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1891 Russell County Death Index

Name                Race/Sex    Age           Date            Cause               POB/POD                Parents/Consorts/Informants

Adams, Rebecca          WF      58y           26 Mar       Stomach Disease      Russell/Russell          Elizabeth Adams (Informant C.D. Boyd-Friend)
Addison, Hyram          WM      84y           21 Feb       Old Age              Russell/Russell          Rodd & Susan Addison (Informant S.G. Addison-Son)
Alderson, Martha        WF      73y 4m        22 Mar       Apoplexy             Tn/Russell               Wm. & Elizabeth Graham (Informant Davis C. Alderson-Son)
Artrip, Luther          WM      1y 6m         12 Apr       Lagrippe             Russell/Russell          Wm. & Phebe Artrip (Informant Wm. H. Artrip-Grandfather)
Artrip, Phebe           WF      25y           11 Apr       Lagrippe             Russell/Russell          Geo & Rebecca Breeding (Informant Wm. H. Artrip-Father in Law)
Artrip, Wm.             WM      27y 6m        30 Mar       Lagrippe             Russell/Russell          Wm. H. & Mary Artrip (Informant Wm. H. Artrip-Father)
Aston, Henry D.         WM      1m            15 Sep       Croup                Russell/Russell          Thos D. & Mable C. Aston Informant Thos D. Aston-Father)
Aston, R.B.             WM      60y           06 Nov       Heart Disease        Russell/Russell          Saml & Mary Aston (Informant N.G. Fugate-Friend)
Baker, Female           WF      1/2d          08 Aug       Unknown              Russell/Russell          Geo W. & Margaret T. Taylor (Informant Geo W. Baker-Father)
Bales, Wm.              WM      45y           02 Jun       Consumption          Russell/Russell          Enoch & ? Bales (Informant Mrs. Bales-Mother)
Ball, Mary              WF      71y           15 Sep       Heart Failure        Russell/Russell          John & Elizabeth Fletcher (Consort Wm.H. Ball) (Informant J.D. Hurt-Son)
Banner, Clara B.        BF      4m            26 Dec       Fever                Russell/Russell          Pat & Maggie Banner (Informant Pat Banner-Father)
Barrett, Mary           WF      6d            26 Aug       Heart Failure        Russell/Russell          M.P. & Sarah Barrett (Informant M.P. Barrett-Father)
Bickley, Harriet B.     WF      63y 10m       03 Feb       Comp of Disease      Illinois/Russell         Chas & Harriet Stratton (Informant Wm. Bickley-Husband)
Boothe, Darthula        WF      11y 2m        12 Mar       Dropsy               Russell/Russell          Alfred & Elizabeth Boothe (Informant Alfred Boothe-Father)
Boyd, Thomas K.         WM      18y           30 Dec       Spotted Fever        Russell/Russell          Marissa Boyd (Informant-Grandfather-HOF)
Breeding, Female        WF      1/4d          26 Jul       Unknown              Russell/Russell          Henderson & Julia Breeding (Informant Henderson Breeding-Father)
Brooks, Mary            WF      33y           17 Oct       Womb Disease         Russell/Russell          Jesse & Rachel Sutherland (Informant Wm. Brooks-Husband)
Browning, M.J.          WF      59y           20 Aug       Unknown              Russell/Russell          Unknown (Informant ?. P. Browning-Husband)
Browning, M.J.          WF      56y           27 Aug       Female Disease       Russell/Russell          Nelson & Nancy Gray (Informant E.D. Gray-Brother)
Browning, Male          WM      1/24d         20 Feb       Unknown              Russell/Russell          Mont. T. & Mollie Browning (Informant Mont. T. Browning-Father)
Browning, Mary          WF      80y           04 Dec       Pleurisy             Russell/Russell          Samuel & Nancy Taylor (Consort Jesse Browning) (Informant W. House-Son in Law)
Brummett, Melinda       WF      70y           20 Jul       Old Age              Russell/Russell          Jno & Elizabeth Bowman (Informant Chas Brummett-Stepson)
Call, Walter R.         WM      3y            01 Mar       Dropsy               Russell/Russell          Nancy Call (Informant Nancy Call-Mother)
Campbell, Wm.           WM      88y           07 Aug       Old Age              Russell/Russell          Henry & Jenny Campbell (Informant Ira R. Campbell-Son)
Carrell, Cipie          BM      70y 7m 7d     07 Jul       Lagrippe             Russell/Russell          Benj. & Aggie Carrell (Informant-Son)
Carty, Male             WM      1/12d         18 Feb       Unknown              Russell/Russell          D.E. & Alice A. Carty (Informant Alice A. Carty-Mother)
Chapman, Bessie M.      WF      4y 5m 18d     07 Sep       Typhoid Fever        Russell/Russell          Joseph & Effie A. Chapman (Informant Joseph Chapman-Father)
Clark, Alice            WF      28y           28 Oct       Unknown              Russell/Russell          Wm. J. Celia Combs (Informant Robt Clark-Husband)
Combs, J.G.             WM      2y            15 Nov       Caused by Burn       Russell/Russell          E.S. Combs (Informant E.S. Combs-Father)
Couch, Dora L.          WF      12y           02 Jul       Blood Poison         Russell/Russell          Geo W. & Nancy Couch (Informant Geo W. Couch-Father)
Couch, Mary             WF      15d           15 Aug       Hives                Russell/Russell          A.K. & Tabitha Couch (Informant A.K. Couch-Father)
Couch, Tabitha          WF      39y           23 Dec       Dropsy               Russell/Russell          Johnathon & Jinnie Skeen (Informant A.K. Couch-Husband)
Cox, William            WM      1d            11 Jan       Croup                Russell/Russell          John & Caroline Cox (Informant John Cox-Father)
Culberson, Martha E.    WF      62y 4m 20d    02 Apr       Consumption          Russell/Russell          H.M. & Edith Meade (Informant R.J. Culberson-Husband)
Dale, Pearlie C.        WF      1y 9m         26 Apr       Scrofula             Russell/Russell          Jno F. & Virginia Dale (Informant Jno F. Dale-Father)
Davis, Elden            WM      2m            15 Jun       Croup                Russell/Russell          R.C. & Mary Davis (Informant Major Fletcher-Grandfather)
Denney, Thomas          WM      30y           02 Oct       Typhoid Fever        N.C./Russell             Unknown (Informant S. McReynolds-Brother in Law)
Dickenson, Alice G.     WF      6y 4m 5d      08 Nov       Croup                Russell/Russell          Jas H. & Mary A. Dickenson (Informant Jas H. Dickenson-Father)
Dickenson, Female       WF      3d            23 Mar       Unknown              Russell/Russell          Jno T. & Mattie Dickenson (Informant Jno T. Dickenson-Father)
Dickenson, Female       BF      2d            07 Jan       Measles              Russell/Russell          Geo W. & Lizzie Dickenson (Informant Geo W. Dickenson-Father)
Dickenson, Henry K.     WM      1y 4m 24d     08 Aug       Croup                Russell/Russell          Thos F. & Bettie Dickenson (Informant Thos F. Dickenson-Father)
Dickenson, Peter        BM      70y           15 Jan       Lagrippe             Russell/Russell          Unknown (Informant Wm. Fugate-Friend)
Dickenson, Queen M.     BF      64y           28 Jun       Paralysis            Russell/Russell          David & Eva Dickenson (Informant A.K. Dickenson-Husband)
Dingus, Henry H.        WM      2y 6m 18d     17 Nov       Croup                Russell/Russell          Samuel C. & Harriet Dingus (Informant Samuel C. Dingus-Father)
Dixon, Amanda           WF      18y           02 Dec       Typhoid Fever        Washington/Russell       Moses L. & Ellen O. Dixon (Informant Moses L. Dixon-Father)
Dorton, Female          WF      12d           06 Apr       Croup                Russell/Russell          Jno F. & Edna E. Dorton (Informant Jno F. Dorton-Father)
Dye, Nancy              WF      54y           25 Dec       Lagripp              Russell/Russell          Malinda McFarland (Informant Thomas Dye-Husband)
Easterly, John C.       WM      1/2d          11 Apr       Unknown              Russell/Russell          Chas W. & Dellie L. Easterly (Informant Chas W. Easterly-Father)
Elam, Lucy              WF      9y 6m 13d     06 Dec       Rheumatism           Russell/Russell          Enoch & Ellen C. Elam (Informant Jos Johnson-Stepfather)
Elam, Lucy E.           WF      9y            01 Nov       Rheumatism           Russell/Russell          Enoch & Ellen Elam (Informant Ellen Johnson-Mother)
Ferrell, Ralph          BM      1y            20 Jun       Croup                Russell/Russell          Allen & Susan Ferrell (Informant Allen Ferrell-Father)
Fields, Charles S.      WM      1y 9m 1d      15 Jun       Erysiplas            Russell/Russell          Melinda Fields (Informant Randolph Fields-Grandfather)
Fields, Male            WM      28d           25 Aug       Unknown              Russell/Russell          Frank & Phebe Fields (Informant Frank Fields-Father)
Forbush, Charles W.     WM      1m 18d        12 Mar       Croup                Russell/Russell          Wm. & Elizabeth Forbush (Informant Wm. Forbush-Father)
Fugate, Ann             BF      67y           11 Feb       Consumption          Russell/Russell          Mariah Dickenson (Informant Wm. Fugate-Husband)
Fuller, Funllend F.     WM      14y           27 Dec       Spotted Fever        Russell/Russell          Ira R. & Phebe E. Fuller (Informant Ira R. Fuller-Father)
Fuller, James E.        WM      12y           23 Dec       Spotted Fever        Russell/Russell          Ira R. & Phebe E. Fuller (Informant Ira R. Fuller-Father)
Fuller, Thomas E.       WM      18y           27 Dec       Spotted Fever        Russell/Russell          George & Mary Fuller (Informant George Fuller-Father)
Gibson, Aron H.         WM      32y           02 Apr       Gunshot              Buchanan/Russell         Jno & Hulda B. Gibson (Informant Sarah Gibson-Wife)
Gibson, Thomas          WM      85y           10 Dec       Old Age              Russell/Russell          Saml & Katie Gibson (Informant W.W. Gibson-Son)
Gilbert, Male           WM      1d            11 Sep       Unknown              Russell/Russell          Robert & Laura Gilbert (Informant Robert Gilbert-Father)
Gilmer, Ellen M.C       WF      19y           27 Nov       Dropsy               Russell/Russell          Arnold P. & Rachel Gilmer (Informant Arnold P. Gilmer-Father)
Glenn, Anna             WF      3y 9m         03 Dec       Croup                Russell/Russell          Elisha & Eliza Glenn (Informant Elisha Glenn-Father)
Griffith, Male          WM      1d            17 Mar       Unknown              Russell/Russell          Wm. D. & Caroline Griffith (Informant Wm. D. Griffith-Father)
Griffith, Wm. T.        WM      13y           17 Aug       Typhoid Fever        Russell/Russell          John & Ruth Griffith (Informant John Griffith-Father)
Grimsley, Malissa A.    WF      41y           26 Jan       Typhoid Fever        Russell/Russell          Jonathan & Poley Boyd (Informant Poley Boyd-Mother)
Grizzle, Nancy          WF      75y 2m 13d    25 Mar       Lagrippe             Russell/Russell          James & Nancy Franklin (Informant Jesse Grizzle-Husband)
Hackney, Catherine      WF      55y           28 Apr       Consumption          Russell/Russell          Saml E. & Anna Gilmer (Informant W.B. Shelton-Son in Law)
Hackney, Isaac T.       WM      3y            15 Sep       Croup                Russell/Russell          John F. & Mary Hackney (Informant John F. Hackney-Father)
Harris, Female          WF      2m            10 Aug       Hives                Russell/Russell          Rachel Harris (Informant Rachel Harris-Mother)
Hess, Calahan           WM      4d            05 Jan       Croup                Russell/Russell          Jacob & Caroline Hess (Informant Jacob Hess-Father)
Hess, Eliza             WF      65y           07 Dec       Consumption          Russell/Russell          Unknown (Informant Isaac Hess-Husband)
Hess, Wm L.             WM      92y           22 Aug       Dropsy               Russell/Russell          Unknown (Informant Elijah Hess-Son)
Hicey, Amis             WM      3y            10 Nov       Croup                Russell/Russell          Wm. & Corria Hicey (Informant Wm. Hicey-Father)
Hicey, Corria           WF      26y           15 Feb       Consumption          Russell/Russell          Alexander & Darthonly Duncan (Consort- Wm. Hicey) (Informant Alexander Duncan-Father)
Hicks, Cora             BF      14y           25 May       Spinal Disease       Russell/Russell          Scott Hicks (Informant Scott Hicks-Father)
Holbrook, J.C.          WM      40y           15 Mar       Measles              Russell/Russell          Jno & Mary Holbrook (Informant Frances Holbrook-Wife)
Holms, Charlie F.       WM      1y 9m 1d      28 Mar       Consumption          Russell/Russell          Geo F. & Mary C. Holms (Informant Geo F. Holms-Father)
House, Sarah            WF      1m            05 Sep       Unknown              Russell/Russell          C.W. & Lizey House (Informant C.W. House-Father)
House, Wm. B.           WM      1m            05 Sep       Unknown              Russell/Russell          C.W. & Lizey House (Informant C.W. House-Father)
Hubbard, George         BM      33y           14 Jul       Apoplexy             Russell/Russell          Jesse  & Mary A. Hubbard (Informant Jesse Hubbard-Father)
Jesse, John S.          WM      10y           16 Dec       Lagripp              Russell/Russell          John D. & Sarah Jesse (Informant John D. Jesse-Father)
Jessee, Mary E.         WF      1y 4m         11 Nov       Brain Fever          Russell/Russell          E.K. & Mattie Jessee (Informant E.K. Jessee-Father)
Johnson, Alverda        WF      1y 1m 8d      18 Jul       Croup                Russell/Russell          Jos & Ellen C. Johnson (Informant Jos Johnson-Father)
Johnson, Benj. F.       WM      30y           06 May       Gunshot Wound        Carroll/Russell          Jacob & Jane Johnson (Informant S.K. Johnson-Cousin)
Johnson, Female         WF      15d           24 Mar       Unknown              Russell/Russell          Danl B. & Ugene Johnson (Informant Danl. B. Johnson-Father)
Johnson, Hugh           WM      62y           15 Apr       Cancer               Russell/Russell          John & Elizabeth Johnson (Informant Nancy Johnson-Wife)
Johnson, Male           WM      1/6d          27 Apr       Unknown              Russell/Russell          Geo H. & Mary Johnson (Informant Geo H. Johnson-Father)
Kiser, Mary             WF      103y 10m 7d   15 Apr       Lagrippe             Russell/Russell          Abram & Betsy Childres (Informant Jesse Sutherland-Son in Law)
Lewis, James W.         WM      16y           08 Dec       Consumption          Russell/Russell          Leander & Mary Lewis (Informant Leander Lewis-Father)
Low, George P.          WM      1y            27 Jun       Fever                Russell/Russell          John L. & Sarah Low (Informant John L. Low-Father)
Lynch, Richard          WM      40y           10 Jul       Consumption          Russell/Russell          Thomas & Mary Lynch (Informant Mrs. Lynch-Wife)
Maxfield, James H.      WM      19y           15 Sep       RR Accident          Russell/Russell          James & Martha Maxfield (Informant James Maxfield-Father)
McKine, Rosey           WF      8d            23 Feb       Croup                Russell/Russell          John & Caroline McKine (Informant John McKine-Father)
McReynolds, James       WM      66y           14 Nov       Typhoid Fever        Russell/Russell          Joseph & Mary McReynolds (Informant Sarah McReynolds-Wife)
Meade, Female           WF      15d           10 Jan       Croup                Russell/Russell          Wm. F. & Eliza Meade (Informant Wm. F. Meade-Father)
Meade, Samuel F.        WM      7y 4m         20 Aug       Diptheria            Russell/Russell          Henry P. & Delila Meade (Informant Henry P. Meade-Father)
Meade, Wm. F.           WM      24y           12 May       Consumption          Russell/Russell          Geo W. & Lydia Meade (Informant Geo W. Meade-Father)
Milgrim, Geo W.         WM      27y 11m 6d    17 Feb       Typhoid Fever        Russell/Russell          Jno W. & Nancy Milgrim (Informant Margaret Milgrim-Wife)
Miller, Shaderick W.    WM      40y           08 Nov       Consumption          Russell/Russell          John & Mary Miller (Informant Mary Miller-Wife)
Minton, Female          WF      25d           07 Feb       Diptheria            Russell/Russell          Samuel & Elvira Minton (Informant Samuel Minton-Father)
Minton, James           WM      9y            28 Jan       Diptheria            Russell/Russell          Samuel & Elvira Minton (Informant Samuel Minton-Father)
Minton, Maggie S.       WF      5y 6m         02 Aug       Bilious Fever        Russell/Russell          James M. & Margaret Minton (Informant James M. Minton-Father)
Minton, Mattie Lee      WF      2y 2m 13d     29 Mar       Diptheria            Russell/Russell          Jno F. & Ellen Minton (Informant Jno F. Minton
Minton, Nancy C.        WF      4y            08 Jan       Diptheria            Russell/Russell          Samuel & Elvira Minton (Informant Samuel Minton-Father)
Minton, Richard F.      WM      11y           10 Feb       Diptheria            Russell/Russell          Samuel & Elvira Minton (Informant Samuel Minton-Father)
Minton, Wm. D.          WM      6y            09 Jan       Diptheria            Russell/Russell          Samuel & Elvira Minton (Informant Samuel Minton-Father)
Musick, Louisa          WF      6y 6m 18d     27 Dec       Lagrippe             Russell/Russell          Thos & Martha Musick (Informant Thos Musick-Father)
Nipper, Wm.             WM      1d            04 Apr       Hives                Russell/Russell          John & Elizabeth Nipper (Informant John Nipper-Father)
Osborn, Unity           WF      74y           20 Nov       Erysiplas            Russell/Russell          Jos & Pattie Dorton (Informant C.C. Osborn-Son)
Owens, Fletcher B.      WM      4y            27 Mar       Scrofula             Russell/Russell          Levi J. & Elizabeth Owens (Informant Levi J. Owens-Father)
Owens, Thomas           WM      1d            15 Jul       Hives                Russell/Russell          Lilburn & Elizabeth Owens (Informant Lilburn Owens-Father)
Parks, Female           WF      1d            12 Oct       Hives                Russell/Russell          A. Parks & Rached (Informant A. Parks-Father)
Patrick, Susan          WF      45y           03 Jul       Liver Disease        Russell/Russell          Unknown (Informant G.W. Patrick-Husband)
Porter, Isaac H.        WM      39y 10m       16 Oct       Unknown              Russell/Russell          Thomas M. & Hannah Porter (Informant Cynthia Porter-Wife)
Quamley, Samuel         BM      27y           01 Oct       Lagrippe             Russell/Russell          Benj. & Mariah Quamley (Informant Benj. Quamley-Father)
Rasnake, Alfred         WM      4y            06 Nov       Flux                 Russell/Russell          Stephen & Leu Rasnake (Informant Stephen Rasnake-Father)
Ray, Mary E.            WF      54y 9m 12d    31 Aug       Typhoid Fever        Russell/Russell          Jesse & Magelene Sargent (Informant Effie Chapman-Daughter)
Ray, Samuel             WM      3y            15 Jun       Whooping Cough       Russell/Russell          Everet & Tishie Ray (Informant Everet Ray-Father)
Ring, Elizabeth         WF      59y           18 Jan       Lagrippe             Russell/Russell          Thomas & Mary Saddler (Informant Thos. B. Ring-Husband)
Robbins, Elizabeth      WF      85y           10 Jun       Old Age              Russell/Russell          Unknown (Informant H.S. Robbins-Son)
Salyer, Abraham         WM      66y           22 Nov       Cancer               Russell/Russell          Daniel & Sarah Salyer (Informant L.M. Salyer-Son)
Salyer, Male            WM      12d           29 Jun       Hives                Russell/Russell          A.S. & Mattie Salyer (Informant A.S. Salyer-Father)
Sandoe, Carl G.         WM      1y 2m         26 Oct       Fever                Russell/Russell          Jas L. & Elvira Sandoe (Informant Elvira Sandoe-Mother)
Seacott, Maggie A.      WF      30y           13 May       Lagrippe             Russell/Russell          Henry & M. Gibson (Informant C.C. Seacott-Husband)
Settle, Henry T.        WM      9m            20 Oct       Unknown              Russell/Russell          M.H. & C. Settle (Informant M.H. Settle-Father)
Shannon, Charles        WM      1y 4m         25 Oct       Unknown              Russell/Russell          John A. & Mary Shannon (Informant John A. Shannon-Father)
Shelton, Patty B.       WF      1y 7m         05 Aug       Unknown              Russell/Russell          Wm. B. & Rebecca J. Shelton (Informant Wm. B. Shelton-Father)
Shoemaker, Harry        WM      2m            07 Jan       Croup                Russell/Russell          Henry & Nannie Shoemaker (Informant Henry Shoemaker-Father)
Short, Allifare         WF      8y            20 Jun       Dropsy               Russell/Russell          Thomas & Mary Short (Informant Thomas Short-Father)
Smith, Arthur R.        WM      5y 2m 18d     08 Oct       Tonsilitis           Russell/Russell          Jno W. & Nannie A. Smith (Informant Jno W. Smith-Father)
Smith, Charles A.       WM      69y           26 Aug       Cancer of Stomach    Russell/Russell          Henry & Mary Smith (Informant H.G. Stuart)
Smith, Matilda          WF      73y           14 Aug       Heart Disease        Russell/Russell          John & Nancy Kiser (Informant Wm. Smith-Husband)
Smith, Nancy C.         BF      100y          28 Dec       Old Age              Russell/Russell          Unknown (Informant Rese Smith-Grandson)
Smith, Nannie A.        WF      43y 1m 14d    10 May       Dropsy               Washington/Russell       Jesse & Jane Crouch (Informant J.W. Smith-Husband)
Steel, Malvina          WF      42y           28 Feb       Eresipples           Russell/Russell          Unknown (Informant Layfayette Steel-Son)
Steffey, Rufas M.       WM      5y 5m 14d     14 Sep       Croup                Russell/Russell          C.J. & Laura W. Steffey (Informant C.J. Steffey-Father)
Stinson, Mary           WF      61y           08 Jan       Cancer               Russell/Russell          John & Jane Booth (Informant Robert Stinson-Husband)
Sullivan, Martha        WF      1y            09 Apr       Lagrippe             Russell/Russell          Noah & Mary Sullivan (Informant Noah Sullivan-Father)
Thomson, Tolbert        WM      14y           20 Dec       Spotted Fever        Russell/Russell          Norman & Elizabeth Thomson (Informant Norman Thomson-Father)
Turner, Harvey          WM      1y 12d        15 Feb       Unknown              Russell/Russell          Wilson & Patsy Turner (Informant Wilson Turner-Father)
Turner, Hugh            WM      92y           26 Jan       Heart Disease        Russell/Russell          James & Mary Turner (Informant B.F. Turner-Grandson)
Wallis, John            BM      20y 5m 9d     23 Apr       Pneumonia            Russell/Russell          Andy & Margaret Wallis (Informant Andy Wallis-Father)
Wallis, Lydia A.        BF      16y 1m 15d    24 May       Consumption          Russell/Russell          Andy & Margaret Wallis (Informant Andy Wallis-Father)
Whited, Berthy A.       WF      4y            20 Feb       Lagripp              Russell/Russell          Charles & Sarah Whited (Informant Charles Whited-Father)
Williams, Andrew J.     WM      65y           24 Mar       Scrofula             Russell/Russell          Geo & Elizabeth Williams (Informant S.H. King-Friend)
Wysor, Malissa          WF      46y           15 Aug       Consumption          Russell/Russell          Christopher & M. Taylor (Informant John D. Wysor-Husband)

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