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1873 Russell County Death Index

NAME                      AGE  SEX    DOD    CAUSE               PARENTS/MISC

Addison, Mary           1m 3d   F   16 Sep  Unknown           Henry D. & Cristina Addison
Alderson, David J.      1m 5d   M   22 Jul  Colory Infantum   C.C & Martha Alderson
Alexander, John (b)        6m   M   02 Jun  Blank             Unknown
Aston, Fanny (b)          65y   F   10 Aug  Unknown           Unknown
Ball, Sarah E.      4y 1m 15d   F   06 Oct  Diptheria         Isiah & Rebecca Ball
Ball, Thomas A.     6y 2m 10d   M   30 Sep  Diptheria         Isiah & Rebecca Ball
Ball, William             48y   M   30 Oct  Cramp Colic       George & Catherine Ball
Bostic, James             75y   M   20 Aug  Unknown           Unknown
Broning, Malinda (b)       5y   F   05 Aug  Unknown           William & Nancy Broning
Burdine, Conley E. (b)    10m   M   Nov     Unknown           Mary Burdine
Campbell, Isaac (b)        2y   M   19 Apr  Blank             William H. Campbell
Campbell, Nancy (b)       13y   F   27 Jul  Blank             Unknown
Campbell, Nancy H.      7y 8m   F   14 Aug  Blank             William H. Campbell
Campbell, William (b)      3y   M   26 Jun  Unknown           William H. Campbell
Castle, Isaac             42y   M   10 Jun  Consumption       Zachariah Castle
Castle, Jane              24d   F   10 Jul  Unknown           Samuel & Hulda Castle
Castle, Melvin            11y   M   12 Oct  Consumption       Isaac Castle
Chapman, Mary      68y 8m 19d   F   24 Nov  Cancer            Unknown
Childers. Joseph           7y   M   20 Oct  Dyptheria         Elizabeth Childers
Cockrum, Edward           45y   M   09 Apr  Paralized         Born in Patrick Co.
Collins, Cena             39y   F   25 Apr  Dispepera         William & Elizabeth Castle (Born in Patrick Co.
Cook, Dicy                75y   F   28 Sep  Cholera Morbus    Samuel & Polly Fields
Correll, Margaret         10y   F   10 Nov  Blank             Thomas & Caroline Correll
Counts, Sibasken           4y   M   21 Mar  Croup             John W. & Treacy C. Counts
Crouse, Phebe             21y   F   11 Dec  Unknown           Unknown Born in N.C. Info by Rueben Sparks
Dickenson, Powell (b)     38y   M   29 Oct  Consumption       Unknown
Dye, Catherine      8y 6m 12d   F   18 Oct  Diptheria         Henderson & Cynthia Dye
Dye, Isaac           6y 4m 8d   M   19 Oct  Diptheria         Henderson & Cynthia Dye
Dye, John H.               1d   M   06 Aug  Unknown           P & Sara Dye
Dye, John W.        4y 3m 15d   M   18 Oct  Dyptheria         Henderson & Cynthia Dye
Dye, Melissa        3y 2m 20y   F   10 Oct  Dyptheria         Henderson & Cynthia Dye
Dye, Sarah           6y 4m 8d   F   15 Oct  Dyptheria         Henderson & Cynthia Dye
Female                     1d   F      Oct  Blank             James
Ferrell, Barbara A.       21y   F   20 Mar  Consumption       Jno & Harriet Keller (Born in Washington Co.)
Fields, Charles M.         3y   M   28 Sep  Unknown           Joseph & Hanner Fields
Fields, Joseph J.          6y   M   11 Aug  Flux              Joseph & Mariah Fields
French, Female          1m 2d   F   15 Dec  Unknown           Elizabeth French
Fugate, John H.S          53y   M   10 Oct  Consumption       Robert Fugate
Fugate, Robert            84y   M   21 Mar  Asperna           Unknown
Gilmer, Ellen H.          31y   F   18 Mar  Consumption       Theophulus & Eliza Clapp (Born in Washington Co.
Gilmer, Sarah             30y   F   30 Aug  Cherony Disease   Oliver Trick
Gray, Nancy               12m   F   24 Jul  Blank             William Gray
Gray, Nathan              12m   M   24 Jul  Blank             William Gray
Hargis, John T. (b)        1m   M   06 Jun  Unknown           Elen Hargis
Hargis, Nelley (b)        40y   F   29 Sep  Consumption       Blank
Hawkins, Kernal J.         9y   M   12 Sep  Flux              A.J. & Mary J. Hawkins
Hawkins, Mary              9y   F   09 Sep  Flux              Thomas & Jane Hawkins
Helton, Frances        11m 5d   M   10 Dec  Burned            James & Mahala Helton
Hess, James M.             2y   M   05 Aug  Croup             Aaron & Nancy Hess
Hess, Mary M. A.           6y   F   20 Oct  Croup             William M. & Rebbecca Hess
Hobbs, George W.          13y   M   29 Oct  Fits              Samuel & Nancy Hobbs
Honaker, Celia E.          5y   F   23 Jan  Croup             William & Martha Honaker
Honaker, Samuel           78y   M   10 Apr  Blank             Unknown
Howard, Elizabeth (b)     32y   F   31 Mar  Consumption       Edward & Fanny Aston
Hunter, Mary E. (b)       12m   F   10 Feb  Whooping Cough    Henry Hunter
Hurt, Maggie E.         5m 4d   F   22 Jul  Dyptheria         J. D. & S. E. Hurt
Jessee, Sarah             24y   F   17 Nov  Blank             Jas H. & Hily Baker
Johnson, Cinthia          30y   F   01 Jan  Fever             William & Polly Dickenson
Johnson, Elizabeth        80y   F   01 Apr  Dropsey           Blank
Johnson, Sarah          7y 7m   F   29 Sep  Dropsey           Henry Johnson
Johnston, Male             1d   M   15 Jun  Blank             L.J.& H.M. Johnston
Johnston, Male             1d   M   15 Jun  Blank             L.J.& H.M. Johnston
Jones, John H.            15d   M   07 Aug  Unknown           John & Mary Jones
Kelly, Female              6m   F   10 Apr  Croup             James A. Kelly
Lee, Alexander M.          1d   M   12 Sep  Blank             A.M. & Eliza Lee
Little, Thomas C.          4m   M   27 Nov  Blank             Jno & Mary Little
McCloud, Henry         3m 26d   M   21 Dec  Unknown           Daniel & Gemima McCloud
McCloud, Sidnia           14y   F   20 Oct  Consumption       Blank
McFadden, James H.      7m 2d   M   22 Sep  Consumption       Jeremiah & Rachel H. McFadden
Mead, Richard             34y   M   25 Apr  Unknown           Henry Mead
Mead, Thomas C.        21y 5m   M   29 Mar  Unknown           Henry Mead
Miller, Martan             1d   M   20 Oct  Unknown           Moses & Mary E. Miller
Monk, Asa                  1y   F   24 Dec  Croup             Lafayette & Rebecca Monk
Monk, Charles W.          74y   M   20 Aug  Dropsey           Blank
Monk, John                 2y   M   10 Mar  Unknown           William & Sarah Monk
Monk, Rachel              36y   F   16 Jul  Consumption       Charles & Nancy Monk
Mutter, Florence J. 5y 3m 28d   F   22 Dec  Erisphils         George & Sarah Mutter
Niffer, Male               1d   M   06 Aug  Unknown           Jon & Mary Niffer
Patrick, Martin         3m 2d   M   22 Jun  Croup             Morgan & Mary Patrick
Perkins, Alexander  7y 6m 15d   M   27 Sep  Diptheria         Gorden & Rosina Perkins
Porter, W. C.             21d       26 Sep  Blank             J.H. & C.M. Porter
Price, Female          2m 25d   F   14 Oct  Unknown           John J. & Martha Price
River, Geo V.             18d   M   27 Nov  Blank             John & Mary River
Salyer, David J.          40y   M   19 Oct  Consumption       David Salyer
Sawyers, William           9m   M   09 Apr  Croup             Harry Sawyers
Skeen, Malissa            22y   F   03 Apr  Paulsy            Unknown
Smith, Margaret M.  6y 8m 23d   F   20 Oct  Dyptheria         Eliza Smith
Smith, Paul               12y   M   08 Apr  Dropsey           Joshua & Sally Smith
Steel, Thomas              1m   M   16 May  Croup             Henry Steel
Sutherland, Female         1m   F   05 Oct  Croup             Jessee & Mahaly Sutherland
Sutplin, Isaac W.         15y   M   02 Mar  Unknown           Marien & Nancy E. Sutplin
Turner, Deraskus          43y   M   17 Apr  Falling Tree      Hugh & Elizabeth Turner
Whitlow, Minnie (b)     2m 2d   F   15 Nov  Whooping Cough    J. C. & Elizabeth Whitlow
Williams, Female           1d   F   08 Nov  Blank             Jonah Williams
Williams, Mary W.          2y   F   17 Nov  Inflam of Bowels  James H. & Elizabeth Williams
Wilson, Everett S.  1y 10m 8d   M   22 Oct  Dyptheria         Lilburn M. & Mary Wilson
Wilson, Margaret J.    5y 11m   F   11 Feb  Unknown           Joseph & Elizabeth J. Wilson

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