabeth Blankenship Mentzer (daughter of Garland Marcus Blankenship).

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