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1894 Russell County Death Index

Name               Race/Sex     Age          Date       Cause                   POB/POD                Parents/Consorts/Informants

Adams, Male           WM        3m          15 May      Unknown               Russell/Russell          Louisa Adams (Informant Joel Adams-Grandfather)
Albert, James A.      WM        28y         17 Sep      Typhoid Fever         Russell/Russell          Albert D. & Elizabeth Albert (Informant L.K.Banner-Friend)
Aston, Bud            WM        Blank       05 Aug      Unknown               Russell/Russell          Thos D. & Mable C. Aston (Informant Thos D. Aston-Father)
Aston, Ella           WF        19y         15 Feb      Blood Poison          Russell/Russell          H.H & Corry Dickenson (Informant S.W. Aston-Father in Law)
Bailey, Lou           WF        17y         16 Sep      Fever                 Russell/Russell          Wm. P. & Nannie Bailey (Informant Mary Banner-Friend)
Baker, Wm. J.         WM        44y         05 Apr      Gun Shot Wound        Russell/Russell          Jas & Highly Baker (Informant Andy Dean-Friend)
Ball, Amy             WF        16y         16 May      Fever                 Russell/Russell          Henry Ball & Wife (Informant Henry Ball-Father)
Ball, Olly            WF        24d         20 May      Fever                 Russell/Russell          Amy & Henry Ball (Informant Henry Ball-Father)
Barrett, Nora E.      WF        10y         03 Jun      Flux                  Russell/Russell          J.C. & N.C. Barrett (Informant J.C. Barrett-Father)
Blizzard, Margaret    WF        54y         15 Jul      Unknown               Russell/Russell          Thos & Agnes White (Informant S.W. Patton-Brother in Law)
Bradley, Male         WM        5d          22 Jun      Croup                 Russell/Russell          Jno A. & Marnerva Bradley (Informant Jno A. Bradley-Father)
Bradshaw, Male        WM        1d          05 Aug      Unknown               Russell/Russell          C.S. & Mary Bradshaw (Informant C.S. Bradshaw-Father)
Breeding, Elpha       WM        5y 5m 4d    26 Nov      Croup                 Russell/Russell          Geo W. & Crosby Breeding (Informant Geo W. Breeding-Father)
Bundy, Rebecca        WF        79y         06 May      Rheumatism            Scott/Russell            John Godsey (Informant B. Dorton-Friend)
Call, Thomas          WM        1m          11 Jun      Yellow Jaundice       Russell/Russell          James & Electra C. Call (Informant James C. Call-Father)
Campbell, Emmet       WM        10y         25 Sep      Diptheria             Russell/Russell          Jno H. & Harriet Campbell (Informant Jno H. Campbell-Father)
Campbell, Roxey       WF        2y          23 Oct      Diptheria             Russell/Russell          Jno H. & Harriet Campbell (Informant Jno H. Campbell-Father)
Carty, Thomas J.      WM        74y 10m 14d 05 Nov      Cancer                Russell/Russell          Jno & Nancy Carty (Informant Caroline Carty Wife)
Compton, Gilbert      WM        24y         07 Dec      Consumption           Russell/Russell          D.C. & Vina Compton (informant D.C. Compton-Father)
Cooper, Mattie        WF        41y         29 Nov      Unknown               Russell/Russell          Geo W. & Sidney Campbell (Informant C.C. Cooper-Husband)
Counts, Eva           WF        99y 9m 5d   23 Oct      Old Age               Eastern VA/Russell       Jas & Kate Banner (Informant Jas M. Counts-Son)
Davis, Hannah E.      WF        18y 5m 20d  07 Nov      Typhoid Fever         Scott/Russell            Jas & Nancy Davis (Informant Nancy L. Davis-Mother)
Davis, James L.       WM        45y         01 Oct      Typhoid Fever         Mercer WV/Russell        Wilbur & Catherine Davis (Informant Nancy L. Davis-Wife)
Dickenson, Ellen      WF        28y         26 Nov      Consumption           Russell/Russell          Geo & Prissa Banner (Informant Jesse Skeen-Friend)
Dickenson, James H.   WM        76y         15 Oct      Old Age               Russell/Russell          James Dickenson (Informant M.H. Ricky-Friend)
Dickenson, Jno P.     WM        69y         08 Jul      Infermation           Russell/Russell          Louis & Nancy Dickenson (Informant G.E. Boyd-Son in Law)
Dinwiddie, Saml S.    WM        45y         04 Mar      Fever                 Dinwiddie/Russell        Unknown (Informant K.S. Davis-Friend)
Dorton, Laura A.      WF        21y         28 May      Consumption           Russell/Russell          Saml. & Matilda Dickenson (Informant W.E. Dorton-Husband)
Dorton, Mary          WF        3y 3m       10 May      Whooping Cough        Russell/Russell          Nathan & Caroline Dorton (Informant N.W. Dorton-Father)
Dye, Nancy            WF        65y         25 Apr      Paralysis             Russell/Russell          Blank (Informant Wm. Dye-Husband)
Fields, Phebe         WF        31y         06 Feb      Consumption           Russell/Russell          Wesley & Matilda Sexton (Informant Frank Fields-Husband)
Fortner, Jno K.       WM        5m          28 Mar      Colic                 Russell/Russell          Wm. W. & Willie J. Fortner (Informant  Wm. W. Fortner-Father)
Fuller, Ethel B.      WF        1y          02 Nov      Diptheria             Russell/Russell          Henry & Genira Fuller (Informant Henry Fuller-Father)
Fuller, Lucy M.       WF        4m          20 Jul      Cholera Morbus        Russell/Russell          Ira R. & Phebe Fuller (Informant Ira R. Fuller-Father)
Gilbert, Samuel       WM        1y          20 Dec      Croup                 Russell/Russell          John & Mary Gilbert (Informant John Gilbert-Father)
Glenn, Troy W.        WM        4y 6m 21d   22 Oct      Croup                 Russell/Russell          Adolphus M. & Anbela Glenn (Informant Adolphus Glenn-Father)
Gose, Henry R.        WM        65y         10 Mar      Chronic Disease       Russell/Russell          Unknown (Informant Mary Gose-Wife)
Griffith, Mary A.     WF        31y         19 Jun      Fever                 Russell/Russell          John & Sofa Bostick (Informant John Griffith-Husband)
Hale, Mary N.         WF        18y 4m 2d   26 Jan      Fever                 Russell/Russell          John & M.J. Hale (Informant John Hale-Husband)
Harding, Female       WF        1d          01 Nov      Unknown               Russell/Russell          Henry D. & Alice Harding (Informant Henry D. Harding-Father)
Harmon, Mary          WF        27y 3m 20d  05 Nov      Unknown               Russell/Russell          Unknown (Informant C.H. Harmon-Husband)
Hart, Isaac           WM        85y         05 Oct      Old Age               Russell/Russell          Unknown (Informant Isaac Hart-Son)
Hawkins, Thos L.      WM        82y         26 Sep      Old Age               Russell/Russell          Jas T. & Sallie Hawkins (Informant Jno S. Hawkins-Son)
Hess, James           WM        1y 5m       03 Jun      Whooping Cough        Russell/Russell          James M. & Susan Hess (Informant James M. Hess-Father)
Hess, Matilda         WF        26y         08 Feb      Consumption           Russell/Russell          James & Margaret Hess (Informant Henry Hess-Husband)
Hess, Salley          WF        Blank       20 Oct      Fever                 Russell/Russell          John L. & Mary Hess (Informant John L. Hess-Father)
Horton, Robert        WM        7y          06 Dec      Shot Accidently       Russell/Russell          Elizabeth Horton (Informant Elizabeth Horton-Mother)
Horton, Wm.           WM        1m          25 Nov      Unknown               Russell/Russell          J.T. & Louisa Horton (Informant James Horton-Father)
Hubbard, John R.      WM        34y         13 Aug      Fever                 Russell/Russell          Blank (Informant Armelda Hubbard-Wife)
Hubbard, Raneevert    WM        7y          14 Feb      Heart Disease         Russell/Russell          J.W. & E.J. Hubbard (Informant J.W. Hubbard-Father)
Huffman, Blorney      BM        4y          06 Mar      Brain Fever           Russell/Russell          Orvil & Ella Huffman (Informant R.L. Gilmer-Friend)
Huffman, Conrad       BM        5m          25 Jul      Brain Fever           Russell/Russell          Orvil & Ella Huffman (Informant R.L. Gilmer-Friend)
Hurd, Henry           WM        10y         20 Sep      Fever                 Russell/Russell          H.W. & Mary Hurd (Informant R.C. Robinson-Friend)
Hurd, Margaret E.     WF        21y 6m 6d   20 Jun      Typhoid Fever         Russell/Russell          Henry W. & Mary Hurd (Informant John Hurd-Brother)
Hurt, Idea            WF        16y         12 May      Dropsy                Russell/Russell          Garland & Lavina Hurt (Informant Garland Hurt-Father0
Jackson, Eldon        WM        1y 7m       22 Aug      Unknown               Russell/Russell          J.F. & Malissa Jackson (Informant J.F. Jackson-Father)
Jackson, Margisire    WF        1y 10m 28d  06 Nov      Bronchitis            Russell/Russell          A.H. & B. Jackson (Informant A.H. Jackson-Father)
Jessee, Cora          WF        34y         20 Nov      Female Disease        Russell/Russell          Unknown (INformant D.F. Jessee-Husband)
Jessee, Female        WF        20d         21 Jun      Unknown               Russell/Russell          Geo L. Jessee (Informant Geo L. Jessee)
Jessee, Female        WF        28d         29 Jun      Unknown               Russell/Russell          Geo L. Jessee (Informant Geo L. Jessee)
Jessee, Jackson B.    WM        38y         30 Aug      Killed by Sawmill     Russell/Russell          Martin & Mary Jessee (Informant Nannie Jessee-Wife)
Jessee, Unice         WF        83y         24 Mar      Old Age               Russell/Russell          Geo & Mary Habron (Informant E.K. Meade-Friend)
Johnson, Robt. P.     WM        1y 10m      02 Jun      Liver Disease         Russell/Russell          Robt E. & Fannie E. Johnson (Informant Robt. E. Johnson-Father)
Jones, Female         WF        8m          15 Sep      Flux                  Russell/Russell          Wm. C. & Eva J. Jones (Informant Wm. C. Jones-Father)
Kilgore, Sallie P.    WF        10m 16d     19 May      Croup                 Scott/Russell            S.A. & Hannah E. Kilgore (Informant S.A. Kilgore-Father)
Lark, Cora            WF        73y         15 Nov      Cramp Colic           Russell/Russell          Mike & Sarah Larke (Informant Cooper P. Cooper-Friend)
Lee, A.M.             WM        7d          05 Feb      Unknown               Russell/Russell          Jas & Cloey Lee (Informant Wm. H. Gose-Son in Law)
Lee, Jinnie           WF        38y         25 Oct      Heart Failure         Russell/Russell          A.M. & Eliza Lee (Informant Wm. H. Gose-Son In Law)
Male                  WM        20d         14 Aug      Croup                 Russell/Russell          Jno W. & Coodle (Informant Jwo W.-Father)
Markusu, Male         WM        9m          10 Oct      Croup                 Russell/Russell          Informant Joseph Markusu? -Father)
Martin, David G.      WM        67y         27 Jul      Consumption           Russell/Russell          David & Nancy Martin (Informant Anna Martin-Wife)
Mathew, Sallie        WF        28y         10 Jun      Fever                 Russell/Russell          S.B. & B. Hurt (Informant S.B. Hurt-Father)
May, Minty            WF        6y          10 Jul      Diptheria             Russell/Russell          C.P. & Nancy May (Informant C.P. May-Father)
May, Nancy A.         WF        40y         02 Jul      Measles               Russell/Russell          Henry & Rachel Dye (Informant C. P. May-Husband)
Mays, Ada Q.          WF        13y         28 Jul      Summer Complaint      Russell/Russell          Wm. F. Mary J. Mays (Informant Wm.F. Mays-Father)
McCloud, Emeline      WF        8y          05 May      Typhoid Fever         Russell/Russell          Dan & Julia McCloud (Informant G.G. Farmer-Friend)
McCoy, Charlie        WM        8y 2m 4d    17 Nov      Fever                 Russell/Russell          Wm. & Martha McCoy (Informant Wm. McCoy-Father)
McCoy, James          WM        78y         16 Jun      Old Age               Russell/Russell          Unknown (Informant E.K. Meade-Friend)
McFadden, Female      WF        10d         04 Mar      Croup                 Russell/Russell          Wm. & Nannie McFadden (Informant A.P. Gilmer-Friend)
McFadden, Henry       WM        47y         02 Apr      Killed by Sawmill     Russell/Russell          Thos & Mary McFadden (Informant J.F. Jones-Friend)
McFadden, Mary        WF        60y         04 May      Fever                 Russell/Russell          Unknown (Informant A.P. Gilmer-Friend)
McFadden, Nannie      WF        20y         10 Mar      Puerperal Fever       Russell/Russell          Unknown (Informant A.P. Gilmer-Friend)
McGlothlin, Thorton   WM        1y          08 Jun      Flux                  Russell/Russell          H.W. & C.V. McGlothlin (Informant H.W. McGlothlin-Father)
McReynold, Sarah      WF        86y         26 Jul      Paralysis             Washington/Russell       Jas & Martha Walker (Informant J.J. Banner-Friend)
McReynolds, Rachel    WF        79y         17 Feb      Old Age               Russell/Russell          Unknown (Informant E.K. Meade-Friend)
Meade, Nancy A.       WF        34y         11 Aug      Consumption           Russell/Russell          N.B. & Catherine Garrett (Informant R.C. Meade-Husband)
Meade, Wm H.          WM        34y 9m      01 Dec      Typhoid Fever         Russell/Russell          Jas H. & Rebecca A. Meade (Informant Jas H. Meade-Father)
Miller, Charley       WF        21y         14 Feb      Consumption           Russell/Russell          E.D. & S.P. Miller (Informant E.D. Miller-Father)
Miller, Cosby         WF        4y          09 May      Bronchitis            Russell/Russell          John D. & Malissa Miller (Informant John D. Miller-Father)
Miller, Matilda       WF        7y          02 Oct      Scrofula              Russell/Russell          Henry & Polley Miller (informant Henry Miller-Father)
Milton, Jas A.        WM        64y         10 Oct      Heart Disease         Wythe/Russell            Jno & Prisilla Milton (Informant Wm. Milton-Son)
Milton, Robt. C.      WM        16y 10m 3d  30 Mar      Rheumatism            Russell/Russell          Wm. G. & Martha J. Milton (Informant Wm. G. Milton-Father)
Monk, Reeves E.       WM        7y          09 Oct      Nerves Disease        Russell/Russell          Chas J. & Sallie Monk (Informant Chas J. Monk-Father)
Musick, L.E.          WM        30y         10 Aug      Fever                 Russell/Russell          Alvah Musick (Informant Alvah Musick-Father)
Mutter, Clint         WM        8m          21 Dec      Hives                 Russell/Russell          W.E. & Louisa Mutter (Informant W.E. Mutter-Father)
Mutter, J. S.         WM        17y 2m 19d  19 Jul      Blood Vessel Bursted  Russell/Russell          Jessee & Eliza Mutter (Informant Jessee Mutter-Father)
Newberry, Idea        WF        3m          20 Aug      Croup                 Russell/Russell          W.R. & Margaret Newberry (Informant W.R. Newberry-Father)
Owens, Elizabeth      WF        30y         04 May      Fever                 Russell/Russell          Ira & Polley Ray (Informant Lilburn Owens-Husband)
Panel, Olly           BF        4m          27 Nov      Hives                 Russell/Russell          R.H. & M.A. Panel (Informant R.H. Panel-Father)
Patton, Male          WM        23y?        05 Jun      Consumption           Russell/Russell          John W. & Molly Patton (Informant John W. Patton-Father)
Peck, Emry            WM        1m          20 Oct      Unknown               Russell/Russell          Chas & Elizabeth Peck (Informant Chas Peck-Father)
Peck, Vina            WF        6m          04 Feb      Diptheria             Russell/Russell          Geo & Elizabeth Peck (Informant Geo Peck-Father)
Pendergrass, Henry    WM        17y         10 Aug      Flux                  Tazewell/Russell         J.A. & Sarah Pendergrass (Informant J.A. Pendergrass-Father)
Pendergrass, John     WM        1y          12 Sep      Spinal Disease        Tazewell/Russell         J.A. & Sarah Pendergrass (Informant J.A. Pendergrass-Father)
Pendergrass, Sarah    WF        35y         02 Jul      Fever                 Unknown/Russell          Unknown (Informant J.A. Pendergrass-Husband)
Perkins, Olly         WF        9m          03 Feb      Unknown               Russell/Russell          Marshal & Betsy Perkins (Informant Marshal Perkins-Father)
Porter, Martha E.J.   WF        3y 4m       17 Apr      Fever                 Russell/Russell          Steven V. & Mary E. Porter (Informant Steven V. Porter-Father)
Powers, Belle         WF        25y         26 Sep      Consumption           Russell/Russell          Wm. & Nancy Powers (Informant J.J. Banner-Friend)
Price, Edward D.      WM        83y 1m 26d  01 Sep      Old Age               Campbell/Russell         Edward & Juda Price (Informant Wm. Finney-Son in Law)
Price, Elkaney        WM        1y 6m       16 Feb      Spasms                Russell/Russell          Jas H. & Lula Price (Informant Jas H. Price-Father)
Price, Margaret       WF        Blank       24 Dec      Diptheria             Russell/Russell          William Price (Informant William Price-Father)
Quamley, Jane         BF        23y         15 May      Consumption           Russell/Russell          Benj. & Mariah Quamley (Informant Benj Quamley-Father)
Rasnake, Elijah       WM        17y         22 Aug      Fever                 Russell/Russell          N.B. & Margaret Rasnake Informant Margaret Rasnake-Mother)
Rasnake, Jonas        WM        19y         20 Jun      Fever                 Russell/Russell          N.B. & Margaret Rasnake Informant Margaret Rasnake-Mother)
Rasnake, N.B.         WM        57y         24 Dec      Fever                 Russell/Russell          Elijah & Elizabeth Rasnake (Informant Margaret Rasnake-Wife)
Ratcliff, Female      WF        7m          20 Aug      Flux                  Russell/Russell          H.A. Ratcliff & Eliza (Informant H.A. Ratcliff-Father)
Ratcliff, John C.     WM        4y          05 Aug      Flux                  Russell/Russell          H.A. Ratcliff & Eliza (Informant H.A. Ratcliff-Father)
Ray, Male             WM        3d          28 Apr      Unknown               Russell/Russell          Chas H. & Matilda Ray (Informant Chas H. Ray-Father)
Ray, Margaret         WF        2y          10 Apr      Diptheria             Russell/Russell          Ira Ray (Informant Ira Ray-Father)
Ray, Rebecca          WF        64y         03 Feb      Pneumonic Fever       Russell/Russell          Peter & Rebecca Fogleman (Informant George Fogleman-Friend)
Rhodes, Anna M.       WF        17y         07 Nov      Typhoid Fever         Russell/Russell          Wm. P. & Lavisa J. Lasley (Informant Wm. P. Lasley-Father)
Ring, Robt M.C.       WM        42y 8m      13 Oct      Typhoid Fever         Russell/Russell          David & Delila Ring (Informant Mary E. Ring-Wife)
Roark, Mary           WF        2y          03 Nov      Unknown               Russell/Russell          J.A. & Lavina Roark (Informant J.A. Roark-Father)
Roberson, Belle V.    WF        23y         02 Apr      Puerperal Fever       Russell/Russell          Geo A. & Mary A. White (Informant Geo A. White-Father)
Robinson, Charles     WM        1y          10 Dec      Unknown               Russell/Russell          S.P. & America Robinson (Informant S.P. Robinson-Father)
Salyer, Nancy         WF        25y         28 Sep      Fever                 Russell/Russell          Jno R. & Mary C. Morgan (Informant H.M. Salyer-Husband)
Skeen, Victoria       WF        1y 4m 6d    24 Feb      Unknown               Russell/Russell          Johnathon & Eliza Skeen (Informant Johnathon Skeen-Father)
Smith, Monk           WM        5y 10m 14d  30 Oct      Croup                 Russell/Russell          Wm. & Matilda Smith (Informant Wm. Smith-Father)
Smith, Ruby           WF        2m          20 Nov      Croup                 Russell/Russell          T.A. & L.P. Smith (Informant T.A. Smith-Father)
Smith, Sallie         WF        9y          29 Oct      Eresyples             Russell/Russell          Jos C. & Eliza Smith (Informant Eliza Smith-Mother)
Stump, Elbert B.      WM        2m          07 Dec      Hives                 Russell/Russell          Chas & Isabell Stump (informant Chas Stump-Father)
Suit, Geo W.          WM        6m          10 Oct      Croup                 Russell/Russell          A.C. & Emla Suit (Informant A.C. Suit-Father)
Suit, Male            WM        2y          07 Nov      Flux                  Russell/Russell          Mc & Mary Suit (Informant Mc Suit-Father)
Suit, Mary            WF        22y         06 Nov      Typhoid Fever         Russell/Russell          Unknown (Informant M. Suit-Husband)
Sullivan, George      WM        10m 29d     27 Oct      Eresyples             Russell/Russell          S.P. & Mary Sullivan (Informant S.P. Sullivan-Father)
Sutton, Male          WM        1d          28 Dec      Unknown               Russell/Russell          Wm. B. & Mollie E. Sutton (Informant Wm.B. Sutton-Father)
Tuggle, Wm. R.        WM        1y          12 Dec      Unknown               Russell/Russell          John H. & Rutha J. Tuggle (Informant John H. Tuggle-Father)
Vaughn, Maggie        WF        17y         17 Feb      Consumption           Russell/Russell          Sarah Vaughn (Informant Payton Vaughn-Grandfather)
Wagoner, Nancy        WF        76y 2m 16d  14 Oct      Paralysis             Russell/Russell          David & Polly Muncy (Informant J.C. Wagoner-Son)
Wagoner, Wm. D.       WM        78y 2m 14d  14 Nov      Old Age               TN/Russell               Unknown (Informant J.C. Wagoner-Son)
Wallis, Thomas        WM        3m          27 Apr      Fever                 Russell/Russell          T.F. Wallis & Mary (Informant T.F. Wallis-Father)
Wallis, Virginia      WF        72y         10 Feb      Billious Colic        Russell/Russell          Richard & Polley Roman (Informant James Wallis-Husband)
Ward, Mary            WF        7m          10 Jul      Flux                  Russell/Russell          Andy & Arminda Ward (Informant Andy Ward-Father)
Whetsell, Margaret M. WF        20y 3m 28d  05 Oct      Fever                 Russell/Russell          Thos & Susan Whetsell (Informant Thos Whetsell-Father)
Williams, Thos H.     WM        15y         30 Nov      Unknown               Russell/Russell          S.G. & Mary A. Williams (Informant S.G. Williams-Father)
Wise, Dorsia          WF        27y         05 Sep      Typhoid Fever         Russell/Russell          Geo & Susan Wise (Informant Geo Jordon-Friend)
Wyatt, Sarah J.       WF        40y         19 Aug      Dropsy                Russell/Russell          Geo D. & Louisa Davis (Informant C.J. Wyatt-Husband)

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