Family Bible Record of William M. Lockhart

Submitted by:
Michael Dye

The William M. Lockhart bible, later owned by his son William L. Lockhart was small in size with small print. At the time the data contained therein was copied, most of the records had faded till they were no longer readable. The date the records were copied was not recorded. The following are all the remaining records found in the bible.

William Lockhart died August 27, 1830, A. D., was about 65 years of age.
Caley Lockhart, his wife, died February the 4th day, 1855. Was 78 years old. Was a member of the Baptist church.
William Lockhart and wife baptized July 28, 1860 in Swords Creek by D. Kitzmiller.
Elizabeth Lockhart was baptized in Thompson's Creek, near Fed Combs, by Reverend Kitzmiller, who at his death had baptized one thousand five hundred and eighty persons.

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