Family Bible Record of William L. Ball

Submitted by:
Michael Dye


William L. Ball was born December 20, 1820
Sidney J. Ball, his wife, was born November 22, 1822
Polly A. Ball and Celia E. Ball, their daughters, were born December 27, 1847
Charles C. Ball was born November 23, 1849
Malissa E. Ball was born November 22, 1851
Major F. Ball was born September 27, 1854
James F. Ball was born July 23, 1857
Isaiah M. Ball was born March 29, 1860


William L. Ball and Sydney J. Fleycher was married January the 14th, A.D., 1847
Robert A. Boyd and Polly Ball was married January 22nd, A.D., 1866
Lilburn Ball and Celie E. Ball was married June 24, A.D., 1869
Henry D. Lockhart and Melissa E. Ball was married January 3, A.D., 1872
Charles C. Ball and Mariah F. Dye was married Septemebr 14th, A.D., 1876
James F. Ball and Alta E. Kendrick was married October the 4th, A.D., 1882


Sidney J. Ball died February 27, 1863

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