Family Bible Record of Wilson & Jane "Campbell" Elliott

Submitted by:
Michael Dye

Wilson Elliott was born 10th Novr. 1811.
Wilson Elliott and Jane Campbell were married 11th Feby 1830.
Children Married

James Elliott was born the 5th Decr. 1775.
Obedience Parsley was born the 13th Septr. 1786.
Wilson Elliott was born 10th Novr. 1811.
Jane Campbell was born the 6th October 1811.
James H. Elliott, born the 20th Novr. 1830.
Obedience Ann B. Elliott was born the 1st June 1832.
Leah R. Elliott was born the 25th Feby 1834.
Sarah V. Elliott was born the 20th Novr. 1835.
Mary J. Elliott was born the 26th August 1837.
Rachel P. Elliott was born the 18th Feby 1839.
Margaret E. Elliott was born the 21st Septr. 1840.

Joel J. Elliott was born the 8th July 1842.
William W. Elliott was born the 29th Decr. 1843.
Ira R. Elliott was born the 2nd Decr. 1845.
Samuel P. Elliott was born the 5th October 1847.
Thomas Acel Elliott was born the 11th March 1850.
Isabell E. C. Elliott was born the 30th March 1852.
Ben W. Elliott born Mar. 27 1861
B. Johnson Elliott born Oct 22 1866
O. S. Elliott born Aug. 31 1868

Mary Jane Elliott died the 1st March 1840
Leah R. Mead died the 22nd Novr. 1861
William . Elliott died the 10th Feby. 1862
Thomas Acel Elliott died the 10th January 1864
Isabell E. Elliott died the 5th April 1864
Wilson Elliott died Sept. 16. 1894
Obedience Ann Litton died May 24 1881
Margaret E. Martin died Sept. 6 1893
Samuel P. Elliott died April 18 1927
Jane C. Elliott died 5 March 1877 Age 65 years 29 days.

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