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1859 Russell County Birth Index


NAME                     DOB  RACE/SEX   PARENTS                        INFORMANTS

Bailey, William         10 Apr  WMA     John & Elizabeth Bailey         John Bailey-Father
Ball, Joshua            30 Dec  WMA     William M. & Susannah Ball      William M. Ball-Father
Ball, Leah              30 Jun  WFA     John & Rebecca Ball             Rebecca Ball-Mother
Ball, Martha            06 Nov  WFA     Robert S. & Cynthia Ball        Robert S. Ball-Father
Ball, Robert S.         10 May  WMA     James H. & Mary J. Ball         Mary J. Ball-Mother
Ball, Virginia          17 Mar  WFA     Moses & Mary Ball               Moses Ball-Father
Barton, Male            01 Jun  WMA     Washington & Elizabeth Barton   Washington Barton-Father
Baugh, Nancy            08 Jan  WFA     John J. & Louisa Baugh          John J. Baugh-Father
Belcher, Joseph         14 Sep  WMA     Charles & Elizabeth Belcher     Charles Belcher-Father
Belcher, William P.     18 Oct  WMA     Hopkins & Frances Belcher       Hopkins Belcher-Father
Bickley, William        05 Nov  WMA     William C. & Harriet B. Bickley William C. Bickley-Father
Booth, Celina R.        30 Sep  WFA     John & Susannah Booth           John Booth-Father
Browning, Charles S.    27 Feb  WMA     Frances A. & Mary E. Browning   Frances A. Browning-Father
Burdine, Mary E.        19 May  SFA     Mary                            Ezekiel Burdine-Owner
Burdine, Nathan E.      05 Nov  WMA     John W. & Stillia Burdine       John W. Burdine-Father
Burdine. Louisa V.      03 Jun  SFA     Sarah                           Ezekiel Burdine-Owner
Burk, Thaddius          07 Jun  WMA     Archer & Sarah Burk             Sarah Burk-Mother
Caldwell, Alexander     10 Aug  WMA     William R. & Margaret Caldwell  Margaret Caldwell-Mother
Campbell, Charles B.    08 Feb  WMA     John W. & Mary E. Campbell      Mary E. Campbell-Mother
Campbell, Mary E.       14 Sep  WFA     James C. & Elizabeth Campbell   James C. Campbell-Father
Campbell, Rachel        04 Jun  WFA     James H. & Mary Campbell        James H. Campbell-Father
Campbell, William P.    04 Dec  WMA     Fountain J. & Jane Campbell     Fountain J. Campbell-Father
Candler, Sarah A.       23 Oct  WFA     Singleton & Adaline H. Candler  Singleton Candler-Father
Carrell, Mary           10 Mar  WFA     Charles & Mary V. Carrell       Charles Carrell-Father
Carrico, Elbert S.      04 Jul  WMA     Joseph & Eleanor Carrico        Joseph Carrico-Father
Carty, Easther          09 Jul  WFA     John B. & Liley Carty           John B. Carty-Father
Castle, Darthula        12 Sep  WFA     Lucy Castle                     Zachariah Castle-Grandfather
Castle, John A.         01 May  WMA     Calvin M. & Lydia J. Castle     Calvin M. Castle-Father
Castle, Ralph S.        25 Dec  WMA     Silas & Eliazabeth Castle       Silas Castle-Father
Clifton, Sarah C.       14 Aug  WFA     Martin J. & Matilda Clifton     Martin J. Clifton-Father
Collings, Nancy A.E.    20 May  WFA     John A. & Sarah Collings        John A. Collings-Father
Combs, L.               28 Sep  WFA     Timothy & Sarah Combs           Timothy Combs-Father
Combs, Martha M.D.V.    07 May  WFA     Joseph & Nicy A. Combs          Joseph Combs-Father
Combs, Robert P.           Feb  SMA     Mary                            Joseph Combs-Owner
Compton, Male           15 Mar  WMA     Stephen & Ailey Compton         Stephen Compton-Father
Cook, Evan K.           03 Jul  WMA     Jasper & Sarah Cook             Jasper Cook-Father
Cook, Female            07 Aug  WFA     James & Catherine Cook          James Cook-Father
Cook, Jacob A.          31 May  WMA     John & Hannah Cook              John Cook-Father
Cook, Simeon E.         08 Jun  WMA     James & Anna Cook               James Cook-Father
Counts, Female          02 Aug  WFA     David & Nancy Counts            David Counts-Father
Counts, Floyd           01 Oct  WMA     John B. & Elizabeth Counts      John B. Counts-Father
Counts, Priscilla       04 Oct  WFA     John & Eliza A. Counts          John Counts-Father
Cox, Male               14 Oct  WMA     Wilson & Eliza Cox              Wilson Cox-Father
Crosswhite, Female      27 Feb  WFD     Jacob & Elizabeth Crosswhite    Jacob Crosswhite-Father
Cumbo, Eliza            04 Jul  WFA     Wm. & Eliza A. Cumbo            Wm. Cumbo-Father
Daugherty, Susannah     23 Apr  WFA     William & Mary Daugherty        William Daugherty-Father
Davenport, Charles W.   24 May  WMA     Isham & Francis Davenport       Isham Davenport-Father
Davis, Hannah           01 Feb  WFA     Thomas J. & Sarah Davis         Thomas J. Davis-Father
Davis, John H.          12 Jan  WMA     Isaac W.M. & Elizabeth Davis    Isaac W.M. Davis-Father
Denniston, Ann L.       15 Sep  WFA     James & Jane Denniston          Scott Denniston
Dickenson, Ross         11 Sep  SMA     Amy                             Charles C. Dickenson-Father
Dickenson, Sarah A.        Mar  SFA     Margaret                        James Dickenson-Owner
Dickenson, Thomas N.    31 Jan  WMA     Charles & Margaret Dickenson    Charles Dickenson-Father
Dorton, Ferrell            Aug  SMA     Rosia                           Jacob Dorton-Owner
Dorton, Mary               Feb  WFA     Joseph C. & Cosby Dorton        Joseph C. Dorton-Father
Dorton, Robert C.       25 Apr  WMA     Wm. B. & Margaret Dorton        Wm. B. Dorton-Father
Dye, Lucy               18 Oct  WFA     Harvey & Cynthia Dye            Nancy Dye
Dye, Mary E.            14 Nov  WFA     Pryor & Sarah Dye               Sarah Dye-Mother
Dye, Rachel             11 Mar  WFA     Thomas C. & Nancy Dye           Thomas C. Dye-Father
Eakin, John W.          15 Jan  WMA     James G. & Sarah A. Eakin       James G. Eakin-Father
Ferguson, Charles W.    29 Nov  WMA     Anthony M. & Mary A. Ferguson   Margaret Ferguson-
Ferguson, James H.      24 Nov  WMA     Benjamin H. & Mary F. Ferguson  Benjamin H. Ferguson-Father
Ferguson, Mary A.       17 Feb  WFA     Granvile H. & Minerva Ferguson  Minerva Ferguson-Mother
Ferguson, Susannah C.   26 Mar  WFA     Andrew C. & Susan Ferguson      Susan Ferguson-Mother
Fields                  24 Dec  WA      Richard L. & Mary Fields        Richard L. Fields-Father
Fields, Doctor          15 Jan  WMA     Mitchel & Martha Fields         Reece Fields
Fields, Edmondson       22 Jan  WMA     Calvin H. & Lucinda Fields      Calvin H. Fields-Father
Fields, Frances M.      10 Jul  WFA     Andrew F. & Milly Fields        Andrew F. Fields-Father
Fields, Joseph          15 Nov  WMA     Reece & Margaret Fields         Reece Fields-Father
Fletcher, John          08 Jun  WMA     Mitton & Virginia Fletcher      Mitton Fletcher-Father
Fletcher, Virginia C.   10 Jul  WFA     Thomas S. & Elizabeth Fletcher  Thomas S. Fletcher-Father
Fogleman, Male          13 Dec  WMA     David A. & Lucy J. Fogleman     David A. Fogleman-Father
Franklin                08 Dec  WD      John & Sarah Franklin           John Franklin-Father
Fuller, George B.       22 Jan  WMA     Beverly J. & Mary Fuller        Mary Fuller-Mother
Garrett, Mary E.        06 Feb  WFA     William L. & Sarah Gilbert      William L. Garrett-Father
Gilbert, Margaret J.    17 Nov  WFA     Samuel & Lucinda Gilbert        Samuel Gilbert-Father
Grace, Caldonia         11 Dec  WFA     James M. & Rosannah Grace       James M. Grace-Father
Gray, Female            12 Dec  WA      Archer J. & Mary E. Gray        Archer J. Gray-Father
Hackney, Hawkins           Feb  WMA     John G. & Susannah Hackney      John G. Hackney-Father
Harmon, Charles         02 Feb  WMA     Henry & Rebecca Harmon          Henry Harmon-Father
Harmon, Robert             Jun  WMA     Wilson & Elizabeth Harmon       Wilson Harmon-Father
Hawkins, Sarah C.       28 Feb  WFA     Thomas S. & Lilly Hawkins       Thomas S. Hawkins-Father
Hendricks, Hannah       20 Sep  SFA     Matilda                         Martha Hendricks-Owner
Henly, Samuel E.        27 May  WMA     Stephen & Grace Henly           Stephen Henly-Father
Herrell, Allice         08 Oct  WFA     John & Sarah Herrrell           Sarah Herrell-Mother
Hess, Joshua            04 Sep  WMA     James & Jane Hess               James Hess-Father
Hess, Male              20 Jul  WMA     Mathias & Susan Hess            Susan Hess-Mother
Hess, Milly             08 Jan  WFA     James & Nancy Hess              James Hess-Father
Honaker, Nancy S.       01 Sep  WFA     Henry M. & Elizabeth Honaker    Henry M. Honaker-Father
Hubbard, Male           10 Mar  WMD     James & Lucy Hubbard            James Hubbard-Father
Hurt, James             17 May  WMA     Moses & Mary Hurt               Mary Hurt-Mother
Isaacks, Emily E.          Nov  WFA     Fielden A. & Melvina Isaacks    Fielden A. Isaacks-Father
Jackson, Jeniva         27 Jun  WFA     Jahiel & Catherine Jackson      Jahiel Jackson-Father
Jackson, Victoria       09 Jun  WFA     Madison & Mary Jackson          Madison Jackson-Father
Jessee, Elihis K.               WMA     Noah & Elizabeth Jessee         Noah Jessee-Father
Jessee, Female          14 Jan  WFA     Timothy S. & Mary Jessee        Timothy S. Jessee-Father
Jessee, Henry W.        28 Mar  WMA     Charles B. & Elizabeth Jessee   Charles B. Jessee-Father
Jessee, Martha A.       14 Nov  WFA     Joseph S. & Ann Jessee          Joseph S. Jessee-Father
Jessee, Perlina K.      13 Sep  WFA     Elihu & Margaret Jessee         Elihu Jessee-Father
Jessee, Sarah E.           Mar  WFA     Stephen & Rebecca Jessee        Stephen Jessee-Father
Johnson, Harvey G.         May  WMA     Robert P.& Margaret Johnson     Robert P. Johnson-Father
Johnson, Isaac F.       10 May  WMA     Jacob & Nancy Johnson           Jacob Johnson-Father
Johnson, Lemuel         13 Sep  WMA     Lemuel & Sarah Johnson          Lemuel A. Johnson-Father
Johnson, Robert         01 Dec  SMA     Amanda                          Elizabeth Johnson-Owner
Jones, Eli              11 Apr  WMA     Henry & Mary Jones              Mary Jones-Mother
Keen, Mary P.           12 Oct  WFA     Patton G. & Mary Keen           Patton G. Keen-Father
Kelly, Henry C.         07 Feb  WMA     Peter & Mary Kelly              Peter Kelly-Father
Kindrick, Malvinah      09 Apr  WFA     William J. & Malissa Kindrick   Wm. J. Kindrick-Father
Kiser, Joshua           22 Dec  WMA     Abraham & Mary Kiser            Abraham Kiser-Father
Kiser, Nancy C.         15 Oct  WFA     Elihu & Mary Kiser              Elihu Kiser-Father
Kiser, William G.       11 Jan  WMA     Frances M. & Elizabeth Kiser    Frances M. Kiser-Father
Laforce, Almeda         16 Apr  WFA     John W. & Mary Laforce          John W. Laforce-Father
Lark, Elizabeth         09 May  WFA     Michael & Sarah A. Lark         Sarah A. Lark-Mother
Lawson, Elizabeth       05 Apr  WFA     John & Polly Lawson             Polly Lawson-Mother
Lawson, Mary            10 Sep  WFA     William & Catherine Lawson      Catherine Lawson-Mother
Litton, Female          14 Nov  WFA     William & Nancy A. Litton       Wm. Litton-Father
Litton, Wilson          10 Dec  WMA     George & Obedina Litton         George Litton-Father
Long, Mary E.           16 Jun  WFA     James C. & May J. Long          James C. Long-Father
Martin, Thomas W.       09 Apr  WMA     Andrew W. & Mary Martin         Andrew Martin-Father
McCoy, Martha           04 Mar  WFA     James & Ann McCoy               James McCoy-Father
McFadden, Margaret E.   13 Aug  WFA     George W. & Catherine McFadden  George W. McFadden-Father
McGlothlin, William     18 May  WMA     Daniel & Elizabeth McGlothlin   Daniel McGlothlin-Father
McNew, Elizabeth M.     04 Feb  WFA     Alexander & Elizabeth McNew     Alexander McNew-Father
Mead, Sarah J.          05 May  WFA     Hanson & Leah Mead              Hanson Mead-Father
Meade, Andrew           20 May  WMA     Pressley C. & Mary A. Meade     P.C. Meade-Father
Meade, David            06 Jun  WMA     Nathan T. & Mary Meade          Nathan T. Meade-Father
Meade, Eliza G.            May  WFA     Thomas & Matilda Meade          Thomas Meade-Father
Miller, Cynthia         08 Mar  WFA     Valentine & Temperence Miller   Valentine Miller-Father
Milton, Charles W.      29 Jun  WMA     James A. & Elizabeth Milton     James A. Milton-Father
Mitchel, Eliza          04 Apr  WFA     Charles & Maria Mitchel         Charles Mitchel-Father
Mitton, Highty          29 Sep  WFA     Phillip & Nancy Mitton          Phillip Minton-Father
Munsey, Margaret M.     20 May  WFA     Charles D. & Rebecca Munsey     Charles D. Munsey-Father
Musick, Joseph C.       29 Aug  WMA     George & Martha Musick          Martha Musick-Mother
Musick, Richard B.      15 Mar  WMA     Henry S. & Eliza A. Musick      Henry S. Musick-Father
Musick, Utah            22 Dec  WFA     William & Jane Musick           William Musick-Father
Nash, Amanda               Mar  SFA     Harriet                         Aaron H. Nash-Owner
Nash, James E.          19 Sep  SMA     Arrena                          Aaron H. Nash-Owner
Osborn                     Feb   SA     Sylvesta                        Chloe Osborn-Owner
Owens, Jacob H.         26 Jan  WMA     John W. & Elizabeth Owens       John W. Owens-Father
Perkins, Joseph D.      04 Mar  WMA     Harvey & Lucinda Perkins        Harvey Perkins-Father
Powers, Anthony W.L.    04 Sep  WMA     Oliver J. & Juda Powers         Oliver J. Powers-Father
Price, John B.          08 Aug  WMA     Samuel & Margaret Price         Samuel Price-Father
Ramsey, Mary J.         23 Dec  WFA     Joel & Margaret Ramsey          Joel Ramsey-Father
Rasnake, Mary           04 Oct  WFA     Bone & Susan Rasnake            Bone Rasnake-Father
Rasnake, Thomas A.      10 Jun  WMA     Jasper & Matilda Rasnake        Jasper Rasnake-Father
Riley, Caleb G.H.       10 Jun  WMA     Thomas J. & Martha Riley        Thomas J. Riley-Father
Rinor, Nancy            24 Jul  WFA     George W. & Jane Rinor          George W. Rinor-Father
Robinson, Thomas        17 Nov  WMA     Mahala Robinson                 Mahala Robinson-Mother
Roman, Christopher C.   11 Jul  WMA     James & Elizabeth Roman         James Roman-Father
Salyer, Female             Aug  WFD     Joseph & Elizabeth Salyer       Joseph Salyer-Father
Salyer, Female          27 Dec  WFA     John W.& Sarah Salyer           John W. Salyer-Father
Salyer, John            15 Jun  WMA     William & Lucinda Salyer        Wm. Salyer-Father
Salyer, Sarah E.        15 Apr  WFA     Abram & Nancy Salyer            Abram Salyer-Father
Salyer, Sarah & Eunice  02 Aug  WFA     Jeremiah & Easther Salyer       Jeremiah Salyer-Father
Sanders, Crenia         20 Mar  WFA     Elijah & Elizabeth Sanders      Elijah Sanders-Father
Snead, Phillip F.       16 Aug  WMA     Louisa Snead                    Jane Snead-
Stallard, John          15 Mar  WMA     John & Rosanne Stallard 
Stapleton, Female          Jul  WFA     Wm. & Easter Stapleton          Wm. Stapleton-Father
Steel, Mary E.          25 Dec  WFA     Samuel & Polly Steel            Polly Steel-Mother
Stephen, G.W.           21 Mar  WMA     Owen & Easter Stephen           Easter Stephen-Mother
Stinson, Edward         18 Oct  WMA     John & Nancy Stinson            John Stinson-Father
Stump, Christopher      08 Mar  WMA     Joseph & Margaret Stump         Joseph Stump-Father
Suit, Pleasant             Apr  WMA     Johnson & Nancy Suit            Johnson Suit-Father
Suit, Stephen M.        15 Sep  WMA     Stephen & Nancy Suit            Stephen Suit-Father
Sullivan, James B.      04 Oct  WMA     John & Nancy Sullivan           John Dye
Sutherland, Emily J.    09 Nov  WFA     Jessee & Mahala Sutherland      Jessee Suthrland-Father
Sutherland, Francis     26 Feb  WMA     Elijah & Mary Sutherland        Elijah Sutherland-Father
Thomas, Mary            25 Oct  WFA     Whitley & Nancy Thomas          Nancy Thomas-Mother
Thompson, Nancy         23 Oct  WFA     Patton & Mary Thompson          Patton Thompson-Father
Turner, Sylvester          Jun  WMA     Dorester & Mary J. Turner       Hugh Turner-Grandfather
Underwood, Sarah        03 Oct  WFA     Thomas & Martha Underwood       Thomas Underwood-Father
Vencill, Jane           10 Mar  WFA     William & Margaret Vencill      William Vencill-Father
Vicars, Martha A.J.     06 Mar  WFA     Robert B. & Phoebe Vicars       Robert B. Vicars-Father
Wallis, James M.        06 Apr  WMA     Howard & Nancy E. Wallis        
Whitsel, Betty H.       22 Feb  WFA     Benjamin & Elizabeth Whitsel    Benjamin Whitsel-Father
Whitt, Angelina         22 Oct  WFA     John & Mary Whitt               John Whitt-Father
Williams, Mary E.       08 May  WFA     Andrew & Elizabeth Williams     
Williams, Thomas        20 Dec  WMA     Daniel & Polly Williams 

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