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1866 Russell County Birth Index


Name                     DOB   Sex/Race Parents                         Informants

Addison, Male           12 Jul  WMA     Rodin & Armilda Addison         Father
Baker, Jonas J. B.      07 Mar  WMA     George A. & Julia Ann Baker     Father
Baker, Joseph A.M.      02 Dec  WMA     Wm. C. & Edith Baker            Father
Banner, Stephen W.      15 Dec  WMA     George & Priscilla Banner       Father
Begley, Emily F.        20 Mar  WFA     Elijah & Mary Begley            Mother
Bickley, John           05 Jul  WMA     John F. & Eliza Bickley         Father
Bowman, Charles         07 Jan  WMA     Mary E. Bowman                  Mother
Browning, Howard H.     24 Sep  WMA     Frances & Mary E. Browning      Mother
Bruce, Lizzie L         26 May  WFA     Garland S. & Sarah E. Bruce     Father
Burdine, David          10 Apr  BMA     Harriet Burdine                 N.E. Burdine-Former Master
Burk, Louisa            30 Jul  WFA     John & Nancy Burk               Father
Burke, Nancy J.         07 Nov  WFA     Samuel & Nancy Burke            Father
Campbell, Laura W.      25 Sep  WFA     G.W. & Sidney E. Campbell       Father
Campbell, Polly         21 Apr  WFA     Joseph & Nancy Campbell         Father
Castle, James B.        01 Feb  WMA     Calvin M. & Malvina Castle      Father
Child, George R.        10 Oct  WMA     A.L. & Thursey J. Child         Father
Clifton, Charles W.     20 Sep  WMA     Elias & Barbary Clifton         Father
Cole, Florance          26 Jan  WFA     Jonas & Hannah Cole             Father
Collins, Female         20 Dec  WFD     Wm. A. & Mary Collins           Father
Combs, William C.       25 May  WMA     Samuel A. & Elizabeth Combs     Father
Cooper, Female          07 Mar  WFA     Wm. P. & Tabitha Cooper         Father
Couch, Martha           06 Apr  WFA     Jeremiah & Lacretia Couch       Father
Counts, Eliza C.        11 Jan  WFA     James & Eliza Counts            Mother
Davis, William A.       06 Nov  WMA     Isaac W. & Elizabeth Davis      Father
Dickenson, David        15 Aug  BMA     John & Rhoda Dickenson          Thomas Dickenson-Former Master
Dickenson, Priscilla    08 Apr  BFA     Charles & Margaret Dickenson    Father
Dickenson, Thomas       09 Sep  BMA     Jane Dickenson                  James Dickenson-Former Master
Dickenson, William A.   30 Oct  WMA     Samuel C. & Rebecca Dickenson   Mother
Dorton, Emily           03 Sep  WFA     Joseph & Cosby Dorton           Father
Dorton, Martha E.       23 Apr  WFA     Oliver & Nancy Dorton           Father
Draper, Elizabeth       29 Sep  WFA     Charles & Nancy C. Draper       Robert Boyd-Grandfather
Finney, Nancy           10 Aug  WFA     Lilburn & Malissa Finney        Father
Fletcher, Lorenzo       30 Nov  WMA     Abraham & Elizabeth Fletcher    Father 
Fraley, Rebecca S.      18 Sep  WFA     James O. & Margaret Fraley      Father
Franklin, Mary          27 Jan  WFA     John & Sarah Franklin           Father
Fugate, Edith E.        13 Sep  WFA     Joseph C. & Elizabeth Fugate    Father
Fugate, John            20 Dec  WMA     James C. & Elizabeth Fugate     Father
Fugate, Mary E.         26 Sep  WFA     Elbert & Mary P. Fugate         Father
Gibson, Nancy           04 Jan  WFA     John C. & Sarah Ann Gibson      Father
Gibson, William         18 Dec  WMA     Henry S. & Mary jane Gibson     Father
Gilmer, Cynthia M.      24 Jul  WFA     Daughtery & Mary E. Gilmer      Mother
Gilmer, Harriet C.      10 Oct  WFA     Isaac & Mary Gilmer             Father
Gilmer, Robert          10 Sep  WMA     Joseph B. & Caroline Gilmer     Father
Gray, Mary Beth         22 Dec  WFA     Archer F. & Mary E. Gray        Father
Gray, Mary E.           04 May  WFA     John F. & Sarah Gray            Father
Grizzle, Male           17 Jun  WMA     Elam & Nancy Grizzle            Mother
Hackney, James H.       06 May  BMA     Lucy Hackney                    Joseph Hackney-Former Master
Hackney, Mary           17 Dec  WFA     John W. & Sarah Hackney         Father
Hackney, Ron Vance      01 Mar  BMA     Bettie Hackney                  Joseph Hackney-Former Master
Hale, Eleander          01 Jun  WFA     William & Eleander Hale         Father
Harris, Louisa C.       25 Jul  WFA     John & Elizabeth Harris         Father
Hawkins, Abraham        04 Mar  WMA     Wm. R. & Rebecca J. Hawkins     Father
Hawkins, Cornelia E.    11 Feb  WFA     Alexander G. & Cornelia Hawkins Mother
Hawkins, Mary Jane      03 Jul  WFA     Thomas T. & Jane Hawkins        Father
Hunt, Robert P.         26 Jan  WMA     James B. & Celia Hunt           Father
Isaacs, Thomas S.       01 Jul  WMA     Fielding & Melvina Isaacs       Mother
Jessee, Male            25 Aug  WMD     Wm. F. & Mary P. Jessee         Father
Jessee, Margaret        01 May  WFA     Martin & Mary J. Jessee         Father
Jessee, Martha B.V      20 Nov  WFA     Martin C. & Catharine Jessee    Father
Jessee, Noah            12 Jan  BMA     Harvey & Harriet Jessee         Father
Johnson, Eliza          08 Sep  WFA     James H. & Margaret Johnson     Father
Johnson, Male           21 Jun  WMA     Jacob & Nancy Johnson           Father
Johnson, Mary E.        09 Nov  WFA     Joseph & Mary Johnson           Father
Keith, Cleveland        29 Aug  WMA     Jesse & Melvina Keith           Father
Kernan, Sophia          15 Jul  BFA     Chaney Kernan                   Doctor
Kindrick, George W.     12 Jun  WMA     E.A. & Catherine Kindrick       Father
Kindrick, William J.    18 Feb  WMA     John M. & Catherine Kindrick    Father
Kiser, Margaret         24 Mar  WFA     Samuel & Berthena Kiser         Father
Kiser, Mary Alice       06 Apr  WFA     John M. & Margaret Kiser        Father
Laforce, Susan          21 Aug  WFA     Elijah & Phoebe Laforce         Father
Lee, Abby L.            18 Feb  WFA     Wm. E. & Mary Lee               Father
Long. Charles P.        12 Jun  WMA     Harvey G. & Cynthia D. Long     Father
Mead, William           15 May  WMA     George W. & Lucinda Mead        Father
Meade, Female           01 Sep  WFA     Thomas & Matilda Meade          Father
Miller, William G.      10 Mar  WMA     Jacob & Martha Jane Miller      Father
Musick, Mary Ann        17 Apr  WFA     Henry S. & Elizabeth Musick     Father
Musick, Mary Ann        17 Apr  WFA     Henry S. & Elizabeth Musick     Father
Patterson, Joseph J.    19 Nov  WMA     James T. & Celia Patterson      Father
Patterson, Joseph J.    18 Nov  WMA     James & Celia Patterson         Father
Patterson, Josiah       19 Nov  WMA     Joseph & Celia Patterson        Father
Porter, Harriet J.      03 Jul  WFA     Melvin L. & Sussanah Porter     Father
Porter, Harriet J.      03 Jul  WFA     Melvin & Sussanah Porter        Father
Richardson, French D.   09 Feb  WMA     James & Cynthia Richardson      Father
Richardson, Nancy       28 Mar  WFA     T.J. & Sarah J. Richardson      Father
Robinson, John Franklin 26 Dec  WMA     James & Louisa Robinson         Father
Robinson, Nancy E.      18 Dec  WFA     Thomas & Mary Robinson          Father
Robinson, Richard       11 Oct  WMA     Thompson & Elizabeth Robinson   Father
Robinson, Richard       11 Oct  WMA     Thompson & Elizabeth Robinson   Father
Salyer, George          11 Jun  WMA     Abraham & Nancy Salyer          Mother
Salyer, Sarah L         23 Nov  WFA     Joseph & Elizabeth Salyer       Father
Shoemaker, Layona       18 Apr  WFA     Benjamin & Sarah Shoemaker      Father
Skeen, Francis          25 Jun  WFA     Jasper & Elizabeth Skeen        Father
Smith, Elijah           10 Oct  WMA     Joshua & Sarah Smith            Father
Snapp, Nancy E.         28 Apr  WFA     Elkanah & Martha Snapp          Father
Stamper, Paulina        23 Jul  WFA     James & Cynthia Stamper         Father
Sutherland, Thomas A.   27 Oct  WMA     Jessee & Mahala Sutherland      Father
Thompson, M.D.          05 Dec  WFA     Jacob & Mariah Thompson         Father
White, Margaret S.      19 May  WFA     David & Delila White            Father
Willis, Jonah           15 May  WMA     Richard & Martha Willis         Father

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