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1881 Russell County Death Index

NAME                       AGE    SEX    DOD     CAUSE            PARENTS/MISC

Bays, Delilia G.          1y 6d    F    18 Sep   Diarrhea         Geo W. & Emma Bays
Beverly, Granville (b)      17y    M    04 Apr   Measles          Wm. & Lydia A. Beverly
Blizzarrd, Joseph H.        19y    M    11 Sep   Peretinetus      Sidner & Rutha Blizzard
Booker, Male             1m 13d    M    02 Dec   Unknown          Frederick B. & Anna Booker
Campbell, Sidney T.    7y 7m 7d    F    20 Aug   Unknown          Geo W. & Sidney Campbell
Carty, Wm. A.                4m    M    06 Aug   Fever            John T.M & A.J. Carty
Casteel, Cassey L.       1m 19d         07 Feb   Unknown          Wm. & Martha Casteel
Castle, John                66y    M    22 Sep   Liver Comp.      Zachariah & C.J Castle
Dean, George                25y    M    10 Sep   Fever            Jinnie Dean (Scott Co.)
Dickenson, Female (b)        4m    F    01 Aug   Croup            Susan Dickenson
Dickenson, Henry        94y 27d    M    25 Nov   Gravel Disease   Henry & Pricilla Dickenson
Dickenson, John W.      37y 27d    M    27 May   Killed by Horse  Henry & E. Dickenson
Dickenson, Kissiah (b)      35y    F    06 May   Cancer           Meda M. Wiliams (NC)
Dickenson, Martha C.(b)   8m 6d    F    01 Mar   Whooping Cough   Robt. P. & C. Dickenson
Dickenson. James (b)        15y    M    14 Aug   Consumption      Alexander & C. Dickenson
Easterly, Christian  77y 6m 10d    M    02 Jul   Liver Disease    Jacob & Mary Easterly (TN)
Fields, Male              1/4 d    M    10 Sep   Unknown          Nancy Fields
Fields, Nancy               21y    F    12 Sep   Puerperral Fever John & Rossannah Fields
Fink, Elbert P.           1/6 d    M    22 Jul   Unknown          Paris & Mary C. Fink
Fraley, Elvira              36y    F    01 Mar   Liver Disease    Nathan T. & Mary Mead
Fraley, Female              11d    F    10 Jul   Unknown          Harvey D. & Unicy Fraley
Fugate, Ellen (b)    12y 4m 20d    F    21 Apr   Unknown          Wm. & Sarah Fugate
Garrett, Aron H.            80y    M    25 Mar   Fever            Wm. & Elisabeth Garrett
Gibson, James H.            48y    M    15 Sep   Fever            Thos. & Sarah Gibson
Gibson, Rebecca J.          61y    F    29 Mar   Consumption      Milton & Jinnie Ward
Gose, Aron                  70y    M    02 Jan   Consumption      Blank
Grizzle, Male                1d    M    08 Feb   Blank            Wm. & Mary Grizzle
Harris, James O.          2y 9m    M    20 Jan   Diptheria        Thos J. & Mag Harris
Harrison, Henry          1m 18d    M    11 Mar   Hives            Axley & Ellen Harrison
Helbert, John M.          1y 4m    M    12 Aug   Colera Infantum  Andrew J. & Sarah Helbert
Honaker, Henry M.           57y    M    17 Dec   Consumption      Saml & S. Honaker
Jessee, Elihu K.     36y 8m 23d    M    14 May   Consumption      Jefferson & Nancy Jessee
Jessee, Harvey J.           28y    M    13 Aug   Lighting         A.L & Unicy Jessee
Johnson, Mary               82y    F    16 Sep   Dropsy           Unknown (NC)
Kiser, Rebecca V.         5y 7m    F    05 Sep   Unknown          Elihu & Mary Kiser
Kiser, Samuel B.         7y 10d    M    05 Sep   Unknown          Elihu & Mary Kiser
Lewis, Wm. T.G.B         2m 10d    M    09 Oct   Unknown          Thomas & Eliza Lewis
Litton, Female               2d    F    01 Aug   Unknown          John W. & Eliza Litton
Lyon, Johnnie            4m 15d    M    20 Mar   Unknown          Henry D. & Elisabeth Lyon
Martin, Wm. H.              31y    M    01 Dec   Consumption      Phillip W. & Susan Martin
Mead, Eliza                 28y    F    19 Feb   Consumption      R.L & Latitia Mead
Mead, John C.                7y    M    23 Mar   Measles          Presley C. & Susan Mead
Mead, Thomas                71y    M    23 Mar   Consumption      Henry & Matilda Mead
Mead, Victoria               7m    F    08 Nov   Unknown          A.L & Mary Mead
Mooney, Martha A.         4m 8d    F    30 Dec   Measles          J.O & Martha C. Mooney
Music, Arthur D.            11y    M    03 Jul   Drowned          C. & Eliza Music
Music, Valentine E.         15y    M    03 Jul   Drowned          C. & Eliza Music
Payne, Margarett            30y    F    30 Mar   Consumption      Thos. & Louisa Cunyngham
Powers, Russell D.          54y    M    27 Jan   Consumption      Jeff & Mahala Powers
Pruner, Easter              37y    F    14 Apr   Blood Poison     Asa Routh
Pruner, Female               2d    F    07 Apr   Unknown          Geo A. & Easter Pruner
Puckett, Christopher C.     27y    M    15 Nov   Fitts            Matthias & Jane Puckett
Puckett, Sidney J.          62y    F    17 May   Unknown          Edmond & Mag Wyatt
Quamley, Charlie (b)      1y 3m    M    10 Jan   Fever            B. & Mariah Quamley
Ray, Martha B.            1/4 d    F    14 Sep   Unknown          Robt. & Rachel Ray
Ray, Nancy                  78y    F    29 Jun   Palsey           Michael & Catherine Ray
Ring, Margarett E.          28y    F    23 Apr   Drowned          Joseph & Eliza Ransel
Robenson, Jessee B.          2y    M    22 May   Fever            Jas & Louisa Robenson
Robenson, Nancy J.          18y    F    26 Jul   Unknown          Rebecca Fields
Robenson, Samuel O.          5m    M    26 Oct   Fever            Jas & Louisa Robenson
Rutledge, Martha E. (b)     23y    F    09 Apr   Consumption      Alexer & Susan Rutledge
Salyer, John                78y    M    20 Dec   Bilious Colic    Isiah & Mary Salyer
Seargent, Nancy             64y    F    15 Feb   Perralisis       Henry Seargent
Sexton, Nathan              34y    M    12 Jul   Consumption      C.W & Lydia Sexton
Sexton, Patsy               16y    F    08 Aug   Consumption      C.W & Lydia Sexton
Smith, Elvira P.            39y    F    27 May   Puerperal Fever  Wm. & Tabitha Gibson
Tate, Sarah A.              43y    F    16 May   Consumption      Jos. & S.A. McFarland
Wagoner, David           31y 4m    M    06 Mar   Measles          Wm. D & Nancy Wagoner
Williams, Wm.               80y    M    20 Nov   Unknown          Saml & Elizabeth Williams

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