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Family Bible Record of Thomas E. Barrett, Sr.

Submitted by:

Bruce P. Barrett

This hand-scribed list was found in the John Crisman Barrett Family Bible. The author is unknown but had to have copied it from the original Thomas E. Barrett Sr. Family Bible entries or had access to a very knowledgeable individual. Nancy Arrington has the original copy of this.

Thomas Barrett born Mar 15, 1775
Mary Barrett born May 12, 1780
Nancy Barrett born Sept 21, 1800
Robert Barrett born June 29, 1803
Catherine Barrett born Nov 5, 1805
John Barrett born July 23, 1810
Elizabeth Barrett born Jun 19, 1813
Sally Barrett born Dec 30, 1817
Susannah Barrett born Oct 15, 1819
William Barrett born Aug 31, 1820
Thomas Barrett born Aug 30, 1826

Eliz. Barrett died Sept 1813
John Barrett died Oct 17, 1850
Mary Barrett died April 19, 1858
Robert Barrett died Nov 24, 1863
Thomas Barrett died Apr 8, 1866
Wm. Barrett died Dec 26, 1879

(Note: John Barrett actually died Oct 17, 1849. He is listed in the 1850 RCV mortality schedule.)

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