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1892 Russell County Death Index

Name                  Race/Sex   Age        Date        Cause             POB/POD            Parents/Consorts/Informants

Anderson, Caroline       BF     2y 2d      02 Jun       Fever           Russell/Russell     J.N. & Lora Anderson (Informant J.N. Anderson-Father)
Ball, Cynthe             WF     39y        05 Jun       Bilious Colic   Russell/Russell     Moses & Mary Hurt (Informant Haskew Ball-Husband)
Ball, Nancy              WF     58y        17 Feb       Cancer          Russell/Russell     Unknown (Informant Cornelius Ball-Husband)
Bird, Corick             BM     6y         07 Aug       Flux            Russell/Russell     Michael & Georgia A. Bird (Informant Michael Bird-Father)
Bird, Georgia A.         BF     34y        09 Aug       Flux            Russell/Russell     Andrew & Emma Bickley (Informant Michael Bird-Husband)
Bird, Sallie S.          BF     2y         19 Aug       Flux            Russell/Russell     Michael & Georgia A. Bird (Informant Michael Bird-Father)
Bostic, Crocket          WM     15y        18 May       Fever           Russell/Russell     J.D. & S. Bostic (Informant J.D. Bostic-Father)
Boyd, Johnathon          WM     91y        13 Apr       Lagrippe        Franklin/Russell    Joseph & Nancy Boyd (Informant Isaac Boyd-Son)
Breeding, Ellen J.       WF     3y         15 Dec       Croup           Russell/Russell     Joseph & Jane Breeding (Informant Joseph Breeding-Father)
Breeding, John           WM     40y        10 Feb       Shot            Russell/Russell     Geo & Rebecca Breeding (Informant Susannah Breeding-Wife)
Breeding, Mattie E.      WF     4m         20 Sep       Croup           Russell/Russell     Joseph & Jane Breeding (Informant Joseph Breeding-Father)
Burnett, John            WM     79y        12 Jul       Lagrippe        Russell/Russell     Unknown (Informant G.W. Lockhart- Son in Law) 
Clark, Oma               WF     22y        24 Jun       Consumption     Russell/Russell     John A. & Patsy Hess (Informant John A. Hess-Father)
Cordel, Maggie           WF     11y        14 Jul       Drowned         Russell/Russell     Edmon & Nancy Cordel (informant Edmon Cordel-Father)
Counts, Ora              WM     1y 9m      05 Sep       Croup           Russell/Russell     Lot B. & Rosa Counts (Informant Lot B. Counts-Father)
Dickenson, Charles M.    BM     20y        31 May       Drowned         Russell/Russell     W. & Margaret Dickenson (Informant W. Dickenson-Father)
Dickenson, John H.       BM     19y 6m     08 Aug       Bilious Fever   Russell/Russell     W. Scott & Ellen Dickenson (Informant W. Scott Dickenson-Father)
Dye, Ada V.              WF     39y        04 Jan       Consumption     Russell/Russell     Daniel & Mary Horton (Informant G. W. Dye-Husband)
Evans, Patsy M.          BF     45y        22 Dec       Cancer          Russell/Russell     S.P. & Sally Bundy (Informant J.H. Evans-Husband)
Ferrell, Richard         WM     57y        28 Apr       Cancer          Tazewell/Russell    John & Sarah Ferrell (Informant N.J. Ferrell-Wife)
Fields, Loyd A.          WM     9m         15 Dec       Unknown         Russell/Russell     R.E. & Loucindy Fields (Informant R.E. Fields-Father)
Fletcher, Perry          WM     1d         08 Aug       Croup           Russell/Russell     James & Mary Fletcher (Informant James Fletcher-Father)
Fletcher, Sarah          WF     76y        15 Oct       Consumption     Russell/Russell     Larkin & S. Herndon (Informant Frank Wallace- Son in Law)
Gilbert, Rachel          WF     25y        03 Jan       Scrofula        Russell/Russell     Wm. & Mary Gilbert (Informant C.W. Gilbert-Brother)
Gilbert, Rhoda E.        WF     2y         25 Dec       Diptheria       Russell/Russell     John & Mary Gilbert (Informant John Gilbert-Father)
Honaker, Nancy J.        WF     39y        10 Mar       Unknown         Russell/Russell     James & Margret Ray (Informant Lilburn Honaker-Husband)
Hopkins, E.H.            BM     8y         20 Aug       Diptheria       Russell/Russell     G.W. & Mary Hopkins (Informant G.W. Hopkins-Father)
Hopkins, H.B.            BF     3y         25 Aug       Diptheria       Russell/Russell     G.W. & Mary Hopkins (Informant G.W. Hopkins-Father)
Hopkins, H.D.            BF     5y         30 Aug       Diptheria       Russell/Russell     G.W. & Mary Hopkins (Informant G.W. Hopkins-Father)
Hopkins, J.B.            BM     10y        19 Aug       Diptheria       Russell/Russell     G.W. & Mary Hopkins (Informant G.W. Hopkins-Father)
Hurt, Male               WM     10m        17 Sep       Croup           Russell/Russell     A.L. & Louisa Hurt (Informant A.L. Hurt-Father)
Jolly, Male              WM     1d         02 Apr       Unknown         Russell/Russell     Thomas & Martha Jolly (Informant Thomas Jolly-Father)
Kindrick, Mary S.        WF     17y        08 Apr       Consumption     Russell/Russell     E. & C. Kindrick (Informant J.T. Kindrick-Brother)
Kiser, H. L.             WM     25y        25 Sep       Flux            Russell/Russell     James D. & Winnie Kiser (informant Winnie Kiser-Mother)
Kiser, Sallie            WF     13y        17 Sep       Flux            Russell/Russell     James D. & Winnie Kiser (informant Winnie Kiser-Mother)
Lenard, C.W.             WM     2y         10 Jun       Heart Disease   Russell/Russell     David Lenard (Informant David Lenard-Father)
Lyttle, Cornelia         WF     31y        28 May       Rheumatism      Russell/Russell     Samuel C. & Celia Dingus (Informant N.M. Lyttle-Husband)
Lyttle, Nellie J.        WF     1y 11m 18d 19 Aug       Fever           Russell/Russell     N.M. & Cornelia Lyttle (Informant N.M. Lyttle-Father)
Mallery, Barbery         WF     14y        27 Dec       Croup           Russell/Russell     W.H. & Sarah Mallory (Informant W.H. Mallory-Father)
Marshall, Henry T.       WM     1d         28 May       Unknown         Russell/Russell     L.J. & M.J. Marshall (Informant L.J. Marshall-Father)
Marshall, John R.        WM     24y        27 Sep       Murdered        Russell/Russell     Unknown (Informant Mary P. Marshall-Wife)
Mash, Martha J.          WF     30y        10 Sep       Fever           Russell/Russell     Eli & Manda Jackson (Informant Wm. Mash-Husband)
Musick, Walter           WM     1m 1d      08 Aug       Croup           Russell/Russell     G.D. & Millissa J. Musick (Informant G.D. Musick-Father)
Nash, Lucy J.            BF     21y        15 Aug       Consumption     Russell/Russell     Wm. H. & Mary Nash (Informant Wm. H. Nash-Father)
Peters, Juda             WF     60y        03 Sep       Heart Disease   Scott/Russell       James & Delia Moore (Informant S.J.- Son in Law)
Phillips, Martin L.      WM     2y 3m      22 Jul       Flux            Russell/Russell     L.C. & Lydia Phillips (Informant L.C. Phillips-Father)
Porter, Thomas M.        WM     63y        07 Nov       Heart Disease   Russell/Russell     Saml & Betsy Porter (Informant J.L. Porter-Son)
Prophet, Auther D.       WM     10m        17 Nov       Croup           Russell/Russell     Harvey & Nancy Prophet (Informant Harvey Prophet-Father)
Prophet, Vina I.         WF     4y         10 Dec       Diptheria       Russell/Russell     Osten & Nancy Phophet (Informant Osten Prophet-Father)
Ramsey, Bettie           WF     14y        10 Dec       Flux            Russell/Russell     Wm. & Eliza Ramsey (Informant Wm. Ramsey-Father)
Ramsey, David R.         WM     71y        11 Jan       Fever           Scott/Russell       Joel & Polly Ramsey (Informant Caldona Ramsey-Daughter)
Ramsey, Jane             WF     30y        15 Jul       Lagrippe        Russell/Russell     Geo & Polly Ramsey (Informant Haborn Ramsey-Husband)
Ray, Bettie H.           WF     18m        05 May       Choked          Russell/Russell     Floyd & Emeline Ray (Informant Floyd Ray-Father)
Robinson, Female         WF     1m         09 Jun       Fever           Russell/Russell     J.H. & C. Robinson (Informant J.H. Robinson-Father)
Silcox, Cora N.          WF     2y 6m      10 Dec       Flux            Russell/Russell     D.L & Lou V. Silcox (Informant D.L Silcox-Father)
Simmons, Virginia B.     WF     2y         01 Jun       Lagrippe        Russell/Russell     W.S. & Catherine Simmons (Informant W.S. Simmons-Father)
Skeens, Garfield         WM     1y 9m      05 Apr       Choleras Morbus Russell/Russell     Johnathon & Eliza A. Skeen (Informant Johnathon Skeen-Father)
Smith, Charles H.        WM     25y        24 Sep       Shot            Russell/Russell     N.B. & Rachel H. Smith (Informant N.B. Smith-Father)
Stallard, John W.        WM     66y        30 Jan       Fever           Russell/Russell     Roley & Mary Stallard (Informant S.D. Stallard-Son)
Stallard, Regina         WF     55y        21 Jul       Consumption     Russell/Russell     Scott & Mary Denniston  (Informant S.D. Stallard-Son)
Sutherland, Dora         WF     3d         16 Apr       Croup           Russell/Russell     Sqe & Nancy Sutherland (Informant Sqe Sutherland-Father)
Sutherland, Orville      WM     20y 7m     16 Oct       Shot            Russell/Russell     Elihu & R.J. Sutherland (Informant Elihu Sutherland-Father)
Tate, Thomas F.          WM     54y        24 Dec       Fever           Russell/Russell     Blank (Informant Mary V. Tate-Wife)
Wallace, Willey          WM     4m         28 Apr       Croup           Russell/Russell     Frank & Mary Wallace (Informant Frank Wallace-Father)
White, Henry M.          WM     41y        27 Dec       Consumption     Russell/Russell     R.A. & N.D. White (Informant Eliza F. White-Wife)

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