Family Bible Record of Thomas & Elizabeth "Crank" Bundy

Submitted by:
Tom Rudder

The New Testament
of our
Lord and Saviour
Jesus Christ,
out of the original Greek
with the former translations
diligently compared and revised.

Collins's Third Edition
New York
Printed and sold by Collins & Co.

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Family Record


Thomas Bundy was married January 30th 1803

Benjamin Bundy was married March 14th 1833

Daniel Bundy was married December 6th 1838

Saly Bundy was married January 30th 1845

Thomas Johnson was born Nov ? (Probably 1845)

Thomas Johnson departed this life March the 31 1926

John G. Bundy was born October 25th 1839

Elizabeth Bundy was born Sept 10th 1840

Thomas Bundy was born Sept 17th 1842

Henry C. Bundy was born January 25 1844

Benjamin F. Bundy was born Nov 2d 1845

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Elizabeth Bundy was born Apr 9th 1782

Nancy Bundy was born February 20th 1804

Patty Bundy was born May 2d 1805

Polly Bundy was born January 6th 1807

Betsy Bundy was born April 15th 1810

Benjamin Bundy was born November 16th 1811

Daniel Bundy was born July 14th 1813

John Bundy was born Apr 14th 1815

Susanah Bundy was born January 9th 1818

Barbary Bundy was born June 9th 1820

Sarrah Bundy was born July 20th 1822

Polly Dorton was born October 3d 1836

Nancy Dorton was born January 29th 1839

Mary Easterling was born February 2nd 1844

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Elizabeth Hartsock was born October 17th 1824

Sarah Hartsock was born January 1st 1832

Thomas B. Kilgour was born August 27th 1842

Patsy Kilgore was born 7th April 1844

Liza Smith was born October 11th 1849

Patsy H. Smith was born January 6th 1851

Catey Hartsock was born December 12th 1824

Elizabeth Hartsock was born March 25th 1826

John Hartsock was born May 30th 1829

Nancy Hartsock was born December 17th 1832

Sarah Hartsock was born August 1st 1835

Thomas Hartsock was born October 3d 1837

Mary Hartsock was born January 15th 1841

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Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Watkins who departed this life the 12th day of May 1820

John W. Bundy departed this life 27th August 1824

Patsy Hartsock departed this life June 16th 1839

Betsy Dorton who departed this life the 27th day of August 1878

Bill S. Bush born August 10 1878

To the memory of Nancy Bundy departed this life 18 day of August 1891

To the memory of Thomas W. Bundy who departed this life the 20th day of May 1865

To the memory of Betsy Bundy who departed this life the 25th day of May 1874

To the memory of Daniel R. Bundy who departed this life the 2nd day of February 1876

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